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Who Would Have Thought - Digital Health Innovation

Sacha Francois Heppell

Who Would Have Thought is a podcast about digital health innovation, what we know now and what we have yet to discover about the rapid digital innovation happening around healthcare. Twenty years ago, who would have thought that so many people would have smartphones? Twenty years from now, what will the new “Who Would Have Thought” questions become. What digital technologies will significantly transform healthcare and what will it look like? What will we know then that we don’t know now about the way healthcare is delivered for more effective outcomes. Digital technology has certainly brought many changes in the quality of our lifestyle and we are starting to see it in healthcare. What are the challenges that patients and physicians face now and what are the changes needed for better outcomes? Discover the perspectives of digital health thought leaders today and inquire into digital technologies of tomorrow. This is a conversation to discover the future of digital health that impacts us all.