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Tony Tan

The world is moving at an accelerated pace. Mega trends in technology are developing as the world faced the Covid-19 pandemic. Living in the 4th Industrial revolution also called the age of AI where everyone has a different understanding of what AI can and cannot achieve are made worse with the emerging digital innovation from augmented reality, quantum computing to advanced robotics.Join Futurist, Founder and co-creator of EPIC.AI, Keynote Speaker, Author and the Deputy CEO of Imperium Solutions Tony Tan every Friday fortnightly as he interviews CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders and Powerful Influencers who are both pioneers and disruptors in this Age Of Digital Innovations/AI as they share their experiences, knowledge and stories on how to succeed in this fast-moving world that we live in. Each episode contains powerful information to provide clarity and to deconstruct the digital technology landscape, get insights on new leadership skills and powerful mental models to start living the life we deserve.Appreciate the truth and use it not only to survive, but also to thrive in this new world of possibilities and fulfill our greatest potential to Work Smarter, Live Better.