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The Executive Realm, with Doctor D & Doctor K

Often, business and psychology are viewed as different and distinct ideas, but we believe business is driven almost exclusively by the psychology of people. Breaking the barrier into a new realm where the strategic business lens is focused on the behavior of your team, your customers, and your competitors can open a world of possibilities for growth. Join two Business Psychologists, from very different backgrounds, explore the complex intersection of business strategy and clinical psychology in today's rapidly-changing business world. Welcome to the Executive Realm with Dr. D and Dr. K.
Trust at Work: Building, Maintaining, and RecoveringOctober 20, 2021 Episode artwork Competitive Strategy: Rivals, Differentiation, and AlignmentAugust 16, 2021 Episode artwork Your Leadership Style: Define, Flex, and RefineJuly 31, 2021 Episode artwork Mastering Organizational Strategic Planning: Design, Align, and Democratize July 19, 2021 Episode artwork Psychological Capital: Resilience, Efficacy, and OptimismJuly 09, 2021 Episode artwork The Impostor Feeling: Fear, Focus, and OvercomingJune 23, 2021 Episode artwork Virtual Teams: Home, In-Office, or HybridJune 12, 2021 Episode artwork Invisible Promotions: Necessity, Subjection, or OpportunityJune 02, 2021 Episode artwork Emotional Intelligence: Myths, Methods, and BenefitsMay 26, 2021 Episode artwork Burnout at Work: Stress, Symptoms, and SolutionsMay 18, 2021 Episode artwork Inward vs. Outward Organizational Focus: Competition, Purpose, and CommitmentMay 12, 2021 Episode artwork Information Overload at Work: Anxiety, Communication, and CoordinationMay 04, 2021 Episode artwork An Introduction: Hosts, Hopes, and Rapid-Fire QuestionsMay 03, 2021 Episode artwork Corporate Social Responsibility: Competitive Ethics, Employee Engagement, and Customer CommunityApril 18, 2021 Episode artwork The Leadership "Ivory Tower": Myths, Risks, and RepairsApril 11, 2021 Episode artwork Gender Equity in Organizations: Discussing, Overcoming, and BalancingApril 02, 2021 Episode artwork Embracing Organizational Change: Planning, Adopting, and AcceleratingMarch 27, 2021 Episode artwork Workplace Psychological Safety: Creating, Aligning, and MeasuringMarch 20, 2021 Episode artwork Micromanagement: Control, Trust, and LeadershipMarch 10, 2021 Episode artwork Leadership Confirmation Bias: Dangers, Symptoms, and SolutionsMarch 02, 2021 Episode artwork Organizational Atmosphere: Its Impact on Organizational Culture, Engagement, and ClimateFebruary 23, 2021 Episode artwork The Workplace, Post-Covid: Psychological Risk, Change Fatigue, and Acute StressFebruary 16, 2021 Episode artwork The Workplace, Post-Covid: Change, Uncertainty, and StrategyFebruary 10, 2021 Episode artwork