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Ask a GYN - With Steven A. Rabin, MD, FACOG

Steven A. Rabin, MD, FACOG

The antidote to GYN Confusion. Complex issues are clarified.

Menopause, Hormones, Fibroids, Terrible Periods, Low Libido, Pain, Endometriosis, and so many other complex or confusing conditions are explained clearly and comfortably.

Ask a GYN is the place to get uncommonly clear explanation to some of the most common challenges women face. Understanding these gynecological challenges should not be mysterious or a secret only your doctor understands. No rush, no assumptions, just crystal clear explainations you can use to have a better conversation when you are speaking with you own doctor.

-Call in your questions: 833-Ask-A-GYN (833-275-2496)

-Listen to the podcast-Understand the basics better-Have a better conversation with your own doctor.

This is for educational and entertainment only. Dr. Rabin is not diagnosing you or treating you through these recordings.