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Motherhood Expanded

Ffion Petrie Jones

Together we’ll explore and enjoy content and conversations around thriving in our own unique experiences and expressions of motherhood whilst merging creativity, enterprise and impact.Join me in solo riffs and candid conversation with incredible Women as we explore struggles AND celebrations of the ever evolving seasons of motherhood whilst mastering transitions within our worlds, our wellness, our relationships, our families, our visions and missions.Our guests are embodied examples of sovereignty and soul, courage and compassion casting beautiful visions for themselves, their families and the collective as they thrive in a version of motherhood that feels aligned and expansive to them. These women are leaders and luminaries dancing to the rhythm of their own soul truths and I can’t wait for you to meet them.Together let’s raise conscious, compassionate, free thinking little legends… and have the time of our lives whilst doing so, cos, it takes a Village to raise mamas too, right?!So, settle in for a chat full of depth and candour, humour and heart tugs.Friends, this is Motherhood Expanded.