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CSSA Range Talk

Canadian Shooting Sports Association

As a Canadian gun owner, you know your firearms are more than just tools – they're a part of your culture, your heritage, and your way of life.Hosted by the Canadian Shooting Sports Association, CSSA Range Talk covers everything you need to know about firearms ownership in Canada, from ammunition to windage and everything in between.When the government comes after you, CSSA Range Talk covers it.When lawsuits and legal challenges are filed against government, CSSA Range Talk covers them.When good legislation comes out of Ottawa, CSSA Range Talk stands behind it.When bad legislation comes out of Ottawa, CSSA Range Talk stands in front of it.CSSA Range Talk is more than just a podcast – it's a lifeline for you and other gun owners. But most of all, CSSA Range Talk reminds you that you're not alone. You're part of a community of responsible gun owners who fight to protect our rights, our culture and our way of life.CSSA Range Talk. Join the conversation. Join the fight!