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Parenting Autism

Chris and Sandy Colter

The parents of Bryce share their autism journey with stories about their five year old son who was diagnosed with ASD at age two. The podcast is designed to connect with families who have been touched by autism and families who want to learn more about their world. You'll learn all about how they deal with day to day challenges and how you might apply it to your own life. It also sheds light on the Mommy and Daddy perspective of parenting on the autism spectrum. Find our podcast on all of the popular platforms including iTunes. Also, follow our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube pages. Our website includes helpful resources on a variety of topics.

Recent Episodes

E26: Homeschool: The Unexpected BlessingSeptember 29, 2019 Episode artwork E25: Thinking Outside the Box to Help BryceSeptember 14, 2019 Episode artwork E24: Our Experience with the Gluten-Free/Dairy-Free (GFDF) Diet August 25, 2019 Episode artwork E23: How Noise Affects Bryce's Anxiety and Behaviors August 10, 2019 Episode artwork EP 22: FAQ Answered about Vaccinations, Autism Testing, Stress-Relief, and Bryce's FutureAugust 02, 2019 Episode artwork EP 21: How Our Faith has Helped Us with AutismJuly 31, 2019 Episode artwork E20: Diving Deeper into Bryce's Autism Social DeficitsJuly 04, 2019 Episode artwork E19: Five Symptoms of Autism and How They Relate to BryceJune 30, 2019 Episode artwork E18: How Do You React When Another Child is Being Mean to your Child? June 22, 2019 Episode artwork E17: Budget Friendly Summer Fun Ideas (Daddy's Summer Camp) June 15, 2019 Episode artwork E16: ASD Travel Tips for Disney World's Magic KingdomJune 07, 2019 Episode artwork E15: Our Top 5 ASD Parenting ChallengesMay 29, 2019 Episode artwork E14: Mother's Day Special Edition: Chris Interviews SandyMay 13, 2019 Episode artwork E13: Traveling tips: TSA screening assistance + Railroad experiences in the Heartland May 06, 2019 Episode artwork E12: Bryce's Behaviors: Understanding Comes Before ChangeApril 19, 2019 Episode artwork E11: The Challenge of Teaching Bryce Personal SpaceApril 12, 2019 Episode artwork E10: Dealing with Depression while Parenting AutismApril 05, 2019 Episode artwork E9: IEP Meeting (Part II) + TACA Conference + Atlanta Adventures March 31, 2019 Episode artwork E8: IEP Meeting (Part I) + Bryce's Construction Site AdventureMarch 17, 2019 Episode artwork E7: Tips for VIsiting the County Fair + Bryce sings his Grandparents Songs! ☺March 05, 2019 Episode artwork E6: ADHD Diagnosis, Marriage Tips, and More Parenting Autism InsightFebruary 25, 2019 Episode artwork E5: 2019 Goals: Gaining Independence and Reading More to Develop LanguageFebruary 09, 2019 Episode artwork E4: How We Create Christmas Joy Not Holiday StressDecember 14, 2018 Episode artwork E3: Bryce's Cute and Quirky Behaviors - Laughter instead of TearsDecember 03, 2018 Episode artwork E2: Building Bryce's TeamNovember 27, 2018 Episode artwork