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#32 How to Deal with Body Fat

January 15, 2020 Hyper Strong Productions Episode 32
Nerdout & Workout Podcast
#32 How to Deal with Body Fat
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In this episode we talk about Fat. What is it and how do we deal with it? 

We dive into what it actually is and why it’s easy for us to gain. If one of your main issues in your health and fitness quest is everything about fat then this is the episode for you. 

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Welcome to the nerd out and work out. Podcast cast Cast. Coach Austin here. Coming to you from hyper strength and conditioning here with your nerd out and work out podcast Where we nerd out workout and podcasts. And today we're gonna be talking about fat all about it. What's up with it? Why are people scared of it? All that fun? Shit. Happy New Year. Happy 2020 2020. Starting the year off. Right, I hope is everyone recovering from the holidays and barely getting back toe work. How are we doing? Ladies and gents, um, we started this podcast. This podcast officially reaches one year. I think one year in in when you're in by, ah, in December, I just totally forgot the vein eyes. You can tell the frequency of episodes have kind of dropped during the holidays because everything was pretty intense. December was pretty intense. You think December would be the slowest month of the year, but actually, no, it's like August for the gym's. But you think December would be like, the second the 2nd 1 But but we were frickin busy into several of the best December ever for the gym. Best month ever. I I would like to believe it has to do something with the podcast or whatnot. Um, yeah. So, I mean, with everyone listening, we've We've grown. We only have, like, eight listeners, I think, in the beginning. But now we have hundreds of listeners. Um, so it's definitely definitely because because everyone here who's listening and all that fun stuff, and we appreciate that we appreciate you guys coming in and and, ah, listening in and and continuing the growth of this podcast. So please. Ah, what was it? Leave us a review, if you can. When Whatever's respective medium you're listening on. Uh, apple, I mean, Apple store for sure was that apple was the apple absolute. I know we're on Spotify and, uh, whatever Google podcast. Whatever you're on, please review us. Please subscribe. Because that just helps, um, holds this channel grow. This just started as a passion project and and we've just been consistent with it. And I always talk about consistency over content city, and, um, yeah, I mean that that just helps. This helps the channel grow. I hope to grow into something even bigger where a week and I can actually have someone full time actually helping me run the the behind the scenes production of this because right now it's just me doing everything on my damn Mac air book air. But it's good. I mean, I mean, it's great. I have a lot of freedom is awesome. I mean, what what else can I ask for? But today we're gonna be talking about fat because I know everyone's gonna be, uh this is like the year of the busy season of Jim's and all that fun stuff for one's signing up and doing whatever they can to sign up, Uh, are starting or whatever. You know, you got a pellet on for Christmas. That's great off. You're starting your own training program. Our new program. That's awesome. Keep going. But everyone starting something new. Everyone uses them year as a benchmark to do something. And, um, the best advice I can give you guys is to just don't fucking stop. I'm dead serious, because everyone everyone here talks about, um, you know, starting and going on. And now, with everyone here talks about, like, what was it, uh, the brain frying right now? Like oh, the New Year's resolution is they're gonna die or not dive like this They're gonna give up on ah, they're going to give up, Um, by march, like, three months in, we'll see who's still left. We'll see. Don't be a statistic, man. Don't Don't. Don't be. It's too tense to keep going. Whatever you're doing, I change is hard. We're creatures of habit. Um, so highly Holly suggest you guys just keep going. Keep pushing. Keep moving along. Um, you guys were gonna be doing great. You just You just can't stop it. Just don't Don't stop. Can't stop. Won't stop. Yeah. So? So today, um, everyone want I mean, those people who just wanna lose weight, they want to. You want to change your body and all that fun stuff talking about body fat, the importance of it, the role of it and what it does in your body. Um, I'm not just a disclaimer. I'm not off like a frickin doctor. So if you have any issues regarding fat and triglycerides and all that fun stuff, go to your ah, you know, medical profession. No person that's dedicated to you or go to a clinic and asked for that type of advice today. We're out today. I'm just going over like a fat because in especially in the fitness industry, um, fat is like one of the biggest topics people talk about. How did I lose it? How do I change it? How do I not have it anymore? How do I How do I get rid of it? Especially how do I get rid of it? But also, how do I get rid of it and make sure that it never comes back again? Because screw fat? Uh huh. Yeah. So So this actually this actually ah, sparked something in because the other night I was watching. I was going through you two watching. Like all the channels. I was actually watching all the Niner highlight videos. Oh, and, um and then one of the recommended things was like a brief history of fat and why we hate it. I guess the YouTube's algo got me because I'm always looking at, you know, health videos and strength conditioning videos of fitness videos and was always watching and trying to learn more and more and more. And this video's weed the 1 2018 it's on. I'll link the video on on the show notes. Ah, but it's called a brief History of fat and why we hate it. And it does a phenomenal job dissecting the topic of fat. And why Why Why do we have so much of it and why and and why the human body? Like, what? What's the purpose of fat and all that? Because people think, you know, they talk about fat and they talk about Oh, it's just it's just sitting there. It's just it's just taking up so much space and it just stores energy and and I I need a tow burn as much that as I can and all that fun stuff. And it's true because fat, literally Kenbrell earn it can burn. That's why in this video you'll see, like when they hunted whales, they used it for the way they use the blubber thio for fuel and oil and all that fun stuff because it it burns fat can burn. But at the same time there's a function why we have fat. There's a reason why we have so much of it and why we can easily story. We've evolved in a way where you know we kind of won in respect of being able to kind of last longer in the wild as we hunt and gather back when we didn't have agriculture and any of that stuff when we had to rely on our own will earn and skill and and innovative thinking of how to hunt the next meal on where to catch it or what to gather and what to eat If you actually go on, think about how much it takes, like when you go fishing or when you go hunting or when you when you go pick strawberries for fun. Because now it's like a fun thing to do instead of a necessary thing to do. But if you look at how much energy it takes for you to actually get that done, Ah, how they were going on, you guys watch. Ah, what was it like primitive living or something like that? Ah, it's like one of those YouTube channels where that he just does everything without technology and he has to build stuff at a mud and water and sticks, and he has a tight these trees together. But look how much. Just watching and appreciate how much energy how much time that actually takes to do take to get a task done. Nowadays, we just have the grocery store. We just walk, go to Costco. But even then we dread because we look for parking way gotta battle the crowd and all that. But But if you really look at before, we had to spend so much energy to get resource is so much at a time that in order for us to survive and thrive, our bodies have to develop a way through millions of years. Um, or was it thousands of years? Um, I think millions years I'm mean millions here. Uh, well, we have evolved, and we had to get better. And, um and and, uh, I know my math so wrong on that, but I'm not I'm not an archaeologist, so apologies. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna correct me. But long story short, we had to evolve and and our bodies has to evolve a way for us to last longer in the wild so we can hunt and gather and all that And what also kind of played a part of that is, is the necessity of how much energy our body really needs. to keep going. And one of the points of this video made was the brain. The brain takes a fucked on energy like a shit ton, like 25 25 27% of your your whole deal. Total daily energy expenditure is 25 to 27%. That's for the brain, for the brain alone. Because so much things going on in our brains, every thought requires energy, every every reaction, every everything that the body does that we don't even think about. Um, it's it's ah, it requires a ton of energy and and for us to be to be able to think on the fly and be able to understand our situation and figure out and solve problems in order for us to see the next day light of day without dying, you know, our brains had to be on point. It had to use a ton of energy to make sure that we were always on points. I mean, did so that including all the muscles and all the stuff that we need to even like, hunt and gather and build stuff and execute whatever our brain has. Whatever plan we we concocted in our brain to execute in the physical world like we had to have all these things firing together. And the humans that survived the humans survived. When we had more fat stories, the easier it was to store fat. The more fat that you had, the chance of survival, which went up. Women who had more fat. Um, after even having offspring, Um, they they they they needed. You needed more fat to survive because if you didn't have enough food to feed your Children Um, and you didn't have enough, You didn't have enough? Was it? Like milk for for the for, for your Children to like tea, drink for babies to drink? Um, you know, And if you didn't have fat, then you're fucked. You're basically fucked. You have no more nutrients. I'm no, no, no nourishment. You have nothing. You have no fuel. You have no fuel stores. Thio grab from two. In order for you to like, feed your kids or feed you feed your Children. So long. Story short. That's how that's why our bodies develop fat. That's where, but not develop the store fat there. It's easy for the bodies to store fat because that's what That's what has helped us thrive and survive. And not only that, it's not. It just doesn't only story. It's not only just sitting there, it's actually a live. It's like a It's a living thing. It's a fat is an organ. It talks to your heart. It talks to our brain and talks here, organs your endocrine system, and it plays a part in how your hormones are. And it's very dynamic. Um, and that's that's the crazy part. That's the crazy part about fat. It's like it's not, I mean, right now in today's day and age, it's there because it's like it's so unappealing. It's so it's so like I don't like it. It's so ugly. But thousands of years ago it was actually looked upon his pretty healthy, like man. I wanna I wanna roll with those people like builders. They know where to foods that you know, they they're strong, really healthy. Um, and that's the thing. And I feel like that's the relationship with our bodies look, and the relationship of off of how how the finished entry hazard fat and like we got a burn it off and fuck fat and that I did it, I get it. I mean, especially this whole body positive thing that's going on. And that's a whole different type of beasts. Um, but more often than not, it's like, Well, you know, why are you shaming fat people and all that? And I have my own two cents about that, and I'll be straight up honest with you, like honestly, people like there's a reason why there's a reason why there is before and after pictures and why they do so well. And for those of you who will feel offended by this, it's okay, That's fine. But at the same time that this is the truth of the majority of the reason why you see fitness people, fitness companies finished brands the before and after pictures. The reason why that happens is because that people are visual. We're visual animals. We react to what we see that's just ingrained in our heads. And if we see a physical change in someone that we're trying, we're that we're all striving for that all of but most of a shape for let's say you're striving to so lose weight. You're striving to make a change. Then okay. And then you see someone who actually goes from being heavy sets. Actually, being leaner, you're gonna be like, I need I need that I would. What did that person do? It's nothing. It's nothing to shame a big person. Let's be straight with that. Let's be straight. Because if if if a heavyset person feels like they're being shamed, no one's calling that person out all right, the before and after pictures are speaking to. And if you're in marketing, you understand this there, speaking to that target audience of of Hey, you want to change from being this to that, Then here's the people that we've changed from this to that, and we have your solution. They're the before and after. Pictures are targeting people who have problems similar to the people. There's own self identifying problems, like they see that as a problem. But then I could see the argument. Well, Austin, why's that? A problem being fat. It's not necessarily like a problem being fat, but if these people have a problem of being a certain way because they wanted and they want to do something about it and they want to change whether it be like high cholesterol or hydra glitz arise or blood pressure or whatever. Diabetes. And they wouldn't go into diabetes in that video belongs to a shorter they have that they talk about that they want to change that. They have every right to do. So, um and this is again guys, ladies, this is my personal opinion. If you could disagree with me, please do so. But I just from I've been being in this industry for almost 15 years now and seeing the ebbs and flows of trends and and men before, people used to hate, hate ah, fat. I was there when people hated fat and I was there when people like didn't like weightlifting and wanted all cardio kickboxing classes and just cardio, cardio, cardio and all that stuff. And now everyone wants to live. The women want a lift Maur, and it's great. It's a crazy tread. But the thing with the finish and she it's all ebbs and flows like a look at the look at, um, look at the changes of diets like vegan and intermittent fasting now, and people before was like all breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks in between and Now it's like, Don't eat for two days. It's like it goes back and forth. Ah, and then so going back to the body, the body positive. I have no problem with being body positive. I mean, we showcase, especially I had actually enter interesting, interesting community question from Yelp, where, um, where user was like How how is this different from other gyms where you guys are shaming fat people like, How are you guys different from that? Because it seems like you guys air shaming fat people and all that. I'm totally paraphrasing it because going are Yelp page and see it hyper straightly conditioning. There's like one of the questions, and I answered it the best I could, and it's like, you know, people are coming and I get where people are coming from with, like fat, you know, it's good to be fat, you know, I'm proud of my body. I'm proud of my body and it's good. That's great. That's awesome. Like B B, who you are. If you're proud of it, that's awesome. But if there's people who needs who want a change, then they have the right to do that. And if there are people who have that solution. That's fine, because you could turn it around and go, Well, look at all these buff people and I'm so buff in dead it. Ah, but then all of a sudden there's there's a service that goes, Hey, you hear, you hear buff people, Do you want to? Super Lee? Now here. Here's before and after pictures of a super buff guy now a super lean guy. Look at that now, now the like, the Buffy Probably. Hey, you're shaming us. It's hard to be like you got a shaming us because we're so buff And and now you say Buff is a bad thing. And again, the companies like, No, we're not saying buff is a bad thing. We're just We have a solution to a self identified problem that people have like not everyone wants to be super buff anymore, so people just want to get lean. We have a we have a solution to help you get lean from this from this point of your health. So what's wrong with that? What's wrong with it? And we could go on and on and on, not that fun stuff, but again, today's topic is fat, just everything about it and that talks about it and the whole, you know, the whole body image thing. So Jim's will not stop using that. I'm gonna tell you this right now. The fittest breads will not stop using that because that speaks to their target audience. Um, but has the body positive movement encouraged other? You know, people to showcase other feats of fitness? Yes, like strongman powerlifters women who are just so strong and and strength and health, that's a That's a great That's a good part, like they used to be just on Lee before and afters of small, big to small, Big Small. But now, but now it's before and afters of, of strong to stronger or average to two healthy, which that unlocked a lot of things. So that's a positive thing that came out of this about body positive thing like, let's not think about everyone's trying to shame everyone. But let's just open the doors to show more progress and show, and to be more proud of everything else that you're doing in the in the fitness industry, because their strength, there's mobility, there's flexibility. There's there's, um, there's you know, fat loss and cardio and all that fun stuff. And now everything's getting showcase and improved upon and highlighted. And it's opening more doors for for other types of fitness businesses to to to thrive. Now there's this group of women who just want to, you know, be and they're just not even like being shit. They just won't be active, you know, it's like, What was it like hell healthy fat or whatever or ah, what was it like make thick women? Or if guys, I don't know. But it was more of just like it doesn't matter what you look like, just have fun. And I know that more than anything, because our gym is just focused on nerd ing out and working out any size and shape is welcomed. The majority of people want to get stronger. A majority of our people, um, actually want to learn how to lift weight correctly in a coached program in an via training type of environment. That's our that's our service is That's our spiel. And we do have group classes that help with, like fat loss and cardio and conditioning and endurance. But the trend now is everyone. She's going to get stronger, you know they want anyone strengthening. A lot of a lot of young athletes, wantto and and youth athletes want to develop their fundamental strength. So they so they Kenbrell, dhe a strong base when they go off and play the respective sport, and a lot of people who are retiring the baby boomers, they would want to get strong so they could. They could keep traveling and keep enjoying their life of retirement and and and live longer. That's like the biggest thing is live longer. And then the people in between, um, millennials or wherever. Whatever you identify with, um, you just want to keep being strong and keep being active. That's people just want improvement. People want progress, improvement, big or small, or going to smaller, big, big and small doesn't matter. People just want proven. You want change. They want improvement. They want progress all right. And and fat is always the center of this topic of Well, I need a loose fat 90 to gain fat, and I need a hand, or I need a cut fat and lean out and get my muscles all shredded and all that But then a lot of people started getting all anxious and full of anxiety because it's like, Why is it so easy for me to gain weight? But some people, it's so easy for them to lose weight. Everyone's different, everyone's fucking different. Everyone's fucking different, the way your body stores fat, where it stores it, how your body deals with extra energy, extra food that you're consuming. And right now, in our day and age, we it's easier for us to gain weight. All of it. It's easy for a lot of people to gain fat. Um, I'm not gonna say Wait, because there's the hard gainers. Quote unquote hard Jane is there. Um, you know, But you still, even if you're hard Daniel, you can gain a single pound. Um, if you don't control your eating, you know, manage what you're eating, the quality of your food that's going into your body. You can still fuck up your shit through your blood work, cholesterol, all that fun stuff. I mean, they have that term. What skinny fat or whatever? Um, that's more like like, just unhealthy. It's not even skinny fat, but let's yet, like again, that's fat isn't that fat is not the villain here, ladies and gents. Ah, it is not because our bodies have developed, um, and mastered service's air survival. And that's why we are where we are. We manipulate Lee created agriculture we created. We have ways of always being efficient with their tools and with our with our strategy and howto had a problem solve even faster. Um, our bodies have developed and mastered the skills and tools needed to thrive in the wild for long periods of time. I mean, the average, the average length of of the average life samen the average life span before was like, what, 32 33 years old thousands of years ago. I want to stay with thousands of years ago. And, ah, what was it? Um but but, um man, I'm like brain funny now, but But now it's like you could like people are living till, like, 110 and they're seeing that people are living longer or usually, like have a little bit more fatty tissue and all that fun stuff, and it just all it all comes into play. And we're just This is the product of of our are being on top of the food chain, and now we we've we're like in this video, you'll see we're going into uncharted territories on charted territories of like how? Okay, now we're getting to the point where we eating too much and our bodies haven't dealt with that yet. We're there was abundant amount of food such an abundance because that we've spent such long periods of time of time like trying to hunt and gather our food because there's the resource is we're so limited and we needed our bodies need to find ways to survive and store as much energy as we can. So we can last so many days of not eating. But now it's like we go to the grocery store and get a whole friggin four course meal, just like right then and there. So that's that's the predicament that we're in. And but you have to understand, like if you the first thing you have to understand when you want to deal with the fat issue or whether you want to lose fat, you know, lean out all that. That's like, if that's part of your goal, you have to understand it. You have to understand what fat really is. Is it really a bad thing? It It isn't in the beginning, but when it when? When? It's when When you start being excessive when you start, Uh, when? When it starts getting too much. Ah, then, yeah, I'll start playing playing a part in. It'll start messing with your health. It'll start messing with your health because it'll get tau levels where it's not normally at. And you can't turn a blind eye to the indicators off of your health whether it be blood pressure, cholesterol Um ah, triglyceride levels. Ah, you know, all that stuff, you know, sugar levels, diabetes. I mean, you can't turn a blind eye, um, and and for you can't turn a blind eye and you just don't really give a fuck. But But if you you nowadays, it's like you can't you gotta you gotta. You gotta kind of attack it, but it's It's not. It's not. The fat in general is like that. It's It's more like the behavior of the human. You have the look at what again, what's going on? How why Why are you the reason why you're getting like, extra? The reason why there's more fat is because there you're in taking more food. That's just how it is scientifically. If you're eating Maur resource is more nourishment and you're not really moving, so you have to store it like kids in a store. You're fat, you're body's in a story and it's gonna get store more fat. And the more energy that you consume without using it as much. It's gonna store more, and it's like an endless cycle and people get mad at the fat. It's like Oh, my God, like looking I was fat. I have it so bad But it's like how did together in the first place? Genius And I say that because I won't be like straight up, like people need to take ownership. You need to understand that you will control what you put into your body dead. No one's forced feeding you people listening to this podcast and what they are. I'm sorry like I don't know what to say to that. That's that's a new I don't know, but majority of people you're not being force fed. Okay? Don't blame. I don't want you blaming McDonald's in there and their advertisement and all that fun stuff. I don't I don't I don't really believe in that bullshit. Alright, you control it. And if you don't feel like it, control and feel the blame game. I'm sorry. I'm not for you. I'm not the person to listen to go ahead and go find someone else who could enable that behavior. Because I'm not. I'm not. All right. You control what you're eating dead ass. Siri's alright. If you're not serious about, you know, making a change in any time behavior, then night, then don't make a change that's on your ass. Deal with the results later. Deal with the consequences. But for those of you want to make a change and it's really hard. Take ownership. Take ownership. Know that you are like this. Is it like this? You? It's all about behavior. It's not about the fat. Stop blaming the fat. There's a reason why. How did the fact get there? That's what you gotta be wondering. How did how did the fact get here? I said the fats fault like that didn't fucking go to you in your sleep If you like, You gotta eat me now. Make the bacon fried chips and just eat me. Or sometimes maybe you do have dreams off that, Ah, or, you know, eat more sugar. Yes, eat more cake like like you're the ones who have the ability to pick up the food and eat it, you know? So So it's not the fat I'll tell you right now. There's there's reasons why we have fat. Too much of a yak could definitely cause health concerns our health issues. But look, look deeper into what you're doing as an individual. And if if if If you if you feel like fats the issue. I don't think you're looking deep enough or looking long enough because I guarantee you, if you you really think about it and see what you're doing and see what's going on in your life and really acknowledge what you may be struggling in. Are you not sleeping well? Are you stressing out its food of security blanket for you? Or is it is something else going on in your life? You'll be surprised what's going on. You'll be surprised. Um, well, once you acknowledge what your current issue is regarding, too, the behavior in your relationship with food and with you know, with the food that's around you and how you deal with it, then I can guarantee you that you can You can take your first step towards managing, um, your your health with as regards to your fat intake and fat burning. I mean, that's that's the best I can talk about in regards to the fat issue. Um, yeah. So if your goal this year, if your goal this year is to burn fat to get healthy, um, to lean out, tone up all that fun stuff, you know, or just get stronger look into what you're doing specifically right now and what you can do to change because you have the control. You have the power to change it one step at a time. People want massive changes. Leave some bounds. But it's usually just one step at a time because consistency beats intensity. Don't be a statistic. Go all the way through Finish what you started Finish what you started in 2020 Go all the way to go all the way to June See where you're at reassess Then finish your strong I wanna I wanna touch base on this in March and see where everyone's at, Um, but yeah, it again, I'm gonna I'm gonna link the video of, of like, the brief history of fact. It's really interesting how they were gonna get everyone to watch it, because we have all the things that he alone is so much fat and that, but if you really understand what it is and these guys do a great job explaining everything way better than I do right now, but, um, but they and, you know, they understand. They explain, like why we hate in all that stuff. These are professional professors from Harvard and all those nice schools with all the books and in the readings. Um, but it's just a great way to educate yourself. Just it's just it's just great content. Um, I don't usually like to share like B s stuff, but this was good. It was solid. It was solid. No, no matter what, where you're at in your fitness quest, you're trying to gain weight, trying to lose weight. You're trying to you're trying to, you know, defeat the fat levels, or whatever better your blood test results the next time you go back to the doctor, whatever it is like This is good stuff. Yeah, this is Ah, is it for today's episode? It was Ah, Coach Austin from hybrid strength and conditioning here and sounds of California. Please review us and all the things for the nerd and a workout. Podcasts. Ah, again, Apple store, Google or Spotify. Whatever it is, every little thing will help Follow us on Instagram at nerd. I don't work out. You could follow the gym at HSC Gym where you could follow me out. Coach Toloza? Um yeah, We'll see you guys later. You guys have a great one and I'll talk to you later. Keep body.