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#33 Heroes Never Die

February 03, 2020 Hyper Strong Productions Season 1 Episode 33
Nerdout & Workout Podcast
#33 Heroes Never Die
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In today’s episode we draw parallels between Kobe and All Might from My Hero Academia and their impact upon our world, the outcome of Super Bowl 54, a flashback story of how I helped a client not die and the best way to unfuck your heart health during Heart Health Month. 

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Welcome to the nerd out and work out Podcast cast cast. What is, uh, performance comes from hyper string. Ain't conditioning here in sounds a California with your nerd out and work out podcast Where we nerd out workout and podcasts. And today in today's episode titled Heroes Never Die We're going ta We'd been there can even talk to the guys we're gonna be talking about A lot of things have been going on the past few weeks. Ah, big one, Kobe. All right, Mama. Mentality. Um, my voice is kind of shot of last Attah because the last night, um, watching the Niners almost win the Super Bowl, Some kind of heartbroken. Um, And then I'm gonna tell you about we're going over the story of how I accident. I don't know about accidentally, but indirectly, indirectly made sure client didn't die. Um, I don't want to say save a life, because that's very dramatic, but the steps I took helped him not die. And that's rule number one that we all follow. Especially the gym. Don't die. Um, and and we're gonna talk about how to Owen Fuck your heart health. If it's bad, because it's heart Health Awareness Month in February. February? Um, yeah. Sorry. I'm just like, like, how do you pronounce February? Like we pronounce it February? But there's an or in there. Sorry. I'm like, going through, like, this random train of thought, but yes. Um, yeah, yeah, yeah. So you know, this is coming from, you know, starting off with the passing of Kobe. It sucks. I mean, this is coming from a ah dubs fan. Um, you know, born and raise Golden State Warriors. All that fun stuff. And, you know, I hated Kobe as far as always. You know, you have You have to hate the men, but also respect the man because he just made he made life hard for your team. Um, toe win because he was just He was great. He was like, Well, it was like, the second coming of Jordan at that point when he was a rookie. And, you know, they were hyping that up. Um, but everyone kind of knows for in our inner circle that my wife is the hugest Kobe fan, the hugest Kobe Bryant fan, like she would be always. Lake erred up, and there's pictures of her in middle school where she would be wearing Ah, Kobe, Jersey and Kobe shorts number eight flaunting that out in people like what the hell and should be like yellow and purple all day. Her, her sister Cousins, like these guys are hardcore Laker fans, even though they they were born and raised in the Bay Area and And when When it when it happened. We with, um, when the incident happened. Um, not Sunday, January 26. Um, you know, Sunday rolled around and she, you know, I was waking up and she she woke me up crying, and she's like, Oh, did you see the news? And I was like, You know what was going? What's going on? And she goes, Kobe died. And to be true, the toy you thought she was talking about because I have a cousin named Kobe. So I'm like, What the hell? Like what the fuck? So who's dripping the fuck out? But then she didn't. She said it because I was like, Wait, what what Then she goes, Kobe Bryant died, and then I was like, Oh, but then it didn't register because I was like what Kobe Bryant died. That doesn't make sense that does not make sense. And I'm like, No, I think I thought it was a hoax, man. They're just They're just driving you guys, you know, like, don't don't believe that, but apparently became breaking news. And, like even the ath like athletes from the n b a who were there, started talking about it and start acknowledging it. And you see it on all the social media stuff that's been getting posted, and it's like starting get me real and real. And, you know, there was other people on board. There's their families on board. It was horrible. And and his daughter was with him and it sucked ass. And, you know, the more that you know, you couldn't do anything but observe, right? I mean, you never even there's people who are mourning him. Um, you know, the whole sporting world. But I think the whole world in general felt like they they were grieving for this man in and, you know, I took a step back to see, like, Okay, the celebrities that dying we all like Okay, you know, we grieve and you know, thoughts and praise and left one stuff. Whatever you want to do wherever you worship. But it just seemed the passing of Kobe, like, really, truly impacted the world enough at another level. At another level, you have to really look at it and be like, Man, what was going on? Why, Why Why? Why is the death of Kobe like the passing of a great one? Like what? What what? This situation. I know it's hard. Of course it's hard, but like Thio, have it affect people to this magnitude? I was like, wow, like wow! And it really drew parallels. And I have people people are gonna like. What if you watch and maybe watch my here academia? You'll know what I'm talking about. But for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, my hair academia follows superheroes. It's like a normal thing in the world. And in this world, in this realm of superheroes, people go to school because you have super powers. People are born with superpowers, like I say, majority of in my hair academia, majority of humans or Borman superpowers now, so then you have to learn how to hone it, and then you get into these high schools and then Basically, it's a thing now, So you go like you go to school and then you go, you go, you go intern. And then you try to get to the big leagues and be a pro hero and set it up. And and there's this one big hero called all night. And he's like the number one here on the world like everyone looks up to him. And then it did. And spoiler alert, right, spoiler. So if you haven't watched my hair academia at all or whatever, I'm gonna tell you right now, the spoilers coming, I'm about to tell you right now, but anyways, spoiler alert. So, um, you know, there's there's a there, any of you in the manga, your hell ahead if you're reading the comic of this but long story short, there is a series. There's an arc where my, ah, we're all might. Who's the number one here on the world? Um and so, yeah, they rank these heroes like number one in the world number two in the world number three in the world. Um, and they and they Ah, they fight villains and all that stuff and and all that so ever since the rise of all might the number one here in the world. Villains were kind of kept at bay. He became the symbol of hope. He was the symbol of hope for humanity on and that's and And you saw crime go down And Superbad villains go down because like this guy was was the symbol of hope. And he came through And he was he was being bad guys left. And Ryan, he he he inspired and motivated other heroes to rise to the occasion. And he was always on this mentality of attacking the bad guy and overcoming adversity. Does that sound familiar? Then that sound like Kobe. Like you hate him or you love him. You have to respect him. You have to respect the man to two. And he had his flaws, just like, you know, all all Might. He had his flaws too. But there is an ark where you know he beat. He was fighting his rival. Um, it's like Superbad Super evil. Bad guy. One for all that. Calling one for all Or some like that. Um but he has like, these power is that he just mutate. He just he steals through other people's superpowers, and it makes it his own. And he's able to manipulate him. And he's basically like this villain is able to steal the crazy superpowers and combine it with his own and become this crazy, powerful dude. And the only person who could really take him down was all might the symbol of hope, the number one here in the world. And there's this art where he takes him down, where all might takes down one for all one final time. But in the process he loses his power because he passed it down to another person that supposed toe take this place and have been long, long future, um, in the distant future. But long story short, you know, it's basically the fall off all night, and this this heroic battle takes place recorded by the media and its broadcast it to the world, and people are crying and people are are like China get behind Almighty to defeat this this evil villain and he finally does. But in the process, he shows the world that he's mortal. He shows he shows the fall of the symbol of hope because he could no longer uphold his superhero status because he loses his superpower like his strength. Its speed is about he, because he falls from being a god in the eyes, off the world to a human showing that he is vulnerable now. There's nothing left and people were devastated and people were like blood. And and it's funny because when you watch his enemy, it's like, Oh my God, this is so dramatic, Like everyone's like, Oh my God, I believe in this guy who inspires me included it and it's like, Oh, my God, that's so dramatic. No one really does that. No one really believes in that shit. No one, really. I mean, if you really want, think about the cynical part. Everyone has a motivation party and everyone you know, I'm a positive dude. If you listen this podcast, I'm a very positive guy. Um, you know, But there are sides of, you know, pessimism that people always try to constantly, uh, overcome and, you know, you want to be realistic. Yeah, I hate that word, but yeah, like, realistic and real is a realist that you want to be, you know, practical and all that fun stuff. So when you watch enemy. You always think like Oh my God, this is over, JJ, Dramatic size. Or, you know, like that no one really believes in one person like that. No one really like is impacted positively by some persons, other person's actions that they've never met. But it you you go. And you look at what happened with Kobe and he had the sea had that impact. He was the number like he was the number one hero. And I'm not saying that he's a superhero in all that stuff, But he was He was like the number one guy. You know, everyone's talking about mama mentality and he was an athlete. And he I read I was reading all these articles talking about Cho because he couldn't help but always like there was so much content talking about Kobe and all this stuff that you can help but read it. And there was one phrase that stuck out. I don't know if it was, like sports illustrator, ESPN, or first take whatever, but someone wrote that Kobe was the personification of the human spirit, the personification of the human spirit. And I truly feel that that's why a lot of people feel impacted. You may have felt impacted in one way, shape or form. Bye bye bye bye. His death by its passing, especially with his daughter off and then and then and then the other people on board. But it's like it's like, you know, you look up to this guy, he's doing some things. He's making things. Possibly he's doing things that should be impossible is making it possible. He's a kid. Biggest like you're fat, like how many of us who are hard core sports fans, right? Gorgeous fans of not even sports, but anything like you. You're a fan of a company or your offend of a group or whatever, and you just want to be a part of it. So much like you want to be part of that culture. You want to be part of that thing that you want to be, that that that you've looked up to, whether it be a soccer team in baseball team, you know, football team, or a company, or an organization for nonprofit. Whatever you look up to, you know it and you're like, I want to be one day I want to be part of that and and you thrive and you be the champion of that organization. That's a dream. That's a dream. And Colby me that happen He I mean, yeah, God given talent, of course, but at the same time, he work ethic up the ass like he did work like again. I'm not the biggest Kobe fan. I'm not. My wife is the hugest Kobe fan, so it's like we're pulling opposites. But I respect the dude because even though the Lakers whatever especially coming from nor Cal but at the same time it's like I am interested in success, I am interested. He does. He does like I respect him in the way of like, men. This guy does work, though I like it. I'll go to war with this guy. I will go to war with this guy by my side, like I will go to war for this guy because he expects nothing but greatness and pursues it. And it's like seeing him do it inspires and motivates people to be like Maybe I can do it. Maybe I won't be like Kobe, but I'll try to be like Kobe, and maybe with that I can just make my life just that much better, and people were looking there. He was a beacon of hope, and now he's gone. It's like it's crazy. It's just crazy. Um, I drew parallels with that with my hair academia, because it's like it's very it's very similar, like people were devastated when when all my losses powers and it's like, oh, shed. And obviously they add someone and hand it off to you. And he even said like your necks and you pointed to the screen. And that meant the person that he gave his powers to is like he has to own it now. But, you know, it rattled the other heroes. Not it just didn't rattle the people he saved in this anime and is like when when when all might went down and said, I'm not almighty anymore. I'm gone like my powers are gone. I'm done. There's no more Number one hero like the number two has to step up, and there is a number two hero in this. In this realm is his name is endeavor. He has the power to make flames out of his body, but he's like the number two hero and and what he He was stressing out because he's like shit. All mites done. Fuck. I gotta step up. Okay, I'll step up. I've always wanted to be number one because I knew what I had. What? What, what? What it took. But God damn like, how am I gonna fill the shoes of the symbol of hope? How am I gonna do that? How am I going to step up? And other heroes were like, What the fuck just happened? We we weren't this guy. We were chasing this guy. This guy made me better because I saw the gap between him and I. I saw the guy. I saw it. I saw how much better he was, and that made me want to get much better. That made me push myself that those were like the heroes. And you see that parallel with Colby and the MBA and other athletes and even other people doesn't have to be in the sports world of people going What the fuck Like this guy just retired after having a great career in the MBA. 20 years with the Lakers, Multiple championships, greatness, goat in the conversation of goat being the greatest of all time, always debated with Michael Jordan. Whether it was him or Michael Jordan, you could debate that. I mean before for the long summers ago, Michael Jordan and Michael Jordan is the best. But after what a Kobe is done, it has to be debated. Was it Michael Jordan was a Kobe? Listen, Michael Jordan was a Kobe and he could go back and forth. Guys, ladies and Jesse could go back and forth for for a long time. But the thing is, he was able to accomplish that, and it rattled other players. You look at all these interviews off current N B A players or even passed MBA players who played with a guy, and he was like they were like, What the fuck? Like I chased this guy, man, and now he's gone, and now he's gone, and it's like you have the next generation with Jonah. And yet there was a whole other generation that was gonna pursue this this this young athlete up and coming at me, mamacita and is gone. It was just I'm just drawing parallels with it because it's just crazy to me. It's just crazy to me how it's I don't know those What do they call it? Like life mimics fantasy or something like that, But I just drew these crazy parallels in my head. I mean, you could disagree with me. I don't care like it's fine if you're lost your Tribune because I was mentioning this to one of my coaches and he was like, Awesome, your treatment? That maybe. But I was also mentioned it to my wife, and she's actually that's That's pretty good. But it's just it's just it's just that it's a it sucks. And, you know, I don't really like talking about death. I really don't like I'm that type of guy I like. You know, when I lost my you know, my grandma and I lost my own cool when I lost, you know, I lost my dog. Dude, um, I don't wanna talk about it like, don't bother me. Don't fucking don't come near me And everyone everyone dear, deals with with, uh, with, uh, with death differently. But John Man, just drawing these parallels and just see the impact, and it's like and and it really challenges you as a person. Now it's like, What do you do now? you don't have your beacon of hope. What do you do? But we all know we all know what Kobe would wantto want anyone to do with this Mamba mentality. You just attack. You overcome adversity. You just keep going. You keep pushing yourself and you know now that it's in its it's like you know, you see, you see that life is very fragile. No matter how big in life you are in people's eyes, it just it's just a room. It's a reminder. It's, Ah, hard reminder that we just got to keep going and we gotta take advantage of all the opportunities that come our way. And we can't take life for granted. It's a reminder that we were when we're alive, be alive and and going back to how, like I was saying, like gather how like I was drawing parallels like heroes were being rattled because the number one hero, you know, fell and now you know Kobe is gone. So the other MBA players were rattled and Endeavour, who was the number two year olds? All right, I have to take the mantle of being the number one hero now, but it's okay. I got this. That it up. But he had. He feels that pressure. He feels that pressure. He feels that that insurmountable expectation and pressure to fill the role. And who's that in this reality? Who is that when Kobe is gone? Who are people turning to now to move the sport forward? LeBron James, the King? This nickname is the king Will. The king is up and and and you know you can say's If you follow sports, you can kind of say he might be, you know, in the in the conversation of being a global, you know, it's like you could only imagine the pressure this guy's under now more than ever. I mean, of course, like the cells, LeBron's league. And you know Kobe Bryant's retired. So it's LeBron's league. But, you know, like the greats were still alive. You know, you you had, like, still Michael Jordan. When Michael Jordan retired, he didn't really retire. He actually came back and played for the Wizards, but like he was still around, you know, like these groups, the people who took on like or carried on the torch in the game. We're still able to counsel with the legends, you know, like all It's not really you know, it's not really that bad, because the legends are here to counsel them. The legends are here to counsel them and all that stuff. You know, Kobe had Kobe talked Thio Michael Jordan a lot. Um, and all that stuff like and Jordan had had, uh, many. He had his mentors. I get it. I mean, like, Kobe, talk to Magic Johnson do like right? Like it was like Larry Bird, like all the legends were still there. I mean, shack to talks about this. They're legends were still alive. He was able to counsel with him. But now for this next generation, Yeah, some of the legends of the legend. Ah, one of the legends isn't there anymore. And now and now and now LeBron has to push it forward, and it's like and he's like, like number two now becoming number one now officially like, Yeah, people are looking to him. He's a Laker to now. It's crazy. He's a later now, and, um, it's just nuts. And I think the whole point of this is just pushing forward, like pushing forward and and and knowing that you know life is fragile and you just gotta overcome adversity and whatever. Wherever you are in your life, push forward, man. Push forward stale. I be alive and thrive, and I feel that's the biggest takeaway with with this horrible tragedy that happened a few weeks ago. So that's that's my two cents. You take that for what it is. Um, I didn't mean for this whole episode. Two That means that whole absolutely set out more to cover her body. I didn't. I underestimated how long I would actually talk about this topic. But I was really passionate about what was going on. Um, yeah, As I sit my water but moving forward So all you people who are in dire fans, I'm suffering with you. I'm heartbroken for all you people who hate the Niners. Who? Hey, Barry teams, That's fine. You know, that's cool. All you cheese fans, if you're a Kansas City Chiefs fans, good game, guys. I mean, it was a solid game. I have no hate towards the Chief Chiefs. I don't I don't know if you're gonna ask me if I have any hate towards a team at Seattle like it's straight of Seattle. I'm sorry, guys. And to be straight up, Seattle is a beautiful city. I've been there. I mean, I've been there many times on a couple of times, I many times, but the times I've been in Seattle, I have relatives in Seattle. Um, but it's it's a beautiful city. Don't get me wrong. I like all that. But just just just, you know, if you're a football fan, you understand? Arrival were between well, lately. Hasn't always been like this, especially the nineties we were more against. Like like in the nineties. We just hated Dallas. If you're a football like Niners hated Dallas fans and the Dallas team more than anything in the eighties and nineties or like in the nineties AM the night, Um, because I remember hating Dallas like what the fuck? What? I was younger. Ah, but you know, matters lost. It was Ah, it was a hard fought season. Um, really, really great team. They just, you know, it's something, you know. It happens in the fourth man. It happened like in the fourth quarter. They were up by 11 or up by 10 and they just couldn't hang on. He couldn't finish it. And that's fine, because they're young team, and I hope to God it fuels them. But I'm so proud of these guys. So I just wanted to touch on the Niners. Heartbroken, Um, but still proud. Still proud of these guys? Um, yeah, Yeah, definitely. Definitely. E you kind of like, get it off my chest because, you know, the Super Bowl just happened, and people are just, like, what the fuck? You know, in Niner fans, I know you don't want to hear and, uh, you know, I have I have good friends of mine who were die hard. You know, Kevin and his family and, you know, they hosted the Super Bowl party. And you know, these guys are diehards, more so than I am. And, you know, it was heartbreaking. And, um but but that's that's the thing about a team, right? It's like how? And you get that, like, how do you root for a team? And you cry like, Well, why bolts? Cause it's like again. It's like whatever team you root for, it's like that you have your own reasons to root for the team. You have a connection there. You root for them because you have a connection and it could be a local connection. It could be, you know, your family's room for them and in one way, shape or form. But it impacts you. It impacts you so much more than then what you do for yourself. It's It's crazy like that because that's how relationships are. That's how Yeah, you could have a relationship with the team because you could grow up watching it. And, um, it's like the embodiment of your hopes and your dreams. Kind of like we're talking about. What? Kobe, Um whatever team that you're passionate about, you can be really passionate about it, whether it's soccer, you know, football, baseball, EA sports Now is a big one that's coming up. Um, doesn't even have to be sports. It could just be like, you know, someone you're rooting for, whatever going back to that. Um, but yeah, it could. And it goes back to like, you feel it goes back to that notion of, like, you have more satisfaction when you ah, do something good for someone you love. Like we get more satisfaction. Well, majority of us get more satisfaction as humans, too. When we When we when we help another human being, it feels good. Doesn't not like when you help your when, you know, like someone's been working their ass off and they just need it. Cut it, break It feels good to help them cut a break. Give him a little break. You know, like, Hey, don't worry. I got you on this. Really? Yeah. I got you on this man. Don't worry. It feels good. Or when you surprise, you know, you surprised, like your loved one with a gift that they've always wanted and they never thought they would get. And you give it to them. It's like, That's That's why people love Christmas. I mean, adults. Now, when you're an adult, you were an adult on Christmas. When you're a kid, you just want give that serious. Um, but when your adult, you just liketo you want to see the reaction of the other person because it feels good. And that's and that's the thing with teams you like. You want them to do well. You you invest this time in this, the being the fan for them. You want them to do well because it makes you feel good because they are your local team. They contribute to the community in one way, shape or form, or you just whatever. What? If you root for a team really like die hard? You have a strong connection with them. So it's natural for you to feel man like Dan. I feel so down that they lost and got it, because you are It's part of your it's part your life. But it's also good to acknowledge it. Move on and, you know, better days will be coming, especially nines there. Young team. Um, but in whatever, whatever support whatever team you root for, I mean, we you know, champions are far and few between. So if you're listening to this and you root for someone, um, chances are they were probably defeated in a big game. We're in a big event that you were just like our broken with and all that stuff. He just got pushed forward. Yeah, Um, yeah. So So that's that, Um, but again, February's heart Health month, when I wanted to talk about, was how I are going into the actual mean topic. Now, after a long, lengthy intro of other topics, uh, um, but I wanted I wanted to share this story that I stumbled upon, um, a few weeks back, because I was I was going through my old blawg topics in my old other my my other Google drive that I've used for, I think, almost 10 years now. When I was when I was a trainer, trainer And, like, always, coaching and always training and I I ran into this block post that I wrote in this drive where it was topic like intensity, knowing when to stop. And also, what did I write about? And I wrote this in man doesn't even show me when I wrote it. 20,010 for 2007. Maybe 2008. I don't know. That's a while back, is it not? It's 2020 now. Holy shit. Uh huh. I was so young when you talk about, um, but belongs the resort. It was up. I was training a couple. So this is back when I was training, I was a personal trainer at the right stuff. Health Club in Campbell. Um oh, man, I was like, one of the rookie trainers or I was like, one of the newest trainers. I was young. I was like, Eager wanted the train. So I was I was taking long clients and doing this little intro session. Where you at the end? You try to sell them personal training, and it's like a thing. Every Jim has it even to this day. Um, but I have this elderly couple suey couple. Um, you know, I think it was there in their seventies, but they wanted they wanted to do an orientation. Both of them, um, the wife waas way more in shape than the husband you could tell. Like she was like, one of those active Walker's, uh, you know, like, she's She was one of those, uh, seven year old who stayed active and he looked healthy, like they were always getting. They were up at the these ladies were up at 5 a.m. Doing their thing, and they had church groups, and, you know, they had branches together. And you get out and, um, and ah, and her husband, you gets all it doesn't really do much. He was like, you know, like, you know, guys like you could tell he like, he's done his work and he just didn't I really feel that need to be active? He's like, I do physical labor. I do work. I don't need a fucking do this. So his wife, his It was his wife's idea to get this intro session with the trainer, and he just he was like, Okay, fine. I'll entertain this thought. So long. Story short. We were, you know, we were using the treadmills are showing them how to use the treadmills. And, you know, I was I was showing them how to do Ah, you know, a treadmill workout together, Um, and how to use the incline? How do a brisk walk and all that fun stuff? And this was only the beginning of a session. So probably like, I think, like the 1st 20 minutes, which is intros and all that fun stuff. And then and then we got to the treadmills because I wanted to learn like their, you know, their goals. And we went over their goals, and I kind of broke down our program and what we would do for them. And then we went on, and I showed them the treadmills and stuff like that. Um, pretty standard in a health club setting. Um, totally not how I do it now, But I'm just saying just this is the method was so then we were on the treadmills and then five minutes into learning how the treadmills are the husband. So I felt dizzy. He was like, I I feel kind of dizzy, man e. And I was like, Okay, okay. I was like, Okay, you could don't start. I like, Stop. Take a breather. You know, no need to keep going. You're chilling, you know? Then I was very, very dialed in at, like, I wasn't one of those traitors. Like, you got to keep going. Let's go. It was like, No, no, no. You know, let's let's chill out, take a breather. Um, you know, And I'm like, Do you have any chest pain? All that stuff I was trying to look at, like, you know, does have angina, like, what's going on? I'm looking at his lips. I'm looking at his face. I was turning pale. He's gonna fuck, man, like he was sweating already. And he's like, No, I'm just old age. You'll know when you get older with a subpoena with old man smirk of like Oh, yeah, I'm just old man. Whatever. I was like Oh, shit. Okay. And then the wife and the wife continued, I I showed the wife, you know, the full on. So we continued the session and completed it, um, with the wife. And at that point, I You know, at that point, I was more concerned about the man's health, so I didn't even bother to try. I don't believe I did, but I hope think I tried to sell them training. I just I just said, Hey, you know, let me know how he feels because he just kind of took a step back and just sat down while I finish The session was wife and then And then after the wife was done, I checked back on him and he was like, Fine, I'll take it easier now. I'll just take my time. And the wife was concerned, obviously after the session, and she's like, Okay, we'll keep you updated, did it? I'm like, Yeah, I know, like, you know, let me know what's going on. But then they just went on their way. So to me, it's like, I'm not gonna see that couple again, like I'm not, because I I know that. You know, she kind of knows what she's doing as far as training. So I'm like, Okay. And this guy could, like, barely do anything. And I was more concerned of his health, so I didn't really want to sell personal, treating just a cell. Personal training. I was like, Hey, man, obviously you guys aren't, um, in seeing So I told him I come back to me when you're ready, and we could set something up and, you know, yeah, I have to read them. And obviously, they weren't this this this sudden this sudden, Um, this sudden thing where, you know, he got tired after five minutes really concerned the wife. So I was like, Okay, just let it go. So a month later, you know, doing my thing of the gym training, my clients haven't find all that fun stuff. And then and then what was it? I saw the lady, you know, this got the couple. Like I saw her, like, working out. She was on her way out. Um, you know, she was on her way, and I'm sorry. She was on her way in, and I was at the front desk chilling with friends, people, and I think was Alex And, um, joints are I'm, like, trying to name. But I was hanging out with the front desk crew. It was on a Sunday, so I usually hang out the front. This crew and Mimi chill. It's like Sundays are pretty chilled Daze. And then the lady comes up. She's Yes, she's coming in tomorrow. Are you doing How so And so and she goes. You know, that session we had a month ago on my Oh, shit. Oh, shit. Like I thought, like, you know, she Well, I thought you were, like, Karen mode on me. It was like, you know, that session we did a month ago and I was like, All fuck and also yeah. And she goes. That session may have just saved my husband's life, and I was like, Whoa, okay, that's cool. Like I thought like Okay, because maybe it inspired him to be active and all that fun stuff. And I thought was one of those stories and she's like, you know, and she's like, No, no, no, no, no. It really saved his life, possibly. And I'm like, What Does that mean she goes after the session? He still wasn't feeling well, so I took him to his cardiologists, and we found that he had, Ah, hard block. And I was like, Whoa, shit. So for those of you don't know what a heart block is, it's in layman's terms. There's no there's not really much communication within the heart, so it's not beating, right. There's an abnormal heart rhythm. Um, where the heart beats too slowly. Radha Cardio. This is all from Google, All right, I'm not a doctor, all right, but in this condition, I'm reading it off. Now. In this condition, the electrical signals that tell the hard to contract are partially or totally blocked between the upper chambers. Atria, the lower chambers, the ventricles. So basically, there's like, uh, there's like a glitch in your heart. It's called a heart block glitch in a heart. That's pretty cool. Um, cool term. Not a cool thing to have. Ah, but but yeah, it was a glitch in her heart in his heart, we found, and they wouldn't have known it unless we, uh I guess. And unless we've done that whole treadmill thing and he got a pacemaker. He got a pacemaker and you know, he he did she She said he just got his pacemaker and I could do 30 minutes on the treadmill. You know, if we didn't come in here for a session, I don't think we were what would ever caught it? And I was like, Whoa, that's crazy. Like that's insane. But I never like like, seriously, if I kept pushing the guy, he could have died. And I thought, The hope is I hope that's common sense to a lot of trainers nowadays that, you know, you don't push, especially old man. You know, you keep going on this stuff, but from the trainers I've seen lately, it does concern me. But but long story short, if your trainer of your coach they were listening to this, you should not especially their older you should not just keep pushing them in. Heart rate is very riel like heart heart rate. You need to kind of keep keep track of, not all the time, but it does play a part. The older you get. Um, but yeah, it was just one of those things. Like it's like, Whoa, that's crazy. Like you never. You never know. You just never know. And it's It's a good thing when you start being active. Um, you start noticing these things cause is crazy. We like when something's wrong with the heart. It's very concerning. That is you literally That is your that is that is that is your connection to this world of existing is your heart because cause it is vital, super vital in your in your ability to live in this life and this goes into taking care of your heart. So, like I said earlier in this episode, this is Heart Health Awareness Month. So we're gonna talk about how to take care of your heart, how to be aware of it. Obviously, you know, it's there. It beats, um if you're listening right now, it's working right now because you're alive. All that fun stuff. But we don't really mind heart health until it's too late or until it's like, Oh, shit, I I gotta I gotta fix something. We always are drawn to action when we are when we when we see that when we feel the results of like Oh God, Oh, God, What's going on? Um, I'll tell you this. You're probably on that boat. And I saw this long, especially when I went toe. I watch like, um, bows at football games and stadiums. Lots of stairs, right? Lots of stairs. And you ever notice that? You know, if you haven't done anything and doesn't done any, like, cardio activity or just be active, you're just sedentary When you walk up the stairs, your life. Oh, what? What the fuck is this? I'm fucking out of breath. Oh, shit. A man that's that is connected to heart health because that just shows you that you're not. It's like your heart stopped beating as efficiently as it could be. And at the same time, it's like you're not at your not super active. So just walking upstairs, you're out of breath. That scares a lot of people. You know, if you're listening to this and that's happened to you, you're not alone. I signed up 12 thing. We signed up 12 new clients this past month. It was great, but a majority running him name, they are like, but a majority of them were talking about a situation where they walked upstairs is seriously like they walked upstairs and they were out of breath or they did something and they were out of breath. And they thought it was supposed to be, like, a simple task, as I did. I was walking up three flights of stairs already out of breath. I had to stop, like, What the fuck was that? Like five years ago? I could have just done that easily five years ago. Well, that was easy. Well, what were you doing five years ago? Well, I was in school. I was in college. I was walking everywhere, took public transportation. I walked out. I didn't have a car. Uh, what do you do now? I sit eight hours at my desk. Well, and I drive to work, and I sit in traffic. Oh, so you're not You're not walking as much, you know? So is that you're not active as much, so it's not so being just active. You don't have to run a marathon. You don't have to work out religiously, even though we highly suggested here in this podcast. Um, but you do need to be consistently active being active, walking, taking walks every day, moving her body through space, you know, taking a height hike once a weekend or once a week, but didn't every day just being active. Like taking the stairs of you can walking around the office, going out for a walk during the lunch. All this stuff like, if you are just being mobile, that helps your heart health. Because you're like, you're you're you're using when we talk about cardio, right? Cardio means heart doesn't mean fucking running. Let's get that straight. Everyone, like all I do cardio. I'm gonna run. Everyone's like cardio. I'm gonna run like no cardio means your heart. It literally means that I swear to you, I wanna google it right now, but I'm like, I times out of 10 is like cardio means heart. I just want I just want to be sure now I'm like being paranoid Cardio meaning, but yeah, yes. See cardio before vowels, cardi, word forming element meaning pertaining to the heart from the Latin ized from form of Greek cardio cart from pi root curd heart. Okay, but long story short. That's what it means. And and don't take Don't think when you see cardio and online I know I know the fitness industry. You know. And I put it in our copy to on the website too, you know? So it's easily because it does. It does trigger like cardio. I'm gonna be I'm gonna be running, and I'm going to be doing all these things and that I did it. I get it. But at the same time, Uh, for you listeners out there gonna educate you a little bit more like cardio, it just means heart health. So, weight training, power lifting, you know, strength, training, hit jogging and during stuff all that works the heart because it raises anything that raises our heart heart rate. All right, Anything that raises your heart rate gets you going. Um, but you know what about being nervous. And like, someone points a gun to your head? Well, yeah. I mean, that's that. This form of cardio because your heart's racing like, Oh, shit. What's going on? Because you're trying. You're trying to react. You're trying to be ready, but, um yeah, being active, it helps. It helps your heart health because you're using it. You're using it more than just sitting around and just steady state. You're you're you're challenging in. The more you use it, the better it will become. A more consistent it will be. It will be thriving while you are being alive. So when you you can do more things, you could have more energy. But you can't have more energy and do more things if your heart's fuck. All right? So, just naturally, being more active in your daily lifestyle will help your heart health on top of that. On top of that, I know I always talk about watching, eating, but think about think about what? Like Okay, and here's how I'm gonna get on like racing all these thoughts in my head. But the bigger your body gets, the more blood vessels have to form to support blood flow around, um, to support bigger body. It means the heart has to work that much harder. You're stressing her heart. All right, if you're naturally a big dude by genetically, you're like you have a big frame. You have a lot of Muslim mass. Yeah, your your heart's gonna be working. All right. If you look at shack, you know, eh? NBA players there actually are not the most athletic as faras I groundwork. Like if you have them do get ups. They hate that shit. Dead serious. If you have a basketball player's crawl, they hate that shit. I'm dead serious. He was crazy because I do are empty. Still, like raw, functional drinks. Basic a lot of crawling and all that fun stuff, Um, and roll rock He He works with a lot of like elite athletes, and he was saying during one of our seminars, You know, he was saying Like all I've done this weave this athlete. I've done this with that athlete I've done this with with this football player and shut it. Ah, and he's like there is one athlete that hates this shit, like hates it. And I'm like, hate, See, what does that mean? And then he's like, No, this is There's an athlete that really hates this, this type of work out, like crawling and doing sit throughs and just basically ground work stuff where you have to be on the ground and like, Who's that? We got all curious like, Who's that? He's always a well known athlete. My come on, tell us he's like Kobe. Bryant was like, what? Like mama mentality, and he's like, No, he'll do it, he'll do it. He just hates it. And the reason why, If you trained for basketball players or if you're wanting trained MBA players, you have to understand that they're not, as they're not as athletic as pretending to like the way room stuff on body movement because they're tall. And it does have a factor in in in what they place the fact that their performance so also adding to their heart. So if people of, ah, bigger, a bigger stature, they have to be more mindful also of of, of the heart health, because it works that much harder to sustain them and all that fun stuff, and if anything, it's all fucked up. It's gonna be hard for them to do things. It is. So be mindful of your diet if you're concerned about your heart, because there's so and if you have, you have like baby boomer parents getting in their sixties now seventies, all of a sudden they're vegan. All of a sudden, they're vegetarian. All of a sudden, sugar's bad meets bad. All of a sudden, they don't want McDonald's bad fast food. The man you were wind back to when they were our parents. I was a child of the nineties. All right, but he's got my dad. Did not. You ate steak. He put the oil in the rice. You ate it. Didn't care, you know, it's like, Oh, he smoked. It's whatever that all of a sudden goes to his doctor. They're talking about blood levels to talk about blood pressure. They're talking about cholesterol. They're talking about tryg Lyssarides. They're talking about possibly cancerous. They're talking about all this shit. And now in his sixties, he's like, Oh, Austin, you helped. Oh, you cannot eat red meat. We cannot do that. No vegetarian vegetables only No rice. No, no, no rice. I'm like, Whoa, what happened here, buddy? But it's when you get to that point. Yeah, I mean, it helps. My dad now definitely helps my dad. He's active and all that fun stuff. But if you're young and by young, I mean in your twenties, in your thirties I know twenties like you feel invincible, Special When you're like early twenties, you feel invincible. Man, Are you out of Vegas apart for three days? You still go back. You could You could operate. Can't do that in the authorities. But I don't even know what happens in the forties yet. Um, but But ah, but it's like you got to be more mindful, and I know it's weird. It's weird. But if you're you gotta think about like your heart health man, this is heart health awareness. Everyone's like, Oh, you gotta have hard. I was talking about hard head butt, but if you don't pay attention to it, it will creep up on you. That shit will creep up, creep up on you so hard that you're when you're walking up three flights of stairs to get back to your car. After doing whatever you were doing at the mall or at the at the freakin. There's not even malls anymore. There's like just open shopping centers or going to a restaurant or whatever. Whatever you're doing, going to work, it'll creep up. On you go three flights of stairs and out of breath. You're like, What the fuck? Whoa, It's not a good man, because if you're feeling that in your twenties and thirties, how much more in your forties and fifties and sixties, so the easiest way to just get ahead of it is just being active, staying healthy, controlling her 80. It's really simple stuff. By the same time recruiters have it, the hard part is being consistent. The hard part is changing habits. The hard part is not letting outside stresses and outside things impact our emotional, um, spirits or mental states and all that fun stuff. We are our own worst enemies, but don't over complicate your shit. All right? Don't over complicate your stuff yourself. With all this information that's out there right now, dead serious. There's so much information out there. All right, the point of this podcast. The point of this, this content medium is too. Hopefully try to bring some simplicity to the loud, crowded realm of fitness and exercise out and nutrition because I'm in here, I'm in the trenches. I'm testing all these theories out, and it always comes down to very simple shit. The people who have had most success like shed 30 £40 in art, 7% body fat from 30% body fat. It all comes down to changing behavior. It all comes down to being consistent and slowly getting to the goal and not trying to win big too fast. So if you're thinking about heart health, just be active. Be smart with your eating. Everyone's always like, especially like food wise. Ah, lot of people are are hungry for form or information on diet and food. Um, I was looking at her. I was looking around the legs for the podcast. And when one of the most popular episodes we have is the pot the episode I have with intermittent fasting because all I white wow, live you will want to know about intermittent fasting. I think I talked about Kato for a bit. My wife did, kiddo, for bed. And she still does it, um, shot great success. But again, those things all they have in common is that you stick with it and it works. It's just funny, like I'm on this new diet and I'm doing it for for 60 days. And I saw crazy results. Amon Tito. I did it for 60 days and I saw great results. I'm doing I f I did it for 60 days and I'm seeing great results. Did the Atkins died in 60 days? I see Great results. Went vegan for 60 days. Saw great results. What do they all have in common. They did it for 60 days, consistently consistently did something good for 60 days. We watch, they're eating and they paid attention. They paid attention to what goes into their body for 60 day street. Yeah, they bear probably had some cheat days here and there, but they were consistent. And over the span of 60 days, they saw Mad results. But what happens? They hit a plateau. Something doesn't work. Eventually, they'll fall back into old habits. But it's okay if you fall back. We're all human, but it's the matter off. Can you make the last 90 days? Can you make it last 120 days 183 65? And you start seeing that number dwindled, and you start noticing that people will actually stick with him for a whole year. Have the Mattis craziest transformations have the crazy transformations, and then what people say is when they see them after having crazy transformation after doing something to Sicily for a year, it's like how How did you do that? How did you do that? How long did it take you? How long did it take you? And they'll be like like a here a year. I don't have a year. It's like bra. What do you like? What? You know, like, what's the fastest way to do it? It's like, Stop, Stop. Be consistent, guys, be consistent. Trust the process. All right. For your heart health. If you start now, if you start now with your heart health just being active, just type. You could do it now, but I just take the stairs, take once their flight of stairs up or just walk every lunch. Just walk with your friends. Go walk out to get coffee. So I do something. It doesn't have to be big. Just do something small. Go hike with your loved ones, will hide with some buddies. We're just going for a walk. Let cynicism audiobooks on your free time, Dad. Serious wasn't on. I have time. I have kids. I have this. I have that. Okay, cool. I hear it all the time. Make time. I hear that shit all the time. But I also trained moms. We trained parents who have busy lives who are full time working professionals who also take care of three kids. They're coming in at 5 a.m. They're coming in at 6 a.m. Getting their work night. Oh, my God. Damn. Okay, I admire that. They're gonna come in at 6 a.m. Before running the household and then going to work as a coach. I better get my ass in there. Well, I told you I have no excuse. I don't even have kids yet, you know. But I got no excuse. I admire that. But I always hear that. Like all also, you don't have kids yet. You understand why I don't have time. I'm busy doing this. I'm busy doing that. I'm busy doing this. I'm busy. I have this. I have that. Now. Have this. Well, guess guess who's putting all that shit before then? You have the ability to make change to move things around. And if you're saying you're can't you're not trying hard enough. I'm dead serious. There is some way you can car about 30 minutes somewhere to be consistent 45 minutes somewhere to be consistent. And if there's no time, you're not looking hard enough. You're not think about money and budgeting. I'm the dude. I'm the worst. My wife's like the freaking savior of that she knows that a budget she knows that handle it. I'm more like I know how to make it. Now I'm gonna spend it. And she's like, No, no, no, no, no. There's a way to do it. And citing saying, like my old man, my bank accounts always empty. I live paycheck to paycheck side to pay for things. But if you really tracking what you're spending on, there's some shit that you you don't really need to buy Starbucks three days a week, bro. You don't really toe go, you know, go out to eat four days a week. Bruh. You don't really need to do any of that. But again, this is about heart health, not money. We're in the money later. Probably ever. I don't know, but yeah, that's that's today's episode. Ladies and gents, I hope you guys enjoyed it. Kobe. All right, P man. Jonah, the rest of the of the victims of the helicopter through sucks. Um, you all fish forward. We will remember all of you. Um, Niners will be a next time young team. Still heartbroken, but I'm proud of him. Um, and also just the point of this episode guys straight out bottom lines. Take care of yourself, take care of yourselves and push forward and be consistent. That's the point of today's episode with your nerd. I work out podcasts. This is Coach Austin coming to you from hyper strength and conditioning here and sounds in California, please, like subscribed. Whatever. Do all the things, please review us if you can, but subscribe. It really helps the channel. We're seeing a lot of great momentum here, and I just appreciate you guys know sponsorships yet, but I'm just enjoying and very humbled that a lot of people are listening to this podcast, and I'm gonna do my best to always bring out great content. And again, I just I Just when I'm seeing the numbers, the numbers are going up, we're trending up, and it's great. And that's like, I appreciate your taking the time to listen to this. I thank you for your time. Thank you. Um, it would help a lot if you subscribe to us. If you see even shared it If you want, but review us and whatever, whatever. Whatever platform they eliciting was on. Um but it's great. It's great. Um, in the spring. I hope to do some giveaways. Um, because that's really cool stuff. Like giving away stickers and left on stuff that be cool, Nerd. I work out stickers and then eventually shirts. We'll look ahead of ourselves yet, but Ah, yeah, Guys, I appreciate you guys appreciate the sport, ladies and gents, and I will see you guys later. Ah!

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