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#34 Five No BS Ways to Build Muscle and Lose Fat Fast

February 11, 2020 Hyper Strong Productions Season 1 Episode 34
Nerdout & Workout Podcast
#34 Five No BS Ways to Build Muscle and Lose Fat Fast
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Today we go over 5 no bullshit ways to build muscle and lose fat fast. This was originally a visual presentation but the audio was so good I had to turn it into a podcast as well.

If you want to know five things you can implement now that will get you seeing and feeling results within 30 days this is the episode for you!

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Welcome to the nerd out and work out. Podcast Cast Cast. What is up, everyone? This is Coach Austin. You're coming too, from hyper strength and conditioning here with your nerd out on workout podcasts. And today I'm going to be nerdy out about the five. No bullshit ways to build muscle and burn fat. I originally made this until I kind of like a presentations power point thing on YouTube which it will be on YouTube as well, because I do have a presentation and slides, but I was just listening to it, and it was just too good to not put it on this podcast. And I know there's there's other things I was gonna cover today. There's gonna be an episode today going over pseudoscience and does he work or not? Myth or myth or not of, like, cup being and acupuncture and pressure and blading and all that fun stuff that'll be on the next episode, because I just I just spent like, ah, a solid hour going over like, five specific ways of howto build muscle and burn fat for the beginner for the newbie. And this is gonna go those site. This is gonna go far. This is gonna be for our hyper strength conditioning website for YouTube. Um, but I just I just feel like I wanted to share it here because it's just it was just good content. And I feel like some I think a lot of people could learn from this, and I'll also link the actual video to the show notes, and so you guys could watch it if you want, but if you guys wanna listen to it, it's fine. It's 44 minutes, and I go into detail about kind of the breakdown of who I am, because this is like two people who never wantto go to kind of go the gym and visit us or C s or have no idea who I was. You know, build credibility. Uh um, But, uh, but then we go over, we go over kind of like, um was I talk about Camille None Johnny and talk about his transformation. And Delgado and the trainers, they work with that kind of talk about how, like, you know, building muscle losing fat and kind of show them the crazy version of it of, you know, celebrities have the studios pay for the trainer and and nutritionist, and they go into a training regimen. But you see what happens to the human body when it gets crazy, Hyper focus and all the resources are available, and it shows the possibility of it. And and, um, to my knowledge, I don't think they were on any performance enhancing drugs or anything, but it just it was just It was just, you know, that was the profession and they did work. And a lot of people see it on Instagram on social media and Facebook. Now take talk or whatever the fuck is going on right now, and I comparing themselves to like the celebrities, and I want that body. But it's like you have to understand it's their This is their full time job. But it also shows the window of, like, possibility of like, Hey, if you are hyper focused, you could get close to it. You're not gonna get like, super crazy shredded cause like they get too crazy on the photo photo shoot Daisy like no salt, no sugars. You know, no carbs, no water. So you in the oil up so you can get super shredded and take pictures, but at the same time, it's crazy what the human body can do and is capable of if we just push ourselves, um, And then I go over to, uh, go over like, the five simple steps of, like, getting getting super frustrated. But building muscle and losing fat and I talk about the first step is like take ownership and discipline. And then the second step is, I think was a watching what you're eating. And the third step is moving. And in the fourth step was, um, frequency and the fifth step was putting it all together, and I go into detail about it. So if you find yourself kind of in this boat of like, hey, man, I still wanna know exactly like giving, like, five steps of things I can do now that I can implement now in my in my in my way of life, physically and mentally where five things I can do now that'll work now. And if you do these five steps, I guarantee you 30 days you'll start seeing change. I guarantee it. If you just fucking put in the work and do it. Okay, So without further due here, is Thea five. No bullshit. Ways to build strength and lose fat. What is up? Everyone's his coach. Austin, you're coming to you from hyper strength and conditioning. Got a rep. It It's like, inverted image here. But thank you for watching. We're going over five. No bullshit. Ways to build the muscle and lose fat fast. So if you're watching this, you're interested in losing fat, building the embody mass. No matter where you are, you're probably a busier, overworked professional. Uh, probably sits more than eight hours a day. You mean you do what you do? Your crew is getting it. Um, but now you're kind of in this point in your life where you kind of need accountability or you need some, like, kick starting. You know where to start. You want to build muscle, you wanna lose fat and you don't know kind of where to start. You don't know where to start, and you kind of need guidance. So this is this is where ah, we come in. And this is one of the big reasons I'm I'm creating this little Italy a webinar. But I decided to just record it and ah, hopefully it'll it'll help a lot of people instead of like, always waiting for it to be life. But feel free to comment below of you guys want to make you want me to make any more videos pertained to other topics, but for the most part, for what I've seen for all the people we deal with, especially our Jim. Ah, lot of people are looking for the answer of muscle toning, losing fat, changing body composition. And that's we're gonna be going over, ladies and gents, all right, if I can. Yes. All right. We're doing something right. Like what? So move my my head around, Woo. All right, so So it's very, very low there. Hello. So howdy. Howdy. Oh, who am I? Um, when he was lost in Ryan's Toloza Ah, I own hyper strength conditioning in sounds. A California. We do personal training, small group training and group condition classes. And we also gave a fight Fun workouts. Um, been coaching since 2006. Personal training. Ah, since you know, 2006. Ah, general population clients I've have experienced through the gamut, you know, a professional collegiate, high school, private corporate sector, all that fun stuff. I had the opportunity and privilege to train a lot of people from different shapes and sizes and all that fun stuff. Um, in 2014 I was, ah, ranked top 10 personal trainer, tow watch my life fitness. And it was great. I got a free trip for me and my wife, Uh, my girlfriend at the time moves on my wife, but I got a free trip for us. The whole lot toy to New York. And where we were, I competed with the other nine competitors to be the top one, but it was fun. It was great. Ah, no, I did not win. Uh, but I made it pretty pretty up there, but it was a great experience. It was a great experience, and I loved it. Um, yeah, so moving over there that, um we're gonna go over. Ah, Before we break down the five steps, we're gonna break down some examples of what I feel like the kind of super crazy expectation that a lot of people have for themselves and what a lot of people see a lot of people see. All right, Viking, figure this out. Okay, So we are gal Gadot's And we got Camille, uh, non Johnny and this guy he's got. These people are So they are Wonder Woman, and we got the future star of eternal CZ. Okay, these air superhero, You're all shit. Okay, hold on. I got a mist up there. All right, so these air superhero move my head here. But these are superior people. People who look at it. I mean, there's ah, people saw two males body there like, Wow, that's Photoshopped. That's crazy. And then you got a gal Gadot who, like, beefed up Ah, for for wonder woman. And the reason why I picked these two is cause I feel this is like a general sense of what people want. What people from from what? Not all people but the people that been asking about our service is in San Jose, but strength conditioning, personal training. We got a lot of people who wanna tone they want to tone up. They want to lose fat, they want to build muscle, they want to get stronger hands, gal. Good. No beefing up. Um, even if she was on a or weightlifting program, she was coached by things like with the Magnus method, but again, celebrity training. These guys full disclaimer, ladies and gents. Ah, these guys and girls, who they were, you know, celebrity trainers, you know, training consistently. They had their own nutrition. Is this studio paid for everything? All right, so this is kind of like a hyper focused or a hyper, you know, hyper type of goal. Hyper sensible. I may I like. How can I look like that? That's crazy. And some people are like, Oh, that's that's just photoshopped. And like, nah, dude, like, this is what it looks like when you're super fucking dialed in, like, super fucking dialed in. And there's no excuses. This is a profession, so we gotta understand that. But we also gotta understand that just because, you know, just cause it's like while you know that that's the profession, That means it's impossible for me. It's not totally impossible. Ladies and gents, the body can still change with consistency. And we're gonna go over simple shit that you could implement right now to get it going. What? Is it going to be easy? No, to be simple, like to follow, but I'm easy. It's not gonna be easy. Fuck, That's gonna be hard, but it will be worth it all that fun. So I know you guys hear it, but I love using Gaga Does, um, as an example, because she was straight up, like lifting weight to get ready for, um for wonder woman and a lot of women's even to this day. A lot. A lot of people, Just like I don't wanna I don't wanna book up muscles bad. I don't wanna look big. I don't look like like super body buildings. And no, you're not women. You're not. You lack the hormones to get super like bulky. It's not gonna have it. And for a lot of guys, I feel like they just want to put on muscle a lot. A lot of this is like the general shape of the newbie. Ah, individual who's male. You know, once that you want to build muscle, I've seen a lot, especially in San Jose. Um, because you know the techie We're a tech capital freaking of the world. So a lot of people just sit and this is like the typical body type, right? And people want a lot of people who talk to me they wanted they wanna build muscle, they wanna look stronger. They want to get, you know, they wantto want obesity. And you know, I mean, if you have a freaking full time staff working on you, then yeah, I'm gonna look like that, but it's not impossible. It's not impossible. This shows like it is possible to change now. Then we could go over. Is he Is he natty brah? Er, Zeenat Ears as juice bra. And I don't know, I don't like I Ah, From what I've gathered, Grant Roberts was his coach. This is 10 months, five days a week of lifting and training hard. And I was like an hour a day, But But that was also being on top of your diet. So again like, But this is like a pretty natural progression. 10 months of work, almost a year of consistent work. So again, it's it's crazy. This is like the most extreme examples. But I feel like this is kind of like what? We're people's heads, right? And I want to address that right now because everyone sees it on instagram. Everyone sees it on social media. It's like I'm gonna look like that. I want to be like that and it up. And you have to keep in mind these guys, their livelihood. But at the same time, if you you fucking killer consistency, you can get you won't like. I'm not gonna sit here and be like, Yeah, you could get there, too. But at the same time, it's possible to get to make progress to make similar progress. Okay, Um, but I just want to show you superhuman examples of what we're trying to do, which is build muscle and burn fat. You know, that's that's what we're doing. So with that moving forward, if I can get this slide working, All right, So what the fuck is Muscle? What the fuck is muscle? Okay, so with that being said, this is lean body mass right here. We're looking at all the muscles we're looking at all like, look at that. Look. That booty. All right, So lean tissue. All right, this is this is what muscle is. Muscle is living. It is active. Um, it requires a lot of, ah energy to be sustaining to be utilised. Um, muscle is its soft tissue. That helps move your bones. I'm trying to be like it's just layman's terms, guys and ladies and everyone else in between. Um, I'm just trying to explain it. In layman's terms, I'm trying to post super scientific. I'm not trying to bore you guys have any of that fucking terminology? I mean, look at all these. Leave all these words and should try since breaking eye and biceps. Baba tell you right now, on any effect, any effective type of training program any effectively when trying to build muscle, we're gonna focus on legs. All right, legs, all legs, all that. Look how much muscles in the lakes look, you got the look of the quads. You're the groin area. You have the glutes, these bad boys right here, hamstrings. And if you suffer from, like, my muscle pain or low back injuries, check this out. So the legs in the back are going to be the main hit points. Um, when you want to build muscle hey for me, from from my experience, you build let you build your legs, you build your back. The front part will be easy. Because look at the bag will come. Look. Look at the lattes here. All right? Look at all of this, All right? And if you have, like, yeah, that's why I'm going back to is when you have little back pain right here. Um, que el that stuff. That means the glutes may or may not be firing. You know, that happens a lot when you sit. Sit down a lot, you know. Good Sergeant, finally. Look how big this muscle look how big this muscle is. If this mostly working, then this guy's gonna take over it. It's all it's all out of whack. But muscle is basically lean, metabolically active tissue in your body that helps you move and e it burns fat. You know, the more mostly have, the more the more energy burn at rest. But if you look at it, I want people to understand that Look it. Look how much muscle you're back in your legs have compared to just the body. It was like I just want to work on the abs and then just the chest and in the arms. It's like, No, but you're ignoring a few. Think house, Look at all this stuff. So I want you guys to see all this, cause this is what you have to visualize. It's there. You have Everyone has a six pack somewhere. You know, everyone has the everyone is shredded in their own way. You know, if you just take out all the fat now, would you go focus on the fat? And that is that How do I get rid of the fat? It's not even like what is fat? Because people are gonna be like I know what fat is. I hate it. How do I get rid of it? It's like, All right, so in this picture, this is a great example of visceral fat. And this is fat around the organs. This is the This is the big one. The fat that's on your like your your your skin. No one's above the six pack. That's kind of like you could pinch it. And all that stuff that one down is gonna be easy to get rid of. But we're talking about, like, the fat that's around the organs like this shit right here. This is bad. This is what gives you the beer. Good. Okay. You have a lot of this shit. You have a lot of Israel fat in your beer. Good. I already know you have visceral fat above in your organs. That's giving you that beer. Get inside. It is the most unhealthy fats. Dangerous fat. But you want to focus on getting rid of this. How do you get rid of it? We will go over it. But fat is also living. It also does a lot of things if you guys, I did a whole pot cost a pot, cost podcasts on how to deal with fat. And that is on the nerd out and work out podcast. It was, I think the episode 32. So check that out. Um, I'll link it below to if you guys want to check that out. Uh, but when I go into detail about what his fat but fat is also it also it is an active tissue, not as crazy active s fab, but it does communicate with your body. And there is a reason why we have fat as far as, like, you know, surviving. But at the same time, too much of everything is not always good. So, um, people of visual I brought visual river visual, right? So I want people to understand that. Look at this look at this. Like, if you are, you think about think about, like not just a the father, you see? But the fat that's in there that you don't even realize you can't touch this. You can't pinch this. This is under your your abdominals and around your organs. And people don't realize until it's too late when you have that beer. Good. So, yeah, just want people to understand it. Okay, out of the five step step number one. We're doing ownership and discipline. You're like a lost. Is this one of those motivational videos I'm like? No, no, no, no, no. This is This is like you have to get your mind right before everything else. Things that happen here will translate into everything else we can't get. I could tell you how to do and all that, but if you're not in the right mindset, if you're playing the victim, then the then it was useless. Everything is about the time I spent was useless. And I've seen that. So my first thing is you got take ownership. Um, you being you got to be disciplined. I'm sorry, but you gotta be disciplined. You take ownership. You are not the victim. Stop blaming everyone else. I don't give a shit. If you feel like you don't have time, you gotta have kids that it up like Austin. You're not a parent. I don't. Doesn't matter. Like I've trained moms who come in here at 5 a.m. Four am like they come in, they do work. It's like I don't wanna wake up that early that I worked at it like Okay, well, I don't know. Okay. You got to make you gotta make time for yourself. It's not that important to you. You're gonna find you're gonna find an excuse. I fucking hate that shit. All right? So if you're the one who's, like blaming everyone and it's always it's not your fault, and it's like, Oh, I just can't do it. I'm always so tired up. Stop watching this video right now, But if you are willing to make a change, if you want to understand how to actually get things going and start your quest, then keep listening. Okay? Look at this guy. All right. Symbolizes ownership and discipline. All right, Fez, lead itis. Riley, this Arnold, you lack discipline. So and And if you noticed the slide. Show this. Ah, the presentation that I'm showing. I have a very I don't do a lot of, like bullet points or read as I don't read off the shit I go, I go like, these are visual cues and I'm gonna be telling you guys a lot of what I mean by these steps. So ownership and discipline, basically, you have to take ownership of your problem. Right now you have to take ownership of what's going on with you. Why, you know, like, why? Why did you gain this weed, or why do you feel out of shape? Whatever has led you to watching this video and feeling like you need help, you have to understand and take ownership of the fact that you got yourself here. I don't. It's no use to blame anything or anyone else for what has happened. Unless it's like some traumatic crazy motorcycle accident you've been through or you're diagnosed with something, you know, there is to a point, but at the same time, everything else. If you're just that average person who just don't know how this way came on, I don't know how everything came on so I know. Got take ownership. All right, If you understand that this is my fault. This is my fault. You have If it's your fault, E not if it's like you have to understand, It's your fault for you being at this point, and you need to make a change. And with that, you have to understand That's gonna take discipline to get yourself going. All right? Everyone hates working out or not. Everyone Majority people here working when they started. Okay? Timing. I just I'm tired or I'm injured. I don't feel good. I have a headache. I fuck that shit. Fuck that. Okay, we're gonna let that get in the way, then. Yeah, Just keep doing what you're doing. Oh, cry me a river. Blame everyone else. Whatever. Not, not it's not worth the time. But again, the people who are true get after a who like who overcome that. Damn, I don't want to wake up, but I gotta fucking do it. But I feel like shit. But I got I got to do something. I gotta work out somehow. Some way. I got to just do something. The people who do that Gabi, the results are fast, because once you get into a rhythm of getting out of bed, you know, eating right, working out all that fun stuff, and we're gonna go over about the go over those things once you get those dialed down. Just focused on just doing it one day at a time. Stop thinking about all I gotta do all this in, like, 12 weeks. Um, a year I got to do is buy Summer. Summer's coming. I'm over. Your guys are thinking about too much. Think about the next step forward, not 13 miles down. You know, stress everyone. Now. All right. So take ownership. If you can't take ownership, you're always blaming something else or someone else. This video is not for you. You can I don't care. I'm not gonna be offended if you start watching our give me a thumbs down. Okay, Cool. Get it? Not my problem. But at the same time, if you're willing to like No, I get it. That's my fault. I got and I could do something about it. All right. Cause what? Look when you take ownership now, you know you could take you could do something about it. It's in your hands. It's in your power. But if you like, keep blaming something else is in their powers. And they're like, I'm the only victor I can't go on like other person. Always cook so much food, or I have a headache. I can't do it like get out here, then you don't want it. Then you should be the last person complaining about how I'm so at shaping up. Take ownership. And now I want to take ownership. You're in control. Be disciplined. Be disciplining your action of making yourself better, okay? Or getting after this goal of building muscle or losing fat. It's gonna be easy track you're eating that step to. Once you take ownership, your discipline, we're gonna focus on your eating. All right. Record and manage it. I'm not a registered dietitian. I'm not gonna go over these old fucking like there's fucking so many YouTube videos out there. So much fucking articles about how much to put how much carbs and proteins and fats and key tos and intermittent fasting and all that fun stuff. I'll give you a very simple so shit that you could do right now is record and manage okay. Your food. I can tell you right now if you are, Get if you If you are in a place where you're out of shape, gained weight, you want to lose extra fat, You want to build muscle. Chances are you're not really focusing on what you're eating. You're not really managing what you're eating. How many college did you have today? How many grams of protein grabs a carb grams of fat? It doesn't make sense for me. Excuse me. To tell you like this is how much protein he just how much cards? And like until you get it Until you home. The fact that you need to manage and understand Where the hell what are you consuming? Okay, there's APS everywhere. Like this. I mean, this is my fitness. Bow or lose it. Whatever app, there's absolute look very similar to this. They have a food library. You can freak, take pictures now, ever frickin snacks. Six million foods in our database. If you just do this, follow the algorithm. Like like I want to lose weight. This is my week. This is my height. It's not gonna be super accurate, but it's going to give you a general sense of like, based on your weight and your height and your sex. And don't eat it up like this is where you we recommend you to be. And these are the macro is we want you to stick to you when? If you want to build muscle or lose fat or did it up by this date, They all these, all these engineers and software companies. They just look at all the data they take A lot of they took a lot of data, Remember, Guys, ladies and gents, they take a lot of data here and they see what's trending. Well, I love you like, Oh, my data privacy and all that stuff. Cool. All right. But at the same time, you want to understand why and how these work. They collect data from a lot of people from different backgrounds, different demographics, and they see what trends lower, like what, what's trending for them and what are the what are the like, What's the biggest success for people with your age group in demographic, all that fun stuff. And then it goes. It plays into their algorithms what they can calculate and best represent well, like this is what your calories need to be. This is how much protein carbs and fat you need to take, and it gives you kind of build it. Like if you just do this every day, you're gonna start seeing results. If you do this every day and you stick to it for 14 days, you will start seeing results like if you go. I want to lose weight tonight and you just stick to the calorie count. And you really meticulously manager eating. And you, you record everything. If you're honest with yourself, you'll fucking see results. This is fucking free. I am dead certain. I tell all of our personal clients that all right, I tell all of our personal clients like one of the first things they told me to do. Destroy, greeting. I mean, yeah, we have meal guys and all that fun stuff. But one of the biggest things here is just the truck you're eating Tracker. Eating in your your gold. You're good. But a lot of people like that get takes discipline. I can always put it in. I gotta always put it in my phone and do this. It's like Uh, Okay, well, if you're not putting in your food, what are you doing with that time? Well, I'm going on Instagram, and I'm gonna go check Facebook. I read this article on watching this YouTube video that it's like you have. If you're always on your phone, you have no excuse to be recording this shit. They have this on Andrew, and I always will. Give me that. You're like, Well, I have apples. I don't know the ham, and we'll have Andrew, but none of them are always happen. I know. Lose it. My finished pal. I have no promo code. I'm not sponsored by them. I'm just like this is more for your your benefit. All right, your benefit. Step three movement. Get off your ass. Just fucking move, Okay, You move, you burn calories, use energy. Your body is made to move, not to fucking sit in place. It's made to move the reason why you hurt like it's weird like you. You sit for eight hours and you hurt because you put in you put your body in a place where it's just it's not able to move it, stretch and do all these things so it aches. It's crazy because, like when we ache, it's like, Oh, I have my back, my back hurts or a headache or Oh my God, I can't move and I can't work out. It hurts. It's I gotta rest. It's like rest for what? What did you do? What did you do? It's like a body way. Movements is the biggest thing, all right, like you look a body, but you could download so much free body weight workouts. It's it's ridiculous. Like there's so much free body workouts. There's like and the focus is like There's abs. There's quads, glutes. There's try sisters. Biceps. There's back. There's chest, but you want to start strength training. Body weight is where it's at first cause what we do, especially coach athletes or Gen. Pop. It's bought away First. We started with a stick, a band we got deceive. Your glutes are firing right. We got to see if there's any and bounces in the shoulders and the hips. Ankle knee, like what's going on with those joint? We go by joint by joint. If you're a coach, you know, You know what I'm talking about? Joint by joint by joint like theirs. They're like the hip is moving moves a certain way supposed to move in all three planes and the knee. Only the needs only supposed to move in a hinge movement. Right door hinges the knee. And then this is the hip joint right here. But if some shit's going down with your hip where you can't really move that much, guess what? The knee that's supposed to bend just like a door hinge now is gonna take on the response or try to take on the responsibility, trying to move in other ways where it can't leading to injury. You don't know it until you have that need being like Oh, he kind of hurts. I don't know why, but that's the thing. Like like so body way movements like you don't have to have a barbell yet, you know, going on a hike, getting off your ass and moving all right, making, like doing all that. And once you get once you want to get comfortable moving and hiking and and walking or running and doing that consistently, then you could start doing strange training. Yes, and I used this example because the girls at our gym are beast. This is like our beginning. Our beginning. Um Oh, my God. I got that. Sorry. Hold on. I got Ah. Huh? But actually, no, This is very bad ass. So look at these guys. Look. So that's Cassie and that stuff that Sheila And they're still with us. They're still doing it. This is back when, like, they're just beginner weightlifting, and they're just trying to learn. She's just trying to learn that rack position, but, like, you don't have to start heavy. You know, this is Coach Tim who led our weightlifting program, but, like, look at this. Like lifting weights. All right? Strength training is going to be the one of the biggest ways to build muscle. It is like Olympic weightlifting is great, you know? It's full body. I mean, look at that. Get in the back again. You're getting You're working. You're challenging your hips. All right? Your shoulder mobility and shrink. You're just squat. You're doing You're doing full body gross movement patterns. You're burning more energy. You're working more muscles in your building. You're not bulking up. You're not bulking up, okay? And you could see that. That's just waiting you could also take it another. You just take it back in a few mastered body weight, you could do more body weight stuff. Um, and I'll show you that. So this is when I took ah, my staff in my business partners into an art of tea type of work out. Okay. And that's one of our fundamentals that we do, like learning how to crawl are just doing crawling, you know, crawling back. We're crawling with your body weight, crawling sideways, like try That shit sucks. And you could do this anywhere you could do this. This is great for, especially for people have, like, they can do a lot of high impact, especially those you haven't moved a lot. Um, like no high, you know, high knees and like jumping. It's so hard to like, Maybe it's like your joints are all fucked up. Your ankle's fucked up. Um, but doing certain movements, like crawling and all that stuff, or even focusing on just, um, like one foot hops or like gorillas and all that fun stuff. This shit sucks. Uh, but it challenges you and challenges like that. Look, this rotation flexion and extension with this movement like that. Um, but and that's just justices called a sit through, and it's like it's just it's such It's a cardio type of workout. You don't have to run, you know, you don't have to run at all. You like doing body weight. Stuff, too, will help, but bottom line is, you gotta move. No matter how you gotta do, you gotta move. All right? This is gonna when you build muscle, like when you know how to build muscle fast is you just gotta start moving. All right? You just gotta start moving. Because guess what? When you're moving your adding more stress, you're doing, like, in a good way. And when you stress your muscles to do more things, they will grow. They will grow Seinfeld, they will grow, the muscles will build. It doesn't have to be like again super lot away. But again, strength training with the barbell learning basics or even just body weight movement, they will grow. And if you're eating right, if you're tracking your eating and eating the right Mac Rose, they're gonna grow while your body is still burning fat because you're still in this like you're still in a certain caloric intake. You're still like eating. So you're still sticking to your macaroons. You're eating more protein, healthy fats less You know, last cars only cars for your workout. So you have energy. But when you when you when you start, you just you're just discipline your recorder to record her eating and you and you move record, you're eating and you move, You're gonna build muscle not in the It's not gonna be in the traditional way of like Arnold Schwarzenegger or China from W W E. Where it's like I'm gaining are pumping. My muscles are pumping, but you're still going to build lean body mass and burn fat again. If you do for 30 days, we'll start seeing a difference and you start noticing it in your clothes for is not even the weight. Alright, the wait is accumulation of your muscle bone organs, fat and water. All right, But the rial way, you could understand how you're going to be burning of like you're burning fat and your building muscle right is if you're close of it differently. If you start noticing things, if people other people like to see you, not so much and they see you again. I owe you. Are you? Look, are you losing weight? That's how you know, like the way your clothes fit all that fun stuff now Frequencies Number four. Repetition, repetition, repetition. Discipline plays into discipline, but frequency. So training. All right, training for it's it's just shown you just trained. You trained 2 to 3 times a week and just weight training. You could do cardio 3 to 4 times a week to like harder. But if you just do it, you do weight training, strength training 2 to 3 times a week, all right, The change of muscle size and building muscle mass is greater. It seems common sense, but it's not. I got this from the muscle muscle, the muscle doctor, PhD muscle PhD. Ah, you follow him on instagram Facebook. Snapchat Snapchat. But but, like, you know, those people were like, Well, could just train once a week. It's like to really, I I don't offer once week programs. I don't I just, um unless you're like a super elite athlete like okay, like, it's kind of a deal o type of program, but like once a week, you can't be doing that you gotta be. Oh, you got it. You got to. You got to be disciplined enough to hit this 3 to 4 times a week of strength training, moving her body or being active at least five days of being active at least five days a week watching her eating seven days a week every day. You gotta watch your eating. You could have a cheat day here in there. That's cool. You do the 80 20 rule, 80% clean, 20% eating whatever you want. I mean, stay saying not saying like looking. We're not getting ready for a bodybuilding show guys. By the same time, be consistent. Be honest with yourself. You don't watch your eating. Be consistent and do it frequently, because when you do it frequently, your results will come faster. And I'm not saying, like, just, like eat out of apple and an orange in a in a in a banana a day and just do 10 miles of cardio every day like No, that's not the right weight, but I'm saying it will be. It'll be more efficient. You'll start seeing results faster, and I say hella fast, but you'll see reason your results coming easily. Little Italy's. It will be effective. And, yes, you're gonna probably hit a plateau. But let's don't even focus on the plateau is only Well, then I'm gonna hit a plateau. It's like you're focusing on the wrong thing. You haven't even gotten started yet. Who's? Who's to say you need that plateau yet? Yes, you're going to hit that plateau. But when we don't know, we don't know if you're gonna hit the plateau like people are. Well, if I do this and I'm gonna eventually hit a plateau, it's like, Okay, well, we'll figure it out when you get there. Until then, get there. People don't worry. They don't focus on getting there. They're not even started yet. They're already worried about the next step. Already worried about like, Oh, and then I find you this. Okay, well, let's start, and we'll figure it out when we get there. Let's just go stop over thinking shit. Stop being a fucking to stop over thinking shit. Just fucking do it. Well, I hate it when people just say just fucking do it, okay? Stay where you are and think about it more While all these other people will start right now. They'll probably fuck up a few times. But guess what? They're going away for the you in a week than you are. Well, I'm gonna start in on when I start. It's going to be clean. It's gonna be super effective and efficient. Sure. Okay, buddy. Until you start running into problems, then what? And then I point my point back to the people who started ready. Guess what they ran into. Those problems were right, and he figured it out. Number five is putting it all together, making it happen. All right. You gotta make it happen. Just gotta make it happen. You put it all together and buy. This is you got to be consistent. Consistency beats intensity, consistency beats intensity. Ladies and gents, you just gotta be consistent. I have this frequency is discipline. You could argue that. Awesome. You just said the same thing and three different three different ways. But guess what? People don't do it, so, yes, I gotta do it in three different ways. I could title this video three ways to, you know, three ways to build muscle and shit that fast. But I did five ways Because I have to repeat the same notion three times because people don't get it. They just want to do it fast. Like I just want to do, like, 21 day cleanse. What? I think I need a reset. Your three day resets like stop. Ha ha. Well, so you don't know what you're talking about. You're not super shredded. You're not okay. Yeah. No, I'm not super shredded. Okay. But at the same time, I keep a decent shape, and I've helped a lot of people surpassed their expectations. And I will show you in the next slide. You have to understand it. So I don't sell any method. If you notice that I don't sell any freakin way of life for the hyper method and the download my program of the hyper method, I don't sell that shit. All right? I sell honest to God, hard work. I saw the the opportunity to be coached by our coaches. I sell the the opportunity, just work out and have fun and beaten enough in a fun environment. But he's just sell hard work is one of the most honest things we could sell is like fitness in another way. Not just like, you know, selling the snake oils and get get get lean quick schemes like No, just hard work. Just teaching people how to live. Right? Be consistent about it, motivating them, spurring them but educating them on top of it all. That's the most honest thing we could do. I'm a show you right now. It's like I don't There's nothing. There's nothing. There's no secrets. I'm not selling you any secrets. All right? Like this melt. Okay, Mel Sagat. She's a nurse. Three kids After her third kid, she came to me. I want to do some personal training with us. This impersonal changing into some group classes came 3 to 4 times a week in the mornings, for only, like for 45 minutes only because that's the only time she could get because she has three kids. So 45 minutes and in and out and all she did was watch her eating. She cleaned up her eating consistently while watching her three kids and still made it to the workouts was in 90 antennae. Um, whatever. She could make 5 a.m. a. T m like we got it in three days a week. And on top of that, you know, she did her cardio on her own. She didn't work out nothing crazy. And just like she lost £13 in like in, Like what I think. What? 90 days? But it was 15 good, like solid fat pounds and she built muscle. And she actually looks leaner than that now. I just saw the picture right now, but like she lost like the Royal £15 on Lee in three months. It's not so much. It's like, Ah, it's like a pound a week Almost. It's like a pound a week. Ah, fat like of like, body fat like you see it? She's Tony. He was leaning out. It's crazy, and it's like the whole world gets only 45 minutes. He was working out your tractor eating and she just kept consistent. Okay, that's her. And he got Castillo. Castillo did all this on his own. I'm not gonna take credit for this shit. Nope. Okay. This is open, Jim. He's a great friend of mine. He just comes in and does Work comes in and does work consistent, Consistent. Every morning he comes in, doesn't fit three d scan to see where he is, all right, But he watches his eating. He watches his eating a lot and just comes in. Doesn't work out his working for, like, an hour, and they're nothing crazy. I'll give him I'll give him, like, workouts to do, like, Hey, try this. Hey, try that. He likes it. You know, I'll give them work us to do, but I'm like, I'm not gonna see me like I programmed him and he lost, like, £30 on my program. No, no, no, no. It was just consistency and hard work, all right? He came in the gym, probably like, four times a week, four times a week. Okay. And I think you lost about £30. £40. Will correct me if you watches this video. Uh, yeah. Karen, this is Karen, All right? She was Ah, she was a girl that, um She was the girl who was lifting in the one of the first videos. You probably saw her. Ah, but this is I think this is, like, a solid £10 of just fat that she just lost. And she didn't do any cardio. She hates cardio. All right, So she did. She did some of our condition classes, but this change happened when she just started lifting with us. Started weight weightlifting consistently. I like if he did power leaving first. She did that like, four days a week. And then she transferred into weightlifting. Um, and she's very shy. Doesn't like showing her face, but like, like it, It was consistent. She watched. She watched meeting, but she like we went to, like, a Korean barbecue. Please. Time. And she she was she was handling it. She was making some guy's getting put to shame, but, uh, the same side. Ah, machine. She does work. That's the thing. Like when you live, you require energy. But she did work, and this is all just like her. Just live the way. No cardio. It's crazy. Um, what else? Oh, this guy. So this is Tristan. Okay. This is the machine. This is the machine, all right. He's a software engineer, and, ah, from 2016 to 2017 this is only four months. He lost £30 in four months. And for those of you who book consultations with me, I'm gonna talk about this guy again. Um But But this is Tristan. Okay. 2016 2017. This like it was like So I was like, four months of work consistently lost £30. And then this from 2017. 29th is like two years of consistency to years of consistency. Because this guy had another kid. He has two kids. He saw friends here, works full time, and he just does group classes of and he came and started training with us. You just started training. Whether consistently watches his eating on point with his eating, uses our microwave t heat up his meal prep. Um, but this guy went from, like, almost dying. His first work out. We're going through warmups and one of my staff members was a Matthew. This guy's gonna faint and a dude chill out and he barely could make the first work out, and now he's killing it. We call it the Machine because he's always leading the work out the way. We always got to give him some different type of work out because I want to make sure that he's getting a great workout when he's in here. So he's killing it. So this is great. This is a great story. He was just consistent, man. Nothing crazy. I didn't put him on any special diet and put on any special work out. He just came into the workout to the work major using all the good points and was consistent. He just showed up and did his thing. 45 minutes. Our workouts. Sometimes he would stay after and do extra, the better He got Sarah, one of my very first clients. Um oh, man, this is way back when she's in Texas now, and she's killing it with her business, but And she had a kid, and, um but I like bringing her up, because when she first came in, she was like Yakin on for, like, whatever. She gave me one of my first few classes. She was, Yeah, Gin row. And this is before I even open my own Jim, This is like when she started taking one of my classes No, at another gym. But like, she started yakking. And she's like, Oh, my God, Oh my God, are you okay? And she said, No, I'm fine. And she just kept showing up four days a week, five days a week. Would just take my 45 minute condition classes, you know? And she killed it. I don't know how much we she lost her, but she liked She just looks good, you know? And And it was just a testament to like I'm, like, there's no secret just watched with her eating and did everything else. And then Oh, this is one of us. This is one of coach, one of our coach. Coach adds client, and this guy killed it. All right? This guy's shredded like he's like, stretch read. But like he leaned out, he did everything that and told him to do. He was on, like, a personal training program he was lifting on his own. This I think this is, like, more of a remote coaching, like online coaching. And again, we just programmed to make sure you did everything right. Make sure everything was dialed in. I just did the work. We just did the work consistency. Okay. Really, Ray, look at real Ray. Okay. Sorry. This is what my buddies rearing. And he put on, I think, £15 of muscle in this, and I was very proud of his of his, um I was very proud of this because on it on the left was like I think we're still in college and he was always like the skinny guy. We went to college together, and then he started working on me like three days a week, just building muscle, you know, just working now with me. And he just kept showing up. You know, always that the force him to eat more, use one of those guys. That is a hard gaynor, but I'm like, It's not it's not. It's not because you're not eating enough. It's just more. We need to create the demand for you to eat more so your body can grow. And me, I mean, before I was like, Oh, you just go to eat. But since then, I've learned much better. Ah, you need create demand for your body, so you need to create the reason for your body to grow. So we start lifting heavy 3 to 4 times a week on whenever he could make it out to the gym. But he was consistent, and because of that he was eating. He was eating as much as he could because he got hungrier. Ah, as he started, like lifting with us and gained, like, £15 of muscle. Um, but now he's getting married, so I don't know if he still has a specific, but but I like the use of an example because he's a great dude and he was consistent again. He just you know, you just build muscle eight, right? Did the training. So I hope this helps this one. I just put my face on my face. I hope this house thanks. Um, any questions? You know, you could find me on the insta G's instagram at Coach Toloza. Uh, email me at train at agency jim dot com. You can also follow our gym it at agency dot com agency jim dot com. Or you can follow our agency, Jim on instagram Twitter. You could also full. Are you too hyper strength conditioning? Subscribe Leg do all the things, please. Um And also, you know, if you guys want toe really help us out to, like, subscribe to our nerd out workout podcast come by the gym. If you really need help training, we got you. Just let us know we have programs to fit any budget, any budget. So but Yeah, don't be shy, but again, um, one of the biggest things I want you guys to get out of this presentation is that it's doable. Whatever you're trying to do, it's doable. You're you're You can make this quest happen. You can build muscle, you can shed fat. Um, it's consistence its consistency. It's not gonna happen overnight. But if you give yourself time to really push yourself, be discipline and take ownership of requests. You were going to earn yourself a better way of living through health because, yeah, money is great. It's great. Money's great, but you're not alive. And you're not well to spend it into enjoy, especially time with family and your friends are experiences. And what's what's the point? So, and the reason why I brought that up because I got kind of deep there is that every time I do a consul, everything I do because of the new memory, it breaks down to that. I need more time. I want I want a better health because any more town, my family one more time, my kids one more time my family. Yeah, I have money and this isn't that, but it's like I don't want my quality of life. You'd better. I want more life. I want more life. I wanna live more life on one more energy and it's doable. Take ownership. Be disciplined. All right, get off your ass. Move! Tracker Eating. Do it Consistently. Do it like frequently And I guarantee you things will happen. Great things will happen. This is Coach Austin coming to you from hyper strength and conditioning. Hearing sounds of California l see you guys later. Ah!