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#36 What Actually Happens to Your Body When You Meal Prep?

February 21, 2020 Hyper Strong Productions Episode 36
Nerdout & Workout Podcast
#36 What Actually Happens to Your Body When You Meal Prep?
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Today I go over how your body first changes when you decide to take on the Meal Prep route of changing your body comp.

This is actually a youtube video which I converted into another podcast. You can check our youtube out under Hyper Strength & Conditioning. I talk about how you can see our bread in the background. 

I do this while I eat my own meal prep so please excuse my chewing!

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Welcome to the nerd out and work out. Podcast cast cast. What has ever won this? Coach Austin, you're coming to you from my kitchen owner of hyper strength conditioning here. And today we're gonna be going over how your body reacts higher. But what really happens to your body when you start meal prepping members like Well, obviously, also gonna lose weight. You know, you're gonna lose fat easy. But, like, what are the three things like, What are the first street things to happen to your body when you started meal prep in an odd stuff. And today I am joined here by a This is not a sponsored video, by the way. Um, not yet, but lovely friends from Lean Fi Silicon Valley. We are, We are in talks were just talking to each other, but they gave us a generous meal package for us to try out and again, they don't sponsor. It's not all that so. I'm just saying I'm just sledding, you know, and fly. I Not yet, though. But, um, today meal prep, we got grilled chicken, we got green beans and we got breakfast hash of that shit because I shot green beans, Green beans. Okay, so green beans and then breakfast hash is in the bottom because I've got to get my car. But I just freaking did a killer of her body workout. So, um yeah, so I'm on this thing. I'm on the hype. I don't have time to cook because I'm always on the go home, always doing things. So, to to my to my wife's resistance, I i I I'm on the meal plan because that's just the best way for me to get to him. My macros into hit a steady to hit a cola Steady clark deficit cause it was on my own. I'm gonna be cooking. I'm cooking some good shit like meal prep mode, but, um, Austin, don't you, with your mouth full, I have to get the breakfast hash. I need you to give it for breakfast, but like, it's all a bomb because it put like some low fat cheese on it. But so far so good, so lower. So meal prep starting new thing right there was doing it. There's a ton of Millbrook cos I've been open and closing because it's such a low buried entry, right? Um, one of things gotta look out for when you're doing. The prep is gonna make sure you get a figure out where they're cooking the food. Are they cooking in the home kitchen or they're cooking in the kitchen? That's like, like, searched and licensed by the health department, you know? I mean, like, there's more rats, right? I mean, how how how much can you trust? Ah, home of a stranger when they're cooking food. I'm just saying, I'm just saying, like, family, I get e of There's a Pollack and all that stuff I like. You could see our bread me, that my mom's gonna kill me. Cruise. Oh my God, You clean the kitchen yet? But we just moved in, so something's going to have a place. But we got those that Brad's for free. My sister in law Julin color friend, like she got a son. Like there she was just like a bread man at her work and apparently a visa or my wife Or accept. There's like the bread man that delivers bread for free. Pretty awesome. So when you start prepping, it's got a predetermined like when you either you do it at your home or you buy a service, right? So if you do it at your home, it's up to you to measure the food. And also, if you just like if meal pregnancy was just cooking your own food, that's already a great start. But to go over the main three point. So you guys that I'm not like, like, freaking like lagging. So you guys know what? I'm gonna go over The main three points that I'm trying over is when you start meal prepping when you start being consistent and hitting a CA Lord deficit with proper Mac Rose. Um, that's the goal of meal prep you're getting. You're hitting a certain you're prepping your meal that's supposedly healthy. That's like kind of the assumption of meal, perhaps. I mean, pizza could be new print, but I'm just saying we're assuming that you're that your meal's gonna be healthy. Um, you know, they go 46 or eight ounces of protein, four ounces of carbs and then unlimited vegetables. That's kind of a standard, gets your get to carbs and check it gets your fiber, and check a lot of people a lot fiber nowadays and get your protein check protein in check. So So the first thing that happens is you start losing water like a waterway that you retain. Anyone's like, What would it mean? Water weight. I don't drink much water, but, like if you're not on a certain diet, if you're just eating to eat, I mean, today's foods is all covered with it. Just It just has sodium, just like fucked on a sodium in a fuck ton of carbs, like sodium and carbs. People on a budget or people just want something quick and go. It's usually carbon sodium ships, even sexy granola bars, a carbon sodium, you know, fast food, all that stuff, you know, it happens. We're all busy. We have fricking lives, world busy professionals, whatever. So the moment you start actually regulating that start eating meal prep consistently. You know you really should you start. Stop eating fast food. You're immediately lower your sodium intake and you immediately lower carbon Take. We're still eating carbs, but you reduce it So all those water molecules, I think it's like 2 to 1 to water molecules to one carb. I don't know something like that, but water hangs onto the carp carbohydrate molecules. When you reduce carbs, water is released, sodium. When you have don't have much sodium water is released. That's how you find kind of lose your first initial pounds. It's great. It's great. It's a great moment, um, changer. And, um, it's great for your motivation. And you're feeling like, Oh, man, Oh, great. Use your 1st £4 or £5 because you're just eating You're not eating shit. So it's good. Oh, your job be done with this. But since I'm making a video, I'm taking my time. Has a prison whose water something getting grumpy. No joke. Even even all the people who, like eat to compete. Now I eat like my joy. Just not shut out the joy But like George does not know. But like you eat it, eat like physique or body building were even fighting. You're preparing for a fight. Couldn't wait wrestling whatever. Not yet Fucking grow for you because you're not You're not. You're not eating your usual thing. You're getting out of a habit and into a new one in your body. You're gonna feel certain ways you're gonna feel certain ways. Um, so mental and emotional is going to be affected, and it's not so much because we'll willpower can be broken. But you have to come in with the mindset of like, I need to develop this habit for a better cause for a better health, for whatever you're trying to do. It has to be bigger than you. Yeah, we're all just doing it for ourselves. But deep down, we're doing it for someone to prove someone wrong, to show something off. Like whatever you could do, You say you do yourself. That's cool. I mean, I say to like, um, I'm on this because in November I'm the heaviest I've ever been to 44. And, you know, running a business and doing all these things that takes stress out and, you know, and it came to the formerly I need it. I need to keep this shit on lock, you know? So, um kind of started moderating. I didn't go to meal prep right away. I just learned moderating what I ate just wasn't consistent with it. Uh, slower the killer calories and all that. It's targeted sugars, cut £10. And now I'm like, on now. I started meal prep with a lean feast. Uhm and it's going well now. So I'm, like, steadily going now It's a process, you know, It took me, like, 23 months, like mentally, like get going. And now it's like, really dialing it. As you can tell, I'm gonna wait for summer. So but yeah, so that's that's how it is. And and And when people jump into meal prep right away and then they start working out there so gung hold within the second either fucking growth be their fucking snappy. It's normal. And if you have ah, partner, Yeah, you know, significant other or a family or a friend, A good friend that's going through it. You have to understand that, you know, it's tough. And if you're going through yourself, you have to be mindful that can't be snapping at your people. Um, what usually helps is you add a little bit more carbs into your diet because you start people, people who stress out a lot, you know, they raised 1/4 sawn on the fun stuff. But we found that because we were my clients and my when I worked with a lot of in Silicon Valley, there's a lot of techies, right? They're always on deadlines or stressed out because, you know, they're they're grinding writing code or whatever, and even got, like, people who are busy, you know, being doctors and nurses or whatever. People were busy lifestyles. I don't tell them to reduce carbon right away. They still need to keep their carbs. But I say Just get him in better ways, get better carbs, and just reduce the color caloric intake in general, if you're reduced. If you reduced carbs on a busy professional as a client, they're gonna fucking hit you. So you do that slowly, you slowly take out I'm sorry. You take out the carpet slowly as you adapt to it. You don't fucking go, Carlos right away. Unless you're doing Cato than you. No more power to. There's nothing wrong, Gato. Intermittent fasting. So you do cause this leaf I've been sitting here, talk about meal prep. The third thing is, when you start leading out, you're gonna start losing inches. You might see it on the scale, but really pay attention to the inches because, like I said the beginning and you start losing water, that means your muscles are going to start getting leaner. Their bodies and it started leaner. Cousin are retaining water and you're gonna start losing inches within your arms and your legs if you're consistent with it. If we're not consistent with it, you might gain weight. It's because this conversation with my coach then before I got here, I was working out. He's like that man you like. This is from him. Like, if you can't, if you can't stay consistent for three weeks and you go back to your old ways like eating like shit, man, your body's gonna rebound so hard because it's like all looking on the sodium and cars they get to eat again. I mean, your cravings come back. Okay, so, yeah, Golden world perfect world. You'd be able to meal, prep breakfast, lunch and dinner. But we all know in a perfect world, pearl doesn't fucking exist. If you're gonna start prepping, I highly suggest you start meal prepping your lunch or your dinners to do that. What are the guidelines? I mean, I actually I'm going off. What? They're going going off like this meal. That meeting is about 5 56 100 calories. Six ounces of grilled chicken, four ounces off the breakfast hash browns with the mozzarella cheese but healthy cheese and for an unlimited like green beans. So that's about 80 grams a four grams of carbs, 50 grams of protein. I mean, it's all there on the higher side, the cars. It's like, Dude, I just got Don't work it out. It's like my post workout meal and then, like, fiber. Well, you know, orange more fiber. But that would be consistent with it. So I would start replacing legend dinners. If you're gonna do meal prep breakfast, you do it on your own. Just don't make it too high sugary on the breakfast. Why disclaimer? I'm not a retro dietitian. You know I'm not a doctor. Before you start anything, you go to your doctor. All right, we'll talk to Richard, Dietitian. We'll talk to someone who's medically license or I'm not a freak. I'm just go with strength, Coach, you know all that fun. So I have a lot of experience helping people, you know, changed their buying, all that fun stuff. But before you start, you know, doing all these things that I'm saying. I mean, I'm just saying, like the things that I'm talking about have worked for the clients that I've worked with. But it's always best to talk to your medical professional before starting anything, just like you know. But other than that, that's about it. So the three things happen to your body, you know you lose water, you get grumpy and use inches 1st 3 things that had that really happens to your body. When you start meal, prep it consistently and bonus fax up a typical meal. Prep Keynes's like either 64 to 6 or eight ounces of protein really depends on what you're trying to go. You know, if you're trying to build muscle, you know, humor. Brody 68 houses uh, if you're really just tryingto reduced calories on general than six ounces of protein, four ounces of protein if if you're if you're a woman, you know lower, you know, because your body doesn't really require too much Comprendo, dude and, uh, and you know, four ounces of carbs in unlimited videos. You know that's where he saw you get. You can mix and match. You could you could test it yourself. What works for you? What works for me or my client isn't actually work for you, but this is all just an educational piece of trying to get you guys in the pointed in the right direction. I'm gonna kill this now. No thanks to you, I'm really because I get lots of water. Drink a lot of our, um using sort of. Yeah, would be incorporated water. Find carbonated water, All that booty shit, whatever. But this is Coach Austin coming to you from my kitchen with hyper strength conditioning. And I will see you guys later. Almost forgot. Don't forget Thio. 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