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#38 Three Ways to Deal with the Coronavirus Shut Down!

March 26, 2020 Hyper Strong Productions Episode 38
Nerdout & Workout Podcast
#38 Three Ways to Deal with the Coronavirus Shut Down!
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Today I go over how to keep sane and stay healthy while you are "sheltered in" during COVID-19!

I go over three things that will help you get back on track in your fitness quest!

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Welcome to the nerd out and work out. Podcast Cast Cast. What is everyone? Scootch Awesome covered. Thio, we have hyper strength and conditioning here with another nerd out and work out podcast where we nerd out workout and podcasts. And today we're gonna be talking about what the fuck is happening with this all this Corona virus Shit. Yes, I am doing this podcast in the comfort of my home while my wife stares me in the eye as she eats a mixed biscuit with Berries and nuts. And now she's like, Stop no telling telling that I eat the mix biscuit with nuts. I'm chyna. Little does she know that she's being recorded on this podcast as well. So you guys can get video footage. Um, but yes, but yes, but yes. So today, um, as as as you all know, through the through all the ah, fun news and stuff, everything that's not essential has to be shut down. And it started with Senate Clair County. It start with San Francisco and all the counties surrounding it. And then everyone else followed suit. And then it became all statewide. And slowly but surely, all these gems are shutting down in the in the states and all we can do and even restaurants and even small businesses. But and I mean in our particular situation, we had to lock. Now we have to close it down. And as you can imagine, it's pretty intense. It's pretty stressful, and, ah, you know, you just never You don't see it coming. You don't see it coming. But the best thing you could do is just roll with the punches and figure it out from there, because that's exactly what we're doing. So I mean, it's actually more time to work on Ah, all of our digital content, digital content that we've been folk that we've been needs work on anyway. I mean, we've been working on other things, and, um like we were so focused before on just actual coaching and straight up coaching our members, Ah, one on one coaching semi privates group training and we're still doing that. We're adapting. We're doing zoom classes Now. We're doing zoom coaching, and we totally understand if we have other members and opened, your members were like, Hey, man, can I just put my stuff on pause for a bit into this whole thing blows over and that's we had to deal with that. And that's all good, because, um, at the end of the day, everyone's still supporting in one way, shape or form. We still got past present, past clients, sharing our information, current client engaging in it. People who are still interested in us are still like, engaging with their content. So, you know, that's that's how you have to look at it when when you're closed down and you have nowhere to go and what's what's really tough is when I'm seeing the small businesses who are, you know, the they I need. That daily transaction number has a put like as Ah, for example, restaurants, bars, all that stuff. You know, if you're a waiter, your server, it's it's gonna be It sucks. It sucks right now. I totally get it, Um, and there's people just right now just losing their jobs left and right. And right now we're just going into uncharted territory as a as a whole, as a whole community general, like as a not just wonder, sure, every industry is hurt. And right now it's like everyone's kind of like, oh, fuck What are we doing? This I don't know. And that it's like they're people who got laid off are just scrambling to figure out how to feed themselves how to feed their families. Um, the next step, all that fun stuff, and then we're not instantly fun. Um, and then you got people who are still working, and they're like, Am I gonna get laid off? Like, what's going on? So one of the things I've been really looking into or first office just how to take care of my own team. So I didn't have to lay off anyone. Um, we are a service based business, but we're still providing that service online. We're still doing a lot of digital content and online stuff, and ah, we busted Our ass is off as a small business to the point where yeah, we have to shut down for a couple weeks. Um, but we can still provide value. We could still provide our service through online through, you know, zoom through. You know, following up with our members, doing online programming with our with an app and all that fun stuff. So we've got and we've got ways around this which is which is more than what other people can say with other industry, especially in the restaurant business and and where you know, that's what how we're stepping up And, um, you know, that's that's what we're doing and there I mean, I actually saw some. Jim's not want to close and I get it. I totally get it. But, dude, ladies and gents like way we've got to make sure that, you know, we're kind of doing our part here because if you just stay home for just a couple weeks, maybe maybe even goes up to eight weeks. But we just stay home and just not interact and do the whole shelter in thing in place. Do it. It'll be done. It'll be done. You know, it'll be like, Well, why didn't even stay home in the first place? No one really got affected. Well, that's exactly the outcome. That's the goal that we're trying to shoot for. We stay home in place and nothing happens because we don't want anything to happen. The last thing we want is we stay home and we still go out and do all this other shit. We still gather. We still part of you still try to do our business in because of desperation. We still want to make money about the same time we're still unknowingly spreading something that we can't even see. But we're seeing like people there still, people who think the shits fake. But I mean, a lot of our members are nurses and doctors, and they're like a This shit is real. They're sending us pictures of them like gearing up for like my wife's aunt. She She's a nurse, and she should. She just showed us a picture of her just straight up. She looks like she's in the set of contagion hawking shit man like Roll on Mass full on Sue Gloves, that helmet thing and then that front, massive being. And then her shoes are covered in some special material, and it's just it's just a crazy It's a crazy time. It's a crazy situation, Um, but yes. Oh, I mean, what what everyone's doing now is, is, is it's like everyone's out of whack everyone's routines out of whack, and usually we can adapt. If one of our routines is out of whack, whether our work life, our home life, our personal life. You know the three spaces that we function within its work. It's home, and it's our own personal hobby or whatever it, whether you like to go to the gym or you like to go hang out with your friends or you like to do something like paint boats or whatever. Whatever hobby it is, it's usually three spaces, but it's one of the spaces go outta whack. We can usually, you know, be like Okay, I can fix it. You know, if something goes out of whack with your family, but work in your hobbies in steady space, stay pace. You know you can go in and fix it. But then you know if if, if the two of the hobbies are affected at once or two of the places that you spent a lot of your routine and the lives of two of those routines, another three are out of whack. It kind of gets you down and it gets you off guard and get you off balance, and you kind of have to work harder. But to have all three come imploding upon each other when and it's not even your fault, it's like this thing that just came out of nowhere and is affecting the world as we know it. Then, yes, everyone's routine is really fucked in, out of whack and one of the best ways what we can do right now. Uh, you know, people who have lost their jobs, people who are worried about losing their jobs and, ah, you know, the best thing you can do we can all do is just focus. Just take a couple breaths and focus and figure out a way around your situation. I'm dead serious, and it's like, Well, Austin, like, it's easy for you to say because you're still in business. I'm still kind of in business, still kinda in business. I mean, we're doing a lot of stuff again. We we worked our asses off for the last four and 1/2 years for us to be able to survive this point. You know, um, we've you stack some cash as a business go. We were preparing toe like expand and do all the stuff, but now we have to pivot. We have to pivot as a business in a small business owner. It's one of the scariest times because you're you know, we're still kind of a baby. Still were not like some Fortune 10 company. That's like, yeah, we're finding because even those guys, even those titans, are like, Oh, shit. You know, they're they're, like, struggling. And so you could only say so much for a small business owner. Um, but at the same time, you know, I we had to make adjustments ourselves. I had to cut my salary in half. Um, and it was funny, because this is, like, the first year I got to actually officially pay myself, you know what I mean? But now it's like, OK, gotta come on salary half, Which is great, which is fine because, you know, we still were Still, the staff is still doing work. They're still training their clients through Zoom. Um, my admin staff is still following up with all the other members where, where we have I have a couple of coaches working on the online program overhauling like adding more programs into the online problems. So we got work to do, and we're so lucky to have them were so And what's great is our community's behind us, and a majority of them have have have been like, Hey, we're in this with you. We're gonna ride this way with you. And I truly feel this wouldn't have happened if we just if we just took our tail between our legs and be like, Oh, no, we can't do anything about it on Ah, like, no, we were straight up like Okay, cool. This is what's gonna happen. Um, I had a team meeting right away when I heard about the shutdown, because I even as it was, we were even anticipating the shed now. So I had a hell of a team meeting before the official announcement was made, and I let them know the direction, like, this is what may happen. Not if it's when and when this happens. This is the game plan. And that was like, Yeah, that was the game plan that when it officially happened, um, we looked more into the information. I stayed informed, you know, I had to acted like, face the music. You had to be like, Hey, you're gonna close down your gym for possibly they say three weeks. But I'm assuming I'm I'm expecting it's going to be probably two months. I'm expecting two months, so you have to prepare for the worst. So going into summer, you know, we could expect to not even have the gym open. So what's next? Well, we had to. We had I met with a lot of gym owners around the world, ones who were in China, ones who are in Italy, like, what are they doing? Because they're the ones who were hit first. So it's like, Oh, hey, guys, you guys got the experience with you guys doing and a lot of them were like saying, Hey, you know, this is what I work. This is what did it. But, hey, we're still in business in this What's happening? And that's what I'm talking about. Focus. If I freaked the fuck out if I like States because everyone's human, of course, if you want to close out your business, your fucking scared of shit. I mean, the guy from Bobo guys. Ah, he had to laugh all his people, and it sucks because, of course he didn't want to do it. But in the restaurant business, like fuck like what? You gonna do any? Like I was reading some of this article and he's like It's like nine years to build it up to where it was gonna be in There are they're on their way, They're on their way to like they were killing it and then only took 15 days. T really fuck it up. And, um but I'm still hopeful for that company, they're gonna bounce back. You just got to stay dialed in. And I know he's for for any for I don't personally know what he's going through. But, um, if you decide to go into this room with being a small business owner, you gotta roll with the punches and you got to make some hard decisions to live and to fight another day. But when you find another, the day you will come back and avenge those who are infected, that's that's the mentality you have tohave. So whether you lost your job, you know, or your your fear of losing your job, or you just don't know what's going on with your life right now. You don't even know how to pay the bills. I'm telling you, the best mental way to get through this is to focus, so focus. You know, Austin, let's focus on what focus on what won't face the music. Understand that. It's gonna be fucking tough right now. The next few weeks, it's going to be fucking tough. So what are you willing to do to step the fuck up and figure out what to do? Like, figure out how to get around it? Um, are you gonna work? Are you gonna? There's everything's negotiable at this point. That's what I'm trying to say. Like if you're ago, If you're coming up with all these excuses already, the way I'm saying it like, Well, Austin out this and this and that and that you don't have kids and Senator that I don't know what else to say. I don't know society, but there are people with that mindset of like, Okay, Austin. What? You're right. I need to focus. Okay. If if I If I'm out of this so and so's hiring or fuck Like what? I'm gonna find something, someone that's hiring or if my employer is gonna fire me, Can I figure out a way to, like work for them as a 10 90 Niner as a contractor? Didn't have to pay my benefits, but at least I'm making money like I still make a money somehow Or, you know, for what other company is gonna be hiring, like shit Amazons balls to the wall, going bonkers right now. Like, look at the companies that are, like, overall I get in this state, there's gonna be a lot of companies would be shutting down. But there's a lot of companies that are overwhelmed and look at what they're doing. Look at like, hey, at this time, in desperation of like, hey, I need to just get I just I didn't get my basic necessities taking care of What can I do? What kind? Who can I work for? Who can I've worked for? Let me reach out to them Let me update my Lincoln Let me reach out some of people Pride. Pride is nothing right now, ladies and gents, pride is nothing. Fuck your pride and figure out what you need to do who you need to ask to help your ass out. Pride is nothing right now Fuck your pride. All right. No one's doing well right now. I don't give a shit other than celebrities singing. Imagine on fucking social media Then that's great. But if you're like the rest of us. 90 fucking 97%. 98% of us who you know, We need to do work. And this whole thing's basically saying Nope, network salts like Well, fuck, We gotta figure out creative ways around it because it's adaptor die. It's adaptor die. And I'm just being really straight up. And, um, you know, if you're listening to this and you know, you're like, Fuck, what do I D'oh? It's You gotta focus up. Gotta focus up. Okay, Next one. Everyone is in order for you to really focus. And you have focusing all that, and you got your mind right. And in order to do that 100% effectively is that you got to be on top of your health. You have to be on top of your health. Let's get all the panic eating aside because we all have done that right now. Well, everyone's fucking binging and eating toilet paper, I guess. I don't know, like fuck like eating all the chips and and junk food or whatever or trying to do door dash, I guess, um puts you, like, try to do the take out of you. Can uh, standing in line six feet away from each other. But the biggest thing is to take care of your health. Because if your health goes to shit, then you really can't work. Listen to me straight up. You really can't work. You can't work. You can make money you can provide. You can't. You can't. You can't. You can't do anything if your health it's fucked. Uh, which is even more so you have to stay at home if you are. And you have underlying conditions or, you know, people who have underlying conditions stay at home, Stay away from them. I When our camera guy mango, he has asthma. And he helped us do the videos for at home workouts for a good amount of content. But after that, I'm like, Hey, man, uh, I'm just gonna send you all this other video stuff, And you could just edit from your home cause I just don't want you going out. I don't want you meeting me in my gym, and and even though it's just us two and we're six feet apart, I just don't Don't don't expose him. But again, you gotta prioritize your health. You got her priorities. Other people's help. And with that you gotta dial in with the eating, dial in with workouts at home, workouts or whatever just being active. And I know there's going to be a point in time where people gonna be like there's no point in time where the government's gonna be like, Hey, you can't leave her house at all at all Not even for exercise. Nope. Can you do it? You're just going to stay in that indoors for a week and 1/2 or two weeks? I'm not saying if I'm saying when because Look at Italy. Look at China. Look in South Korea. I'm just saying we're like us. Just became top three right now of ah, of most cases, we're trying to get that number one spot, I guess because we're always trying to be China. Is that what we're doing? Um, at the same time, it's like, you know, you got to stay focused on your health and, you know, the last thing I want to do is eat your heart out each your feelings away and in all that shit. So stay dialed in with your eating now more than ever, because our movement's gonna be cut in half, if not by freakin or 75% record what you're eating. I know I sound like a fucking broken record, but if you if your health means anything more cause everyone's worried about the workers, they can make money, right? But it's funny. How have the bank the source of the money and the income goes away or your income goes low. People start panicking, but people don't really panic when the blood pressure comes up with the cholesterol triglycerides or you're winded when you walk up the stairs. No one really panics. Like all that's just me. It's like, fucking so fucking twisted. Because once your heart gives out once you're shit goes down, you can't work then. Now your health and your money or fucked so stamped on your health. Ah, fuck. Add fiber, eat veggies. I'm just saying, keep track of your eating like one of the best way things you could do right now. Just keep track of your eating, especially when you're just All you're doing is working from home. Those of you and for those of you who just like Well, fuck Austin, I don't You know what I'm gonna eat again. Well, shit. Like I like again ration your shit. The best thing to do is to stay hydrated. Um, I know there's a lot of nutrient dense shit right there. Ah, that you can eat for cheap. Um, but again, like when you're going out for the grocery stores. You know, pro did frozen vegetables like fuck, man. Frozen vegetables and frozen food actually help at this time. If you're, like, really strapped for cash because frozen will just stay there, the house longer shelf life, and you could ration it better. Um, I mean, that's the best way of shipment. We usedto one of my coaches who used to just live on pop Tarts and protein shakes. You know, when he was trying to make it in l. A. All right? And and And he could tell you a whole story about that, But, you know, I know if you got to go, chief, you got to go cheap and lean. Um, but making sure you're just getting all of the appropriate fucking macro is the carbs of protein, the fats, the fibers, getting nutrient dense foods in you, Minimally. That's the best thing you can do if you're trying to ration your food. So that's that, Um, and another thing, the another big thing that we can do to get through is is ah, getting back in a routine. And then that's the hardest part. Finding a bit of finding a new route routine and building a new routine. That's gonna be the hardest part. We are creatures of habit, and we this is like this so abrupt, like all of our are working habits are social habits. Everything's fucked right now because everything's on top of each other. Work home personal. It's just if you have kids at home. Damn, I'm sorry. Like again. I don't know that pain. I'm not gonna pretend that I know how it's like to have kids and all that fun stuff, but I could only I could only imagine. And the one of the best things you can do right now as hard it is as it is, is to just get in a new routine and stick to it. You know, we're best case scenario. We'd only have We won't have to do this for another week and 1/2 2 week's worst case scenario. Two months, three months, four months, eight months? We don't know. But if you find a new routine and I know everyone's going to start getting into it again, find a new routine and your stress levels will start calming down. So if you stay focused, you eat healthy and you get on a new routine. We will get through this. You will get through this. I'm not gonna guarantee you anything. But as far as advice and guidance, especially in this time, that's what I find that's been helping us and helping a lot of our members get through it. And a lot of our family members get through. It is just staying focused. Focus up, figure out what you need to do for your own self, how to get that next paycheck. How to get the next food on that next meal on the table for your family, for yourself. How to get the bills paid, um, or staying focused up if you're not laid off yet, being as much like producing as much as you cannot fucking work, making sure the year you're the most valuable person on your squad, so they know like not to even touch you, but sometimes they can't even, like, help it. But that's the best you can do, you know, um, but then watching you eating, stay on top of your health because health, on top of everything is gonna be is going to be on top is gonna be most paramount, both physically and mentally. That's why I was staying focused and staying positive and figure in figuring out what you can do in your control and not panicking of what's out of your control That's gonna help your mental health a lot. Remember taking breaths, all that fun stuff, just really taking a step back and figuring that out and, um and yeah, and then and and, Ah, after that, it's a building, that new routine. Building up that new routine. And once you could dial it in slowly But surely you'll start being seen again. And, ah, everything will start to be. Everything will be easier to digest and manage and control your own. And you'll be one step closer to getting through this. So, you know, I hope this helps. I hope this little episode helps on. I know it's like it's like everything's like fucked right now, but we're gonna get through this one day, one step one day at a time, one step at a time. You know, we're going to definitely make more episodes now with our with such so much time allowed for so much content creating, Um I've, uh, in our show notes you have links to our at home workouts s. Oh, please valued his backpack. So, you know, go ahead, go through that. Check those out. You know, have fun with those those air great workouts to do. Um, I'll also have a link to our at home program that you can. Actually, I'll have a link to the tour website. If you want to sign up in our website, you'll get a link to our at home program. You'll be invited on to our 30 day at home programming. All you need his body weight. It'll be sync up toward trained a rogue program. And you can do it on your own again. I'm doing it like everything that we're trying to provide is ah is free. And then we have a live. We're gonna have a live zoom class, um, schedule that's gonna be up for people who want to take it from around the world. We got people. The first doom class we did for for a class we did. We got people from So cowboy got people from, like, the Bay Area. We got people from Mexico joining in, so that was pretty cool. So So we're gonna do a couple ones this week. A couple more zoom classes this week, and then we'll have a live zoom schedule for everyone to check out. All right, this is Coach Austin with hyper strength conditioning with your nerd out and work out podcasts and ah, hope you guys hope it helped. You guys wanna way, shape or form. But, uh, I'll see you later to our next episode. Give my e.