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#39 When Your Gym Burns Down and then Hit with a Virus

April 07, 2020 Hyper Strong Productions with Andrew Dela Cruz Episode 39
Nerdout & Workout Podcast
#39 When Your Gym Burns Down and then Hit with a Virus
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We are joined by Coach Andrew Dela Cruz, owner and head coach of Xios Strength & Conditioning located in Gilroy, CA.

In a matter of 90 days his gym burnt down, re-opened in another location only to be forced to shut down due to COVID-19.

We go over what he is currently doing to keep coaching his athletes and his gym thriving.

We also ask him who would he pick in a fight between Goku & Saitama!

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spk_0:   0:00
Welcome to the nerd out and work out. Podcast cast Cast. What is everyone? This coach? Often it comes to you with Khyber strength conditioning with your nerd out and work out podcast where we nerd out and work out and podcasts. And today we are joined by the ever so lovely. And you, dela Cruz, owner and head coach of Oxy Strength and Conditioning, located in Gilroy, California, eh, Coach? And you Welcome to the podcast. And please introduce yourself.

spk_1:   0:52
We already introduced my name by This is it's going to be on the podcast. Um, you know, it's been a while. I love, like, you know, I love connecting back with the nerd out workout squad again. So it's, uh

spk_0:   1:09
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

spk_1:   1:10
Thanks for thanks for allowing me, you know, to podcasts. Will you set this up? The word podcasting.

spk_0:   1:17
It's like a verb in a word. And a noun and an adjective

spk_1:   1:22
got its words. I knew some

spk_0:   1:27
of those words. I know some of these words. Where's that from? Work. Yeah. Good burger.

spk_1:   1:37
It was like he's coming here. I can Mm.

spk_0:   1:41
I know some of these. All right, So we are going to be talking about the whole situation with Corona virus as far as the extended shelter in seeing like, we're not going to see a lot of gatherings and stuff and and being gym owners ourselves, how it's affecting specifically the fitness and health and illness in the gym environment and the industry. And ah, and we're gonna be talking about how we're dealing with it, um, more so and how we're getting through it. And all the challenges and adversity were breaking through in making it a better day because everyone right now is kind of like doom and gloom. And there's so much bad like, Yeah, it's so much negative news out there. And, you know, you guys wanna listen to some of the cool things were doing amidst all this chaos. Everything's fine. Everything's business fight. This is all fight. I just

spk_1:   2:39
watched that episode of friends when Rachel and Joey, like, told, told Ross, and he's like,

spk_0:   2:45
Oh, fine, fine talking like that. But now I find I'm so fine hot plate. Oh oh, friends is such a great if you if for people who haven't seen friends yet, this is the time to do it, the time to do it. It will get your spirits up, especially if you're between the ages of 25 24 35. Yeah, because that's actually so relatable. It's so funny because, like, you don't even notice it. But they're like, obviously when they made it's like they don't have smartphones. No, no. So it's like, but it's like when you watch it, you don't even realize that until, well, I don't know. That's I grew up watching it, but I don't know about the younger kids. They're probably what's going on. I don't get it. Do they have? What's that weird phone thing with wire? They're using apartments and all that. So Andrew, what's going on, man? What's cracking? How are you dealing with the sheltered in place in Gilroy?

spk_1:   3:50
Well, it's a little bit. I mean, you know, coming like coming in a small town. You know, you're you know, I've been able to like, you know, when I go to Safeway, like Gilroy is known for a lot of small businesses, including myself. So it's kind of seeing a lot of the small businesses like Ah, a lot of restaurants are starting to thrive, so because they can still do. Like to take out like they can do door dash and all that. But, you know, I've also seen where we're located. A lot of the other small businesses, like, you know, they're shut down. So, being being a nonessential business, it's been it's been it's been kind of hard, you know? You have to try and keep all your members, like, very motivated, like, try to do something. Um, for Arjun specifically, um, you know, majority of our our members are high school athletes. So it was trying to make sure, you know, I have to tell me, you know, Hey, make sure you're staying on top of your school work, but also, you don't know because I think only two leads in the C. C. S have announced that they're closing up season. So since our Lee out here, Gil, right, Has it said anything yet? I just told him, Like, you know, we need to be prepared for anything, you know, same thing with, uh, you know, my athletes over amity because, you know, I have some of them that trained to its trying to just keep everybody prepared because you never know, and that's I think that's the one thing that is scary. I know you You brought the whole thing about, like, you know, there's, like, a fear too late, right? But you have to be prepared for anything like, can this, Kevin, a shelter in place to be lifted earlier absolutely. Cannot be extended. Yeah, absolutely. So there's two sides to the coin that we actually just don't know what size plan. So it's better to be prepared men all of a sudden. It's like, Oh, you guys are good. You're like, Oh, what

spk_0:   5:50
I do. I don't know. I thought we were still staying at home. No, you got us until train. 00 crap.

spk_1:   5:58
You have a meet tomorrow.

spk_0:   6:00
Ah, so that would be really interesting if they actually had to meet after everything was all lifted. All right, guys, we're just gonna make you compete now. Yeah, that would be rather gather. Everyone entertained me, so I demanded it. God, I want you to run a sex you can while you're just sitting in your house for 30 days Street. Hey, how are the kids, though? Like I know there are kids And never, ever be that kind of hitting me up for, like, some at home workouts are they? Are they, like, How's the morale? Are they hitting you up? Hey, Coach, can you give me something to do? Hey, Coach. Coach? Yeah, always. And then they, like, follow you on instagram like, Hey, man, what you doing? Not just your gym, but like your personal that I find you on brute personal.

spk_1:   6:46
Oh, yeah. I think this is the way I think all the all the kids, all they've known is just like, you know, the gym page, right? And then all of a sudden,

spk_0:   6:57
I do I have

spk_1:   6:59
all these I got like, I think, in the first week of the whole shelter in place, I had, like, 25 new followers eyes

spk_0:   7:07
he's fucking young athletes. Did you find me thes air?

spk_1:   7:12
All football players and track athletes? What just happened?

spk_0:   7:15
When one finds you, they tell the rest. It's hilarious, dude. And then, like, have you has head? Has any of them, like, challenged you on these? Like with full fitness challenge on their stores of her culture cooch? Yeah, You do this. It's like, Come on, kid. Okay, I was

spk_1:   7:32
like I'm tired of these, like, push of challenges. I was like, You know what? Like every time I get tagged on it, I was like, Yeah, I acted. My response now is because I was starting to do the life classes. I was like, How about you do the life plans with me? Because I'm pretty sure I did more push ups than you know entire time. So get off me right now, but yeah, I mean, it's funny, because I this is like the most like, these kids have talked to me now when I was there in person, so it

spk_0:   8:02
was kind of giving, you know, like the coach. Can I get a coach connected? This can't do that. What you doing? What's going on? Can you What? Stop, Stop. I'm not there

spk_1:   8:14
s o. I mean in terms of her out, like a lot of like, you know, football players, I think just like I think, indifference of sports. I think football players are usually, like, just naturally motivated to just kind of just because they I mean they, you know, being football with ex football players, like, you know, we dedicate so much of our time and pretty much like our life to the sport. So ah, lot of the football players have been asking, like, you know, Hey, what can I go? Do they I've given them, like, you know, the home workouts to do at home. And then a lot of them been doing a lot of next day. Like, you know, I feel a lot more flexible. I feel like, you know, I want to go for a run Some of like, I even on our home workouts actually put running workouts on there for that. So a lot of them have been going on runs. They said, like, you know, I think to him said, Like they dropped their mile Time like That's amazing, even though you don't have to do that for Morgan. But that means your conditioning is getting better. So there's, like, little tidbits here in there that are like startinto work. Um, especially with the public school Now, with the private school system, like so our listeners, you know, I coach at a public school and a private school. It's kind of weird. Well, I can't do both. So the public school kids come to the gym but I coach our private school.

spk_0:   9:30
So now you coach at a private school. Where is that

spk_1:   9:33
I coach at partition? Maybe I am the head jumps coach for track

spk_0:   9:36
coach. Bishop Meet. What's your What's your logos? Which you're What's the mascot? Just letters,

spk_1:   9:43
not monarchs were not Butterfly Hendrix. It's

spk_0:   9:46
not butterflies.

spk_1:   9:51
I have to say,

spk_0:   9:52
I like you Just have to say that we're not not butterflies. Guys

spk_1:   9:56
like Kings, Kings who so the marks are under. I know Kapa Monarchy or not, No butterflies, not butterflies. But we are. I mean, our mascot is a lion, but with the private schools, you know it's it really is more of just trying to keep the kids motivated, like just by words. But you can't. We can't have too much like interaction with them, like we meet with them once a week. Since the whole shelter in place has been in like in effect. We talked to them every Monday,

spk_0:   10:30
siding me with him.

spk_1:   10:31
We do zoom call with them once the same call. It's like it's like just like a Q and A like they just ask questions. We try to give him answers we can share with the public links of movements and videos of like, past performances of like other athletes. But we can't give them direct access to anything that we have created or made that hasn't directly from that has to come directly from the strength team that's actually with the school, which, you know, I think it's okay, you know, I think it's okay at that point. I mean, you know, these this is their job to do that. And, you know, I overstep. No, don't want to overstep, but, you know, definitely do you take, um they have been taking a lot of the, you know, some recommendations are like some like suggestions I keep you have it as coach, then no, listen so well. That's just kind of how it works. But you know that bit. But just being on that side of morale, like just trying to keep that Morella is it's I think that's where it gets tricky. And you can kind of say way that toe like no how it is with like, you know, I think with general people like, you know, at our gym's like, you know, not necessarily, like both of margins. But like engines all together. It's like, how do you increase the morale? If, like, you know, you don't have that ability to give somebody something right? Or you can You can feel like you can only be super motivating to a point and then you really have to, like, put it on that person. No.

spk_0:   12:11
I mean, I agree with that. You have to go. You could only you could only what? What's that saying? Good. Only lead off horse to water. Can't make him drink. Yeah, you can shove their face into the warming them. What are you going to the lungs You have thought.

spk_1:   12:25
But then that's harassment.

spk_0:   12:27
It's harassment, harassment at that for you. Motivational harassment. Think this is a crime. But you, um that's actually a good point that with your general members, how are they taking this whole thing? How are you dealing with this whole thing is a lot of I'm sure you're a part of all these, like Jim support groups now with all these owners and head coaches. And, you know, I was talking about this the other day with another interview in three. There's, like, three types of coaches that I've seen There's the ones that panic. There's the ones that are passive and just go like I got savings. I'm good. Like the 3rd 1 in sight. This is what we're doing this when I got to do like this, you're dialed in. Um Well, as far as, like, members, because you have not only like, high school I don't know if you agree with me, but I feel like high schools. High school athletes are like, they're easier to kind of deal with. Like Okay, yeah, whatever you want me to do. But like with general members like Gen. Pop and all that stuff professionals little different, you gotta, like, finesse that a little bit s So how are you doing that?

spk_1:   13:37
Um, it's more of like, you know, you gotta you know, I've been spending the last couple of weeks, like, you know, just trying to check in with them, like, you know, kind of get a feel, because one I don't know, they're outside of the gym like schedules. Like, how has that changed? You know, that's kind of one that I'm starting to like, Feel like, feel it out, like, you know, a lot of mark like Some of them are still working, some of whom are not working. Some of them are getting like new jobs, like they're trying to, like, become like an essential worker now, like it's there's so many different things that, like are happening and coming into play. So it's just trying to get, like, a feel of, like, where they're at first, Like, you know, I've been trying to do that. So then I can take the next step. Then I could take the next step without me, like, you know, trying to do like, you know, the life, us, like with them or doing like, you know, one on one, like Zoom coaching with that like, But right now it's still just kind of like, feel like where? Where do you all my general population members like stare right now? But get the thing is, I don't have too many of

spk_0:   14:42
those. Oh, you don't know. So oh, yeah, primarily. You're all just high school athletes, So they're grouping right now?

spk_1:   14:49
Yeah, they're just their Children, I would say, like if I were to put it like unlike a percentage scale, it's 80% high school athletes, 10% lifters and and tempers in general.

spk_0:   15:05
That's pretty good. So they're doing like, a lot of group training or personal train with you guys.

spk_1:   15:10
Yeah, So it's Ah, I'm doing a lot more like, you know, one on ones in training, like, you know, with for me. It's, you know, being like, you know, the main coach. It's a lot of the personal training falls on me. So it's just kind of like trying to just keep that going way, have a few clientele. But I have a bunch of remote athletes, too, so that aren't even in the state or like in within my general area, like Alagem actually live up north and, like Apollo, all tired. So I mean, that's that's a foreign drive from Palo Alto to Gilroy.

spk_0:   15:46
Yeah, but now you're like coaching withdrew. Zoom now.

spk_1:   15:48
Yeah. So I coaching through Zoom or we do like what they've been doing, like since they started as remote athlete with me is. So take videos of their lips at home, and they just said it so

spk_0:   15:58
well, online software they're using to, like, help bu become this efficient in virtual coaching. Now,

spk_1:   16:04
um, I use, uh,

spk_0:   16:06
strained peas. Yeah, go ahead. A space face face. That's that's a good what he should just MySpace fifth space. My book, my book. But Easter, by the way. Sorry. Used, trained, heroic

spk_1:   16:38
The I used trained, heroic um, you stranger wrote quite a bit, especially for programming. And I used, uh, coaches. I from Huddle

spk_0:   16:49
Oh, yeah, Huddle. Yeah,

spk_1:   16:51
so I have a bottle account from being a football coach. So I used coaches I very well, not really like religiously, but like, if I really need to, like, break down someone's lift like tryingto, I feel like I over over X men explained the entire, like corrections. Then then what I'll do is like I'll actually like. Show them the slowed Moto like the slow motion video and then, like, I'll draw like the lives and diagrams on it and then, like, this is what. But that's kind of like those are like the two main ones that I've used. Um, and I use facetime facetime candidates

spk_0:   17:33
based on any anything. Zoom face time

spk_1:   17:36
at Zoom FaceTime. Trained, heroic with personal clients. I actually use, um, coach.

spk_0:   17:45
Hey, we just we just that's that's see, that's what I'm trying to pitch I tried to pitch my coaches on true coach and I was like, the only one using it. Yeah, I think it's a great platform for personal training.

spk_1:   17:58
Thank you. I'm glad you said that. Because true coach Yeah, true coach for one on ones is perfect. It's perfect. If you do like, like, very probably like, you know, for like, your high school is, like, you know, for being groups of people. Train her. Oh,

spk_0:   18:13
yeah, I'm not I'm not gonna throw 50 athletes in. True Coach wouldn't like them. Maximizes my count like like capacity like the HOA Lo. So, yeah, trainer all week is great. And I'm glad you said that. So trainer over is great for group class group athletes and all that fun stuff. And and like, just like a book like if you're just training a bulk of parallel furs, a bulk of weightlifters, a bulk of jumpers throwers, running backs, receivers, forwards, guards, all these like difference, but need to even categorize it. True, coach, It's like it's a brand you could brand your own ab if you get like the big one. That's what we did. But what we're doing is we're testing out because I did true co. I did train heroic. We didn't interrupt when back back when you were with us and people are Coaches were so used to it that when I introduce true coach for the personal clients, they're like that under you don't understand, like just can we use this. And now we got used to train her rocks. We could trade her are and then later, Like when we did this. Ah, shelter. And I'm like, All right, guys, let's try to coach again. Okay?

spk_1:   19:25
I'm assuming that they realized like it's actually easier to use then

spk_0:   19:31
I hope so. We'll see. We'll see the back this Saturday. I'm used our money. I'm using it. Um e

spk_1:   19:38
I think it's easier because have you tried the one on one feature on train? Heroic. It's, uh uh, it's it's okay. Like

spk_0:   19:45
I just like how true coach. It's like it's First of all, it's so easy to program like Bob, and then it's like you don't you're not to say anything, and all the etymology ists sends the email like, Hey, here's your workout and they do it or it's like, Hey, you missed work out Hey, Mr Work. Hey, good on your work out.

spk_1:   20:05
Exactly. And then when you're typing in like the exercises like the video automatically pops up, you don't have to like like, and every exercise has, like an associative video that the people put on the database already.

spk_0:   20:17
Yeah, just do it on your own. That's what we need.

spk_1:   20:20
And you can do it like right there. Like once you type it in. There is like the video, like creating video. I was like,

spk_0:   20:24
Oh, that's great. It's great. Yeah, we're still on the same page. Um, yes, a true coach for Personals, trained heroic for groups groups. That's always great. I mean, that's that's kind of a tall a funny because it's like you're you. You're already doing this even before this whole shelter in place. And everyone, everyone in their mom is jumping into online training right now. It's hilarious because, and even with with us, it's I like we were kind of using it, but we weren't really jumping on until this whole shelter in place comes in. But it's really interesting to see other coaches like some. Sometimes it's just because in this situation it's like you need to adapt or die, right? So get out and like, get online, start coaching virtually. And some coaches just don't want to do it. And it's like, interesting to be like, Dude, there's like tools Now It's like Come on, true, Coach. There's trained, heroic. There's Zoom, There's face time. It's like I don't understand. So,

spk_1:   21:23
yeah, so I mean, I think we'd like, you know, you know, saying that like, you know, I have. Like, I think when I made, like, the remote team, like an actual like option, you know, like when I open like it's like, you know, I'm gonna open up this remote trading, you know, I'm just going to keep it open so that people can join in on. And, you know, I kind of took that model from like, my are so for people. I don't know, like my gym is actually affiliated with California strength

spk_0:   21:51
strength. So it is a bit deep

spk_1:   21:56
states, so we kind of modeled it after that, which is, you know, they have. They have a really big, like remote online presence with the new with their lifting team is just so like you know, you can feel like you're doing what they're doing inside the gym, and but you don't have to be there. So I really took that one like that was probably, like one of the biggest leg things that I added to ours. And, you know, we actually have the ratio of in house athletes to online athletes is actually wonder what, like it's even so. It's pretty cool. So they they even out they come. The remote athletes come in like what? It's a week just to come, like you know, so they can see me in person but other that, like they're pretty self sufficient. They know exactly what everyone's doing when they talk to each other, like on the chats, like they they all know what everyone is like going to. So it's cool to build that community out there, But it's just letting people know, like, you know, like an other coaches. No, like there is opportunity to do remote coaching you, or even regardless of like this whole like situation like this has been going on for years.

spk_0:   23:13
Mmm. There's just now that it's like a fucking influx of people now.

spk_1:   23:18
Yeah, but why is it? But I don't know if you've noticed it either, Like some coaches think, Oh, remote

spk_0:   23:23
coaching so hard. I don't want to do like what they can't see me. What if it's just like this?

spk_1:   23:29
And then, like I can't see what you're doing? You don't have to, like, create the videos for that will create a series of things that you can do with that. Make it simple for you and make it simple for that. It's not.

spk_0:   23:44
Yeah, I know it's not. I just feel like I mean it is that I go Thing is interesting and it's just it's just it's frustrating to see, like some coaches get in their own headspace. I truly feel like it's it's It stems from feeling like, Oh, if I'm not there in person, then you're not getting a great session. It's like No bitch. Look at look at p 90 X bro. Look at insanity like like they're the ones who were like in the game. Not actually look at buns of Steel like this was like virtual coaching quarter quarter, like the follow along classes like nuts. It was there for a while that back in the eighties, back in the nineties, like it was. It was like a thing people felt connected to these people. And it's like I don't understand why people are getting in their own husbands like I can't I can't transfer that unknown. It's better when it's zoom quote cause zoom thing or because it's like it's personal, right? It's like you're in there. You're you're human being seeing them in the camera, seeing the way they moving, actually giving coaching cues. And I say this like you have to be physically visual. Now I guess what I'm coaching like Libya. You have to been this like this. Copy me. Copy me like yeah, you don't need but it's like I don't understand it. Just people get in their own head space and it's a shame. So people listening to this coaches listening to this if you feel fresher, you feel you cannot deliver value through a virtual presence. Your raw you are wrong. Unless you feel so strongly about it. Then I'm wrong about believing in you. Damn, I am like that. I'm not talking to you. I'm talking to the people who have that inkling of public. I can't do this. I have a great trader. I'm hungry now. Like, but yeah, not. This is a great point. So let's see. So you're doing so you're doing the athletes. You got him all dialed in. Remote coaching is already been a program. You're ready, like, kind of fine tuning everything. Um, interesting fun fact, ladies and gents, Coach Andrew actually had a prior Jim before his this gym as faras location wise. And what happened was he was running so fast in place in the first Jim, it caught on fire. Please elaborate. Andrew?

spk_1:   26:15
Yeah. So ran

spk_0:   26:18
teeth. You're so fast. It's still passed. Everything's getting hot.

spk_1:   26:27
Explosion. It was, um you know, it was they have. So if you really want to look at, like, you know, small business owner that went through literally like a ringer in the last That was in December. So? So it is like, it's, um, very Jennifer. Every march in the last four months. In the last four months, I went through the wringer. Unfortunately, like my last location, we got caught in this thing called transient arson, which means a homeless person created a mall, a top and just threw it on the building.

spk_0:   27:01
Fucking idiot. Dude, Yeah, So I actually called it a transient

spk_1:   27:07
transient arson, which means you don't You don't know who it is.

spk_0:   27:11
They didn't catch on 1,000,000,000. See who was

spk_1:   27:15
no ridiculous s O that. I mean, there's a lot of reports of, like, transient arson, like happening, like all the way up and down the Bay area, like they've just been happening. Like it's sometimes it's happening like houses, but they've been attacking, like, you know, businesses here and there. So I got a call at four o'clock in the morning in December mid December and I saw my door's wide open with smoke coming out of the front door. And then I was like, Oh, my God, what the hell just happened? And then soon as I walked to the back of the gym where the main weight room is, I saw the garage door was ripped open with the jaws of a lot. If I saw all the was it called, the insulation from the roof was singed and burned off from the from the ceiling. And then everything on one side of my gym was completely like, covered in like the flame retardant foam and just saw, like You know, I just felt like my heart sank like everything that I did. So we had to close, actually, for we're actually closed for thinking clothes for 3.5 weeks. 3.5 weeks, about three weeks. Three weeks. So, at that time, like we had to uproot everything, put everybody on hold because, you know, it was something out of our control. We had met paws, all of our memberships, pause business. And then we had Thio move everything. But what happens is like, you know, when you have, like, a fire, the fire department and the city, they can actually draw a line. So they drew a line pretty much in the hat, like midway through my weight. So half of the gym, I could keep the other half. I had to kind of I couldn't take anything from there. Shut up through Yeah, it was, uh,

spk_0:   29:13
always cause, like fire investigation or somebody

spk_1:   29:15
that so I lost. That's a lot of B. I lost my biggest equipment, lost a rig, power ac and bench. Uh, and then, like a bunch of like Florey. So it was a big blow, so I lost a lot of lost a lot of hair. So then we had to move everything over to our new location, and then we were just trying to, like, you know, we went through the same exact thing. So this, like the way people are acting right now, Like, it's not something that I haven't gotten to like and was like, What? Can I do these, like, three weeks? Like, what do I do here? What? It here, Like, you know, I actually started reaching out to, you know, like, friends gyms. Like I remember I called you asked if, like, you know, somewhere. Let's just think I'm left over there. Yeah, and problem. It was it was just trying to figure out, like options for them and even that some of them, like, you know, they couldn't do it. So some of them were, actually, you know, Hey, what's something that I could do at home that I could do instead? So did that with a couple of them. And then when we finally opened, we're like, Cool. Yeah, we can Let's move. You know, we started rolling, and then all of a sudden, like all right, we gotta close again. Carina? Yeah, Corona virus. And I was like, Wow, we were We were literally only open for when did this start? March? Twenties like end of march. Right?

spk_0:   30:44
For what? The shelter in? Yeah. We had to close down March 16. I don't know about you guys.

spk_1:   30:49
We had a close march 16. Okay, so, yes. So we were open for 2.5 months. Ah, if actually, no, If you take away those 1st 2 weeks because we didn't open until the first full week of January. So we were Oh, yeah, we were open for two months,

spk_0:   31:09
but it was a strong two months.

spk_1:   31:12
It was a strong two months. And then and then all of us, sudden like, you have to close again. It was like, God damn it, Corona virus. Yeah, And then now, like, you know, with no end being like, you know, it's It's like, Ok, now what? Look, this is a little bit different circumstances, but if we can't rely on, like, neighboring places, like help us out this time, we've got to be a little more creative. So as soon as it closed down, I tried to get like, you know, I launched our home workouts as soon as I could. I checked in with everybody. And then it's kind of where we're at now.

spk_0:   31:53
Yeah. So how long have we been locked down? You know, the days

spk_1:   31:59
If it's the 16 let's see, that was March 16. So that's two. We're in the last full week of three. Yeah, this is the week. Three fully. So 21 days,

spk_0:   32:26
it sounds like you. I mean, you've been through a lot last frickin months, man. 34 months. But, um, it's good to see you still striving forward. Do you know it's good? And it's that I think that's with any when when you decide to be a, you know, a small business owner. It's like you step into the fucking arena. Yes. I didn't fucking a reading D'oh!

spk_1:   32:52
It's like, Yeah, you're saying that you're you're like saying that likes so like nicely. Now it's like, No, it's it's not even just in arena. It's like those. It's like Gladiator.

spk_0:   33:06
Yeah, that's that's just life. Like, you know, you're like the oh God, like Gladiator. Gladiator owes that markets are really isn't trying to get all those like random gladiators together right together. You guys are want to think about the fucking chair. It's surrounding you and you're like, Fuck this going town. That's

spk_1:   33:35
exactly like how it feels like they're like And I don't think, you know, I think a lot of like a lot of guys like you are thinking about like, you know, oh, owning the gym so easy, you know,

spk_0:   33:46
it's not, You know, it's really interesting because especially this this current time Right now I see a lot of people who want to like it's easy. It's a low buried like start your own brand And you know, all these people, all these trainers being trying to be, like influence or trainers and stuff like that and then create their own brand and create their own things, which is like, cool, that's nice. That's awesome. Um, but it's like another level. It's like it's like they're playing. They're pretending like No, lookit, I'm making money or I'm doing this system that but when you actually decide to actually be get into a business like start your own business, it's like it's ah, it's It's a different level and it takes a different type of mentality and you start seeing these, like newbies, like start washing out because I get a lot of people come up me and they're like, Oh, there, I ah, you know, I wanted horrible. Is it? They'll apply to be become a trainer at agency. Why do you want You know what? Do you wanna work for us? Why do you want to be a trainer? All right, One of the questions is what? You want to be a trainer? Why do you want pursue? This thing is a cogently I want to own a gym. And I'm like, Oh, you went on a gym. Okay, that's cool. And then, you know, I kind of, like, kind of gauge how interested they are Is a coach like, Oh, you know, I just But if I feel like they're kind of whimsical or like, just kind of it's, like, a cool thing to see that it's I don't know about this is I rarely see someone really driven to be like I want to own us fucking gym. And it's like, Okay, cool. Do you like sales? And they're like, No, no, Mike, I like like you gotta love sales as much as you love coaching, and it's not even like you're selling something you love that's like the best. The caveat. It's not like I'm telling you to sell fucking stocks or sell fuckin like 10 or whatever. It's like I'm telling you, like, Are you? Are you passionate enough to sell and persuade people to do what you love to do? It should be easy, but you'd be its. It's funny how people like No, I don't like sales or I don't want to. Don't do that or what it's like belong. Story short. I'm going, going off on a tangent. But long story short, yes, to your point, there are. It's interesting to see, um, more people who want to become a gym owner, but or a business owner and and I think it's like, kind of, ah, it's kind of, ah, feeling like when you really jump into being in this type of life, it's like it's like there's a lot of adversity and tests that actually tests you to see, Do you still want to do this? Do you still want to do this? And like you, the last 3.5 months has been a lot of do still want if I can do this. Do you still want to do this? You used to want to do this. And each time you're like No, Fuck you. I'm doing this. Fuck you. I'm doing this. Fuck you again And it's good. It's good.

spk_1:   36:37
Yeah, I think you know, I think like, you know, that's actually, like, probably the best way to put it. I think the other thing that, you know, like a lot of people don't know how, Like, you know, what? Like mentally, Like my mental state going through these last three months, it was actually not even just mind. It was like, you know, mine. End my wife, Christine, you know, like going through going through this together. It waas Yeah, I like part of those I d guys. Still would you like, Is this work? But what we actually started, like thing I was like, Yeah, of course we want to keep doing this, But then it's like, OK, what did we don't do? What did we do wrong that time? Because we got a reset. It's like when you pulled the reset button, like on your game console. It's like or like when you quit, like when you're in the middle of a game and you like

spk_0:   37:24
rage like wrestle again. So it's kind

spk_1:   37:30
of it's kind of like, do you just not, like, reach quitting, But it's more like we we've now have gotten to outwork. We have two opportunities to like it. Reset and restart. Oh, what did we do good this last time And then what did we not do so well this last time? And it's more like, you know, what do I need to own up to this time that I did wrong so that I don't make a mistake again so that I can continue to move on forward with everybody And I've come down to like, the whole thing, Like, you know, some people are gonna be about it, like, you know, when this whole thing is said and done, you know, some things might change, but then, you know that's not gonna not gonna affect me at this point.

spk_0:   38:18
Yeah, we were talking about last like we talked earlier in that previous conversation you were talking about how the further you get into this journey, though, the more you're gonna start you the more you realize that you're gonna start losing people you thought were gonna be part of your journey. But then it just ended up like not being that way. How has that been for you?

spk_1:   38:42
I think it's more like, you know, I think I'm learning very quickly, like, you know, you can't you know, my wife, I should said something crazy. She's like, You know, you. If you've known somebody for at least like three years, then you'll know like, you know, if that person's really going to stick around in your life but a long time and regardless of like, you know, if you take a break like after that, you know, I think with what I have now, like you know, I'm still a young Jim, like, I think woman rookie mistake I would give to, like any, any coach coach just put it out when I was a business owner, like as a coach, you have to really, like, create and understand that Valerie, of being a coach in an athlete like you, can't fully invest into it like really soon until there's some level of proof from you as a coach and them as an athlete, and that takes years, years and years and years, years to develop. I have that one relationship with one person that actually trained that new gym, that you just see what I was still there and still trains with me today, and he lives in New York Now. We know his name is Fu Gua

spk_0:   39:54
fu gua bao guy.

spk_1:   39:57
So when I met Fuk Wall, I was actually starting to coach him at that time. I've been coaching lacrosse since 2060. It's been four years and he's still been like, you know, he still is an athlete of mine. So

spk_0:   40:13
about it, it's good

spk_1:   40:14
and he doesn't like it's that relationship. Like, you know, he doesn't question anything. You know, everything was like it's been strictly like a coach athlete relationship. And then as it progressed, I would say, probably in this last year. Like, you know, there's we talked about more random stuff. No, like we talked more about like we always talk about, like the food that he's always posting on his instagram

spk_0:   40:37
guys like man, he always puts a hella good food,

spk_1:   40:40
but it's like that, like, you know, it's I think I'm learning that like you're not saying that it's a late stage thing. It's just like, you know, I wish, like I understood that sooner like to keep it simply platonic until, like, you actually know, like, where that proof of relationship is actually gonna be.

spk_0:   41:00
I think that's I mean, that's That's what you see with a lot of great coaches in their athletes. It's like if you try to train under a well known coach, they don't give you the time of day until they see like you're committed, you know what I mean? Yeah, well, like I tried to choke coach was so so. But like, he didn't even pay attention to me. It's like Well, yeah, bitch, because you didn't prove anything. It's like you were there for one day on a dropping like go there every fucking day like that's how you get the attention of because they know what it takes. They know what it takes. These great card like coaches, you taking people to the championships, all that stuff and you know, like they know what it takes and it's it's not an easy journey, and they're not gonna waste time on people who are kind of fair weather. You know, participants, they're gonna be like, if they see someone coming in at 6 a.m. And they come, they five and in every fucking day and they're fucking working. Their ass is off and they do that for a year, two years straight. And then you're like, Oh, hey, well, eh? Hey, what's up, man? It's like you want. That's what's a work ethic right there. And then then then, because of that matched work ethic, you could start building reporting relationship. And that's usually how it's like It's great spirits up, so

spk_1:   42:11
Oh, yeah, I mean, it was like, You know, I'll just settle this really quick. It was like when the first time. Like I actually got a coaching Q. And a correction from Coach Spitz was right before I went to the Philippines. It was crazy. It's like he saw me there like a lot. So in the summer of 20 summer of 2016 like I went to a training camp with West Kids. I trained with him for seven days straight, like I drove from Sunnyvale T I was still living. Say I drove him study about the sand remote every day for two hours, doesn't it? And then leading up to that competition I did in the Philippines, I went to see West every Saturday and Sunday from July, all the way to for a whole year drove there. Then I got like, the attention. It's like that, that thing that you just talked about, like, you know, getting noticed by showing up and showing like, you know, that is what you want to do, like that's a real thing. And I think that's something that high level coaches are people that are aspired to be a high level coach. You have to instill that, like from the get go. People aren't gonna like it, though that's that's the downside to it. Athletes will not like that mentality. If that's the kind of coach that you want to be. If you want to be a high level coach, you have to you establish a high level culture like

spk_0:   43:41
the athletes who are mediocre at best will not enjoy that. Oh no, that's the thing. That's that's the That's what I've seen. It's saying when you say that when you have to establish ah, high level of culture our high level of like a high level of high level culture, of high level environment, of competing or training and all that stuff, um, the people who get it, the athletes who get it, You'll attract the people who love that culture, right? They are. There's gonna be. I mean, with any culture, there's gonna be people around and I don't like that there's some pretentious and it's like, Well, then you're not in it. You're not. You're not what we're trying to do, you're not. You don't believe in the morals and the values of what we're trying to build. So it's okay that you disagree with us? Um, yeah, they give because when when you think about, like forging that you know that that high level of competitiveness or just really want to train, um, it's gonna attract the very few people because that that group in general is very small, wanting to achieve, like greatness ing going above and beyond. And also it's very small. It's very small, Um, but it's it's a good yeah, if you want to be a high level coach, that's what you're gonna have to deal with. But I mean, that's the price you pay. But I'm pretty sure if you're really need go down that route, you're willing to pay any price to fucking do it, So

spk_1:   45:07
Oh, yeah, on you know, the last thing that, like, you know, that I kind of, like I tried to instill, but, like, I firmly believe in this this phrase it's and I think you do too. Earn your coach. That's it. Very near Coach.

spk_0:   45:25
Why would you say, earn your coach

spk_1:   45:26
there in your coach?

spk_0:   45:27
Earn your coach? Yeah. Oh, yeah. That's a good thing. No, that's good. That's a very good thing. Um, so as you're going to this Ah, course, how has it been differently when? Because we're talking about how, like, what was it what we're talking about? Like, people were phasing out of your journey. Yeah. Has it been because there was also a saying that you're not when you started this journey, you're not gonna finish with the people that you started with? Yeah. Yeah. You want to speak to that, or how's that?

spk_1:   46:00
That's it's been interesting, like, you know, you you know, I think having the times actually like, Think about it now. Like you know sorry for C like the change in these this lifting team, it's been, if you mean putting it, putting it simply, It's interesting because you start to really see, like, you know who's made for this kind of thing, and it's like when you actually, like, stop carrying like No, not not caring about them as like a first date. But like, you know, not and not necessarily saying, like, you know, Hey, good luck to you and like I wish you the best, like after you you leave. It's like, kind of see, like a sense of release, because it's like, Man, was that the thing that was holding it back? It was like, Was it a person? Or was it was it a vibe was an energy, but you know, anybody that knows that is like, you know, that has good teams, like whether it's like your staff, like Berries out for your staff. Like I'm assuming you guys like vibe off energy, like 100%

spk_0:   47:10
all the way, bro. You're part of it, man.

spk_1:   47:13
I was part of that, and we knew, right, you know, and you know, I don't need to drop any names But it's like when we felt the energy was off, like it through everyone off. So

spk_0:   47:29
you see, all I could say about that

spk_1:   47:34
Mum is the word, right. But it's like the same things, like, you know, being a coach and then, like, you know, you're watching your athletes and then you start to see, like, you know, that like those certain athletes started to phase out. I mean, they could say whatever they want about, like as the coach or to the coach, to the team, to the gym, whatever they could say whatever they want about it. But you start to notice, like once that's out. But cancer, that's the word that we're using. The cancer's out. We can soar. You see the entire atmosphere shift. Uh huh. And it changes. And then you start stealing. This is what it's supposed to be. So but you know, it's also like, you know you also. But there's two sides to it, like you want your violin, your team to be really good. But think I'm like, you know, you still have, like, that little bit of empathy towards that person. It's just trying to say like, you know, I need to do this for the greater cause. You will be fun. I need to worry about who's here and who's gonna be here. If you're gone, you're going. So I think that's the hardest part. I think you can probably elaborate on that one a little bit more.

spk_0:   48:46
I think that happens a lot when they need type of Jim like you, you're always gonna have some type of fallout. The further, like the longer you're around, because it's when you when you every every little Jim has their own type of community, every own type of culture, and they're gonna have the strong personalities and all that stuff and what you have to do when you lied like tribes. Right? When you lead the tribe, you have the year, your job as the leader. Your job as the head coach from what I've learned the hard way is that you need to keep reminding everyone. What's the point of like what? Why, why's everyone together? Why, why does this? Why is the energy like this? Why is the vibe like this? It's cause it's division. It's what you're focusing on. It's like the whatever you, whatever you're driven towards right. It's like this is what we're about. And it's easy to lose control of a city like that. That community, when you attract people with, like, who kind, are in that same mindset. But sometimes they'll have like, Well, it's supposed to be like this is supposed to believe that, but as the one who's like kind of you found it and you're leading it, you're right, not enough. This is the vision. This is what we're doing and you keep that on that straight line. And sometimes it'll rub people the wrong way. Or it's like, Well, that's not how I interpreted but it up. But it's like that's not your That's not your placed a call like it's like, This is the community. This is the culture, you know. This is how we're gonna stick to it and you have all the vision. And when people, when you have fallouts of like athletes, lifters, even staff members, you know they're gonna feel like slide it or be like Oh, so and so it wasn't like this. You're showing so that it s also doesn't know that doing, but it that's what happens in any business And the truth of that matter is those individuals will react upon. We'll act out on certain ways because that's actually how they feel about themselves. It's it's basically projecting what they're feeling inside to something else because they don't know how to internal, like they don't know how to deal with it. If you really pay attention to people who just go out of their way to, you just go out of the way. People who to go out of their way to really, like, talk, shared or whatever, like really slight someone who really got underway to be like so and so and that it doesn't know that it out there doing this wrong. That's cool. But what does that help? You know? I mean, what what benefit? What? How does that improve any type of conversation? You're talking with anyone you know. That's like preventing the like your friend. Your are inventing a people are my boss sucks and then it up. That's a different story. Like I know my staff, though, vent about me of, and I know exactly what they've end about to like. I don't pay attention to detail are I'm late on some things, and then that's like faults. I know myself. That's another thing. But to actually go out of your way to, like, bring trying to bring down someone's character or what they're trying to build, Um, in any type of business culture, it's just a reflection of what that person is going through inside themselves. So as business owners as as people who are leading a cause, we can't let that get. We can't let that eat ourselves out like eat, eat ourselves air like kind of get tow us. And we've all been guilty of leading that kind of come because the pressure of what your bill, it mentally it fucks you right. But to talk through its momentum to truly understand where that's coming from, you're like, OK, I get it. And that's how you could move forward with its like, because he everyone's human beings, right? Like when When you hear someone, you hear someone so and so like all their talking, all this shit are edited it or you know, these customers are having a horrible experience, and even though you gave him the best experience, but they're like they're like trying to bring down your business. Sometimes people just give one stars two companies on Yelp or Gilmore views because you just want to do it. You know, it's like the eight comes with the territory, but it's funny because that's because they're doing that. It's it's It's in a position where they're, like, kind of looking up at you to try to bring you down. But that means you're kind of flying higher. You're getting better. You're moving forward with what you're trying to do. And the further you go along in this journey, especially when my business partners keeps reminding me, he reminds me, He goes, Austin, you are You are a very You are a very friendly person and you like to be around people, and I'm a warn you right now just being your business partner. The further you get into this, the further you grow your brand and grow your gym and grow your business. You're gonna get lonelier, and it's because and you have to be okay with that. You have to be okay with that because the further you go through this this journey, if you're gonna start weeding out people and that's that's just the truth, that's a brutal, on honest truth of any type of person or any type of journey that requires you to keep going and keep building and keep going. You're gonna have, like, great success and all that fun stuff. But the people you didn't start relying on and trusting and all that stuff it's going to start that in that inner circle is the star a star going smaller, No smaller and smaller. And that's like You have to be okay with that because when shit hits the Fed, when you're sure Jim goes on fire when you have to close down like you said, you're going to see who you could really, truly trust, like, really rely on because those guys are gonna be like Andrew went in where what's going on? What do you need me to do? You know, and it's like, Oh, fuck like, you know, like, and those people who convert beer writer dies, they're gonna be far and few between, and but it's so important to really acknowledge and understand that once you have that close knit inner circle of people that you can trust, you're gonna be unstoppable. Um, but that fallout that you experience on the way it really mentally fucks with the especially people who are really social like yeah, right. I love to be social. I'd love to have friends and, uh, it really it really fucks you because you're like, What was wrong with me? What happened? But it's like you have to understand. That's just kind of the name of the game. That's That's what happens when you try to bit when you evolve as a person. When you evolve as a business owner, sometimes it's hard for other people to accept that or for people to see what you're trying to see. And it's like You just gotta keep pressing Ford. If you really, truly believe in what you're trying to do in your cause, then you got to keep pushing forward because at the end of the day, this is why you started. You have to understand why you started and why you're doing what you're doing. So that's that's kind of my experience with that.

spk_1:   55:34
No, that's Ah, let's you put that like really? Because I think that last part you say, like, you know, getting into, like, a really lonely it gets lonely. Oh, yeah, right. I'm starting to see that now it's Ah, it's kind of it's kind of scary because you can only go so long like and that's I think that's also like one of the biggest in steaks and things that, like I've kind of understood, is You can't care to everybody. No, And I think I think that's like probably one of the It's a rookie mistake. I call it like I think it's a wreck music, but he can't. You can't care to everybody. Not everybody has the same needs like some people like prove really needy, too. But you can't. You can't cower down to that like you have to trust your yourself, which is, I think, you know, with this time like being off like being able to revaluate like I think, you know, taking ownership of that like, I think that's probably like the one thing to do. But when you take ownership of like, you know, these like small like well, not smaller, just like these realization is not like you come up with when you take ownership of those, it's like it's a lonely position because you have to sit with that. You have to see what that feeling. You have to say it like I did make that mistake. I don't need to do it again. But the only person that made that mistake was myself. So, you know, I think that's something like, you know, I think I've learned a lot from that part and go do this transition in this fall out, like, you know, a couple of these fallouts. I think, you know, it also tells me, like, you know, I know what kind of people I need to be attractive at this point.

spk_0:   57:17
You're a What did they say? You're the sum of the five people you always hang out with. Yeah, like, yeah, don't bring down my number. Uh oh. All that shit, was it? So what's the future with access now?

spk_1:   57:31
Uh, well, the future is, um we are, We're actually Well, hopefully if it doesn't pushed out, we are actually hosting to, um, Olympic weightlifting meets this year.

spk_0:   57:43
Hello. Good.

spk_1:   57:45
So I'm assuming I'm probably 100% sure the one in July's and get pushed out.

spk_0:   57:52
Maybe you could, like, tape off, you know, 60 distance. Yeah.

spk_1:   58:01
So I think that's going to get postponed which is which is fine. I'm okay with that. But we do have one in November, so we do have a meeting November. It's actually on the P W. A weightlifting website. It's the South City. South county closet. Nice. Yeah. Nice. Yeah, The wound in July, It was supposed to actually run in concurrence with the garlic Festival, but they can't see the garlic festival. It's sad. Yeah. So if you want to talk about, like, a whole year resort like, imagine having a sit through that too. Like a shooting, then a burned out now a pandemic. Yeah. I've gotten to do it for you pretty harshly.

spk_0:   58:48
It's or you have a shooting in Gilroy. Not that

spk_1:   58:50
sucked. Yeah. So that's Ah, that's like, what excesses going through right now? Um, that's you know, we have Ah, we have a gear line coming out.

spk_0:   59:05
You're making gear.

spk_1:   59:07
Actually, we have a We have a prototype line. That's Ah, It's live on a local local printer. Our local company in Baker Local. He's in Bakersfield. He started his own company, but same Sadie's same state. But he's doing We have everything from corset jackets, pullovers, short single. It's the backpacks, men and women's leggings.

spk_0:   59:35
Oh, done Deal.

spk_1:   59:36
That was the Yeah, that was a fun look for me. L can't a minute. Leggings. Leggings. Uh, what else are we doing?

spk_0:   59:47
Is it Axios on the ass?

spk_1:   59:50
It's actually the wings on the but

spk_0:   59:52
I love it. That

spk_1:   59:53
was the best part of it. Uh oh. Than that, Um, I know we're supposed to be hosting a power lifting meat. I just don't know when until the calendars get unlocked. Like we don't know. We're actually Really? Yeah. We're actually gonna be hosting a meet with this new federation, Actually, not a new federation with a different federation. W r p f Okay. Yeah. Okay. They're the ones that hold the current open. Okay, cool. So we're gonna be working with them on that meat or for a meat just to kind of like, do that And then, you know, just the high school strength conditioning program, you know, that being just gonna take off. And that's all I'm kind of worried about right now.

spk_0:   1:0:41
It was good. Well, there's a lot of things in the pipeline for Axios. This is exciting. Men. Yeah,

spk_1:   1:0:46
tryingto. But, you know, I think the number one thing is like, you know, we gotta finally, like, do our do we still need to do our ah was amazing Race between HSC exits

spk_0:   1:1:02
Shut up for real? Oh, yeah, does it would

spk_1:   1:1:06
be really long. You know that, right?

spk_0:   1:1:07
Then Then then we'll put something together. Take a picture of a cow, take a picture of a plane on top of a cow. What? Go to Sonics and then go to in and out and then go to breakfast club. Wait, What? The's air So far, right that there's there's a point. You could only take one car for eight people like our shit fun

spk_1:   1:1:39
fact on like these. Like staff vigilance Really quick. What? Also living in Sunnyvale? Because you put take a picture with all the coaches?

spk_0:   1:1:50
Oh, yeah, half of

spk_1:   1:1:51
them, Like I came home from. I think I was working in San Matteo at the time. I start working at Adobe already. I was biking home from the train and there's seven car there's parked next to my house, you know, like and then I got All I see is like, hey, council like, hey,

spk_0:   1:2:13
you take a picture of you Why were you go? Hey, that is my fault. Because I totally underestimated how competitive are members were. I just said, you know, just find the time, reach out to them. He fucking wants here. Waited like we're gonna get these points. Did

spk_1:   1:2:34
you like if you look in your archives, you'll see pictures like when I'm like, I think there was, like, a couple of them when I was in my bike gear. So I'm okay. I mean, there was one like I'm wearing like, Oh, frickin tank top and slippers. I was bringing up my garbage. No, this is not flattering

spk_0:   1:2:54
whatsoever. I didn't take a picture of all of the staff members, all the staff. But

spk_1:   1:3:00
I know you like ran, We getting text like hair. You home right now? Yeah.

spk_0:   1:3:05
Hey, I You know, they got a senior Jim, but I guess they really one of those points. Uh, okay. Last question of the episode. Um, I stopped asking this question, but I shouldn't start asking it again. Um, one punch man or ultra instant go coop.

spk_1:   1:3:26
Shit. No. Uh um, for those that don't know, like how, Like I think, you know, like, I'm a huge. I'm a big like I know. I have a go code belt.

spk_0:   1:3:46
I know, like Goku rings at one point or something that you're you, but like dragon balls or something. Oh, so it was a go go or what?

spk_1:   1:3:54
Oh, yeah. Ultra instinct. Oh, good, because I don't care how strong that I would care. I don't care how strong is Tommy's looking punches? Go, Goose! No way! Yeah. No way

spk_0:   1:4:07
you think so. 100.

spk_1:   1:4:09
Say, have you been watching on Ah, What the hell is that guy That he makes his own videos? Um, presently he's on YouTube. He has, like, this crossover thing with all the enemies. And he created this video. Um, if I find it, I'll send it to you. But one punch man and ultra instant Doku are actually the last two people standing. Oh, wow. Interesting fiving against, like, these made up like villains. So But I will always put my money on Go, go! No matter what, I don't care. I thought guys the truth paid me of like, level up, Do whatever it takes like he makes even a low class warrior can be a sea of elite.

spk_0:   1:4:54
Oh, baccarat You can't tell me that. Exactly. It's so good. Cool man. Well, thank you for coming on to the nerd out of workout podcast. We appreciate you having on where can people find you working people follow you. Where do you want to send people?

spk_1:   1:5:16
Um, if you want to follow us, you can follow us on social media at ex CEOs, fitness, ex IOS fitness. Uh, you can also fall in my personal and you have to find me. I'm not gonna tell anybody my handle,

spk_0:   1:5:32
but first scavenger hunt of the day, guys. Fine. Coach Andrews handle on tic TAC. Yeah, I

spk_1:   1:5:44
actually just started to take talk, so let's not do that. Um,

spk_0:   1:5:48
now we should find six. Everyone find Coach Andrew Dela Cruz's tick talk,

spk_1:   1:5:57
but, you know, we're gonna be doing I'm gonna be posting like those at home workouts, like, you know, they're super simple, like doing the videos, and then I'm probably gonna just be doing, like, live classes twice a week just for the community. It's also because I'm getting really tired during all the workouts. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, just to everybody that I've ever trained, including at HSC like because I'm using, like, kind of like the same format when I was teaching there. I'm so sorry. What? It's I'm an asshole, these air hard, But I'm I'm feeling it now. It's like, man. Now I know why I like, you know, people enjoy the classes, but also why they give me glares of like you

spk_0:   1:6:45
gives a new respect like the p 90 x guys even know all those guys who do The men's health like videos were like talking while they're doing it in life. I

spk_1:   1:6:59
like sometimes like a low, just like, you know, just a side note, like a camera magic all shift like like the camera a little bit this side because it's like, Man, I don't want people to see me modify my pushing

spk_0:   1:7:11
for this. Yeah, that I just pulled. Just put a clip. Just put it on loop like you're just doing a show like every like, Hello. Hello. Perfectly. Yeah, I do know. It's a lot of lot of like keeping your composure while coaching and doing the movements. That's that's always That's always fun to try. Yeah, good. Thank you for coming on. Of course, this is coach Aussie with coach Andrew and hyper straight the conditioning Axios straight the conditioning with your nerd. I work out podcasts and we'll see you guys, that Eric a body.