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#42 We Try a 72 Hour Fast

May 05, 2020 Hyper Strong Productions Episode 42
Nerdout & Workout Podcast
#42 We Try a 72 Hour Fast
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We tried a 72 hour fast. We go over what it felt like, what happened and why I even started in the first place.

The 72 hour fast or any type of fasting diet has been trending the past few years, especially when Dr Yoshinori Ohsumi won the Nobel Peace Prize on his research related to Autophagy.

To learn more about the science behind fasting and the evidence behind it here are two great videos:

Water Fasting:

Autophagy Fasting:

72 Hour Fast Video:

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Welcome to the nerd out and work out Podcast cast Cast. What is upper one? Awesome. Coming to with hyper strength and conditioning here from sounds, a California A and with your nerd out. And we're got podcast where we nerd out workout and podcast and ah, today I'm talking about the 72 hour fast. I did it Water fasting, 72 hours. Tried it. If you want to see a whole video on it, it's on the show notes the link to the YouTube's. If you guys can do this real quickly, Um, what we're doing right now is we're pushing crapped in a content through YouTube, instagram and our podcast right now. So if you guys can go right now, the moment our physical gym is closed due to the shelter in. But I am proud to say that our our staff is still being taking care of cause our members are taking care of us. Were still training people to be a zoom group classes all that fun stuff. So if you want a chai out a zoom class wherever you are in the world Ah, the link is in the show notes and ah, if you could subscribe to our YouTube channel and review this podcast and subscribe to our podcast. That would help us a Thanh because we are making a big push in Ah, putting a lot of our stuff online. It was just something we wanted to dio. But now we're just We're really doing it now because we're physically can't be open and ah, yeah, So that would be great And what we're doing also coming in going into this summer's we're doing a virtual five. Kate, we're doing a virtual five K. So that is something Michael's to get at least try to get. I try to get 1000 people to sign up to this virtual five K. I don't know if this is gonna happen. I don't know if it's gonna be possible, but but I'm going to try to do it. I'm going to try to get to 1000 people to sign up for this virtual five k. Um, you get a medal, you get a shirt and ah yeah, and to sign up to pre register, it will be on our new app. But the link is going to be in the show notes. It's $35. 35 American dollars to sign up for this virtual five k and all that money will go towards our small business to make it through the summer. That that's I'm being really real right now, ladies and gents, uh, this money right now, I'm just trying to produce as much as I can, uh, toe help us get through the summer and into the winner because we have no idea when we're probably gonna open up. Probably probably expecting July. But, I mean, if you guys could help us out. Ah, that would be great. Just I mean, this virtual five k could be done anywhere around the world in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, wherever you are, Australia. You know, if you've been listening for a while, if you just want to support a small business in ah, in the bay Area that's been affected, that that would be great if not just supporters by, you know, subscribing toward channels and all that cause that always helps too. But yes. Well, thank you. Thank you again. Eso today I have definitely, uh this is actually a week and 1/2 after I've done the seven to our fast. Um, I lost £5 then three days when I did the same to our fast, I went from, like, 2 33 to to 27 or 28 at one point. Um, yeah. So the reason why I did it Because I just wanted to test it out. Because fasting is this whole thing now, especially spits that a Japanese doctor gotta hope. I said his name. Right, Doctor? Ah, Yoshinori. You know, man, I think it's Yoshinori. Um, I said it right in the video. Guys and ladies, I just don't correct me if I'm totally wrong. But there he won a Nobel Peace Prize on on studying a ta Fiji. And that's basically how your body recycles its own cells to make new ones recently put, there's so much more to it than I just said. But that's just simply put and and to to get into that, that what happens is when you fast for more than 48 hours, that's when your body gets into ah, high high rate of a ta Fujian. It kind of basically it's supposed to supposedly supposed to, like, cleanse, not cleansed. Hate using that word. I'm sorry, but supposedly supposed to, um, help improve your focus because it takes all the bad cells. There's bad cells in your body. Are the cells that are not are not that are acting inefficiently and they get recycled and they made into new cells. So ah, so that's kind of the gist of it. But there's God. If you go to the YouTube YouTube video, have links talking about have links that go to the studies and untouched have more information about that. But it people would talk about how you know fasting has more mental clarity. It's like a D talks or whatever. I don't believe in like when people say detox. I don't believe in that shit. I'm sorry. You have a liver, you have kidneys, baby talks by the body. There's no specific diet that's supposed to quote unquote detox yourselves of the toxins. Toxins in general, with some says toxins, I immediately asked. I start questioned them because what are toxins like? You gotta tell me specifics. You have to tell me specifics you got, you got You have to label out the chemicals because yeah, there are types of toxins in the body that will, you know, mess you up. Alcoholism talks in, um, but you have to give me specifics and not give you over generalized term of toxins like No, no, no, no, no. Like what exactly? Happens. Like if you're sweating out alcohol, I could accept that. Oh, yeah. I'm starting at tackle like, Oh, cool. Because we all we want been there, especially. We drank a lot and trying to go somewhere the next day. Oh, trying to work out after a crazy day of drinking, but yeah. So, like I eat. So I did it. I did it. Three day street water fasting. I wanted to see where I was, especially cause I've been on this weight loss school in November. I was the highest I've ever been. November 2019 right after Thanksgiving. I'm sure we all where the heaviest we've ever been day after Thanksgiving. I was, like, 2 44 It was insane. Um, did a little bit intermittent fasting kind of reset. You know, we get back to my old habits or my old healthy habits instead of just always like eating my eating my feelings click of the holidays and just party afterparty afterparty. Uh, so I went down to one from 2 44 down toe to 35 then right before sheltered in place, I went down to, like 2 31 to 33. So I lost a good amount of weight between, like early December to march, like steadily. So then and then I started. You know, people always client to members already asked me about fasting, fasting, like fasting for 24 hours straight, three days straight to day street. Andi, I've had a few friends who have done it very successfully and they, you know, they praise about It's good. It's I'm not gonna be like, Oh, that's bullshit. But I truly wanted to try it out, because if I'm gonna have members always asking me inclines, always asking me about it. My answer before was that I never tried it. So I can't really wait on waiting on it. And I I want to experiment, and I want to learn more about what's out there, especially if it's trending. You know, I got to be on top of that stuff. Um, So what I did was yeah, I fasted for 72 hours good enough for 24 could do for 48 but I might as well just knock all three days out to experience all three levels. I mean, there's some people. I've seen, some videos out there. There's people who do for seven days or to people who do for 30 days, and that's cool. Um, but one thing was one of the one of the big reasons want do it. So I wanted to see what it would do to my body for three days fasting. The second thing I wanted to do, and it's a great thing I'm doing this podcast a week and 1/2 after is ruled. I rebound. How bad will my body read down after fasting for three days straight? Will I gain more weight than I then than I did before? Well, I go back to 2 44 if I ate regularly. Well, I have hunger pains. Will I Benji like what would happen to me mentally, Emotionally, physically, So OK, we'll go Day one start around 2 33 It was actually a pretty easy day because before that my habit was I would eat after two or 32 or three o'clock. Okay? And then I would stop beating around nine o'clock. So I like a six hour eating window. Um, and now, my my calorie intake would be around 4100 calories. On days, I would work out probably like 2200 calories, but I would stick between 22,000 to 2200 calories. That was my total daily caloric intake. So on day one, it wasn't really that bad. I just, you know, take a lot of water. Um, it was I felt normal. Ah, I think I was eating slightly more carbs than I should have been a week prior. Like I was getting to the habits of eating more carbs than protein. Because in the middle of the first day, I'm saying it wasn't bad, like I wasn't starving, But I was like, hungry, like craving hungry, you know, like stress when you're stressed out, you want eat carbs like that's why I was craving carbs like the whole middle of the day of the first day. So that's a stupid. So I started. I started pounding the water because, you know, he figured like you're not You're not hungry you're probably just thirsty. So I would just, like, drink a lot of water and all that, And it kind of like subsided And, um, you know, didn't didn't need dinner. Totally. Yeah. Led faster. I stopped. I think that when I stopped eating, why should I started the fast on the Tuesday? So I stopped eating. My last meal was on a Monday, April 20th. Monday. Yeah, because I know that was my sister in law's birthday. Supposed to started that monday, but then her mom cooked this whole feast, and we're supposed to do, like, social distancing, just drop off food. But they made us eat, like, take home all this food for her to celebrate as Okay, Fine. Can't find we just did that. So that was that. But so I didn't my last meals, like out Monday at 9 p.m. Or 18. 08:30 p.m. So then Tuesday, the next day at 88 30 p. M. Was the official 24 hour, um, fast of the first day for officials. And for hours, I'm not eating and just drinking water, and I felt okay. I did notice when I was watching TV I would notice food like I would just slightly notice, like, Oh, they have food here. I didn't even know. Like, if I was watching a lot of Avengers movies and Marvel can like, I didn't know, like, they're the implement. Some, like food in there like all the reading sandwiches. Just all those good or are you watching of Adami shows? And you just like to make the food look so good. Oh, my God. But, um so that was that. And then I you know, I slept I didn't have any trouble falling asleep. I know some people had trouble falling asleep when they do the same to our fast. I did not. I did not. I kind of just kind of now woke up the next day earlier than usual now, prior to shelter. And I usually wake up for, um 5 a.m. You know, But because of the shelter, and I'm sure people can relate uh, you kind of wake up earlier, Beloved were consistently so I would wake up around 7 a.m. consistently. Ah, but granted, I'd be going to bed around at 11:12:01 a.m. Uh, just working on stuff So? So when I went to sleep the day before, Probably around 11. 12. And I talk about 6 a.m. No problem. So already going into day two, I had no problem waking up the next day. And people say they have this to where day to wasn't when they approach the 48 hour mark or when they get in, they start that day, too. They say they wake up better, they wake up easier. So Day two was was chill. Um, I can tell you that. Okay, so I had a couple coffee, no cream, no sugar. And I wasn't jittery, Like usually. I usually drink two cups of coffee. Only needed to drink one cup of coffee. Um, but then I start have the shits. No, no debts. Areas like day two. I started have the shits, and it was weird because my wife was like, What the hell? You didn't eat anything? You're using the restroom like Teoh. So take a deuce that I like. Dude, I don't know what's going on my body, because usually what happens is after you fasten, you start eating. They're going to get you're gonna get, um, you're going to get the shits diary. That's what they say. Like start with chicken broth. But it was like the exact opposite for me is like the date to. I was like, shitting and people again could go back to buy Opel. You know, you're releasing the toxins. I don't like Habre. I looked it up a little bit more, and it's usually what happens is I guess your large intestine. Your G I check is like, dear, we're having all the food or having all this stuff he used to eat. And I guess it over produces, um, water and your kidneys start fleshing out the sodium that it holds onto and and all that. So it is just so I've been like, but it was like, weird because I thought I piss a lot because I drink a lot of water. But I was also like having like the shift, and I'm like, what, what? All it was it was crazy, but anyways, but I was very calm. I had a more calm energy than usual, wasn't fidgety. I wasn't anxious because I'm usually very anxious, very fidgety, very anxious, very like I need I need to do something I need I need to keep busy. Um, but day to I was my energy level was like, I wouldn't say low. It was more of a steady rate. I was studying, you know, because I'm studying for this other. I'm reading more on nutrition and and all that fun stuff, like reading all these books. And I was, like, really dialed in this book and so focused. So I was like, OK, I could definitely tell the focus part was like kicking it like I was a little more clear, clear, clear minded, Like I was a little bit more focused, a little bit more calm. Most house steady. Ah, that's I knew that. Like I knew that that was the difference. I was a big difference for me. I was more focused. So that's true for day two. Um, so day two is all right, I Then I did start noticing more food as I watch TV, or it was like when I'm on the social media, I'd be like looking right. Foodstuffs. I was hungry in a way of like, Oh, my God, that looks so good. Oh, my God. That looks ago and you start noticing how people take advantage of what they eat and how they eat it. And you don't even know you don't even know. Oh, I got it so fucking ugly. But so Day two did start kicking in like that. And then day three, um, again, they're going, going to sleep day to hang. That 40 48 hour mark on the dot wasn't bad. I weighed myself. I think I was, like, a to 30 ish. I think so. I think I dipped below 2 20 or not. I'm sorry to dip below 2 20 thing. I was at 2 29 at one point during the second day. Um, shrink water, all that And then, you know, I could tell it was easier for me. It was not easy, but I did sleep. I didn't have trouble not sleeping. So I did sleep the second day. And going into the third day, I was a wreck. I could tell you that right now, my wife could tell you that right now. So going to day three still have the ships, so obviously you could tell was getting dehydrated, cause I was having the shits actually going back today to actually have to drink a couple a cup of like salt water, cause I Because if you have the shits, if you have, like diarrhea during your fast, that's not good. Like it gets the point where you should stop your fasting. If your diary in too much because then you could, like, faint. Were you losing a lot? Electrolytes. So I drink. I drink a cup of like salt water just to see if it would like offset. It actually helped me make me feel better on day two. So day three have the same issue. Why the fucking may still shading what the fuck? So that my wife was like, Why you didn't eat anything. I'm like I sort of God, but it happened so that I was okay. I woke up and my wife just looked at me and she's like, Do you know you, Kale, are you OK? And I'm like, Yeah, I'm fine. And I was like, I didn't know I was doing this. I was like slowly walking to the shower and are the bathrooms, like, right next to our master bedroom. And I'm just like you review apartment. I'm just, like, kind of shuffling a log, and I thought I was walking normally. And you just like it was like, Do you don't look too well. You look pale like pale. No, I'm not pale. Um, but yeah. So then so then I did that. I go in, took a shower. All that stuff weighed myself. And I was, like, around 2 27 and I was like, Oh, shit. Then I drank a ton of water. Um, And I remember I remember in day three idea Want to do anything? I did have one client. I trained that client, but I didn't want to do shit like And the quote that I mean, it wasn't like I was lazy client, like I was totally like training with a client was valid in. It's so funny because I love what I do to the point where it gets tiring. But when I'm in it, when I'm training someone, I just feel better. I know that's when you know, like you're in your passion, right? Like you're talking to someone, you're training them, you're coaching them and they kind of they you're you're being positive for them, but then you're interacting with them. So they make you positive. That's how I always feel. Like every time I'm always, like about, like, super tire and all that. And then when I start training, it's all there cheering me up. So actually help training people. But then thank God my second kind rescheduled. So what? I'm gonna switch to this table all they got. Thank you. So this third day, I was already making plans because this is a Thursday already is Thursday at 8 30 at night, I get to eat, I get to eat a So my wife I told me why my cook me the chicken dude on Like I know you all year old when you're when you're coming off of a long fast just, you know, you got to keep it easy on her stomach, so they always suggest chicken broth. I was, like, all on chicken broth. But I also want some mood on noodles because Oh, my God. You know, like, if I was gonna pay for it, I was gonna pay for it. But it was It wasn't like I was gonna go toe frickin full like a full on buffet. I just wanted you don So my wife cooked the food on the chicken suit on which was great. And then she also cooked because I also did mention the baked. She makes this really great big fried chicken so it's she puts it in batter. But instead of deep frying issued just puts it in the oven and broyles it and it's just so crispy. It's great and it's like, you know, less calories, but, um but But so the whole day three. I feel like shit like I low energy. I don't wanna do anything. I just trained one client, and then I was just laying there, counting the hours down until I get to eat like it was really bad. Like it got to the point where twice I was thinking about just breaking the fast on Day three. Like I'm like, This is horrible and my wife was pushing me. She's like, Hey, you signed up for this. You wanted to. You wanted to experiment. You wanted to see how you deal with it, how to deal with it. You're ready On Day three, you might as well finish it out. And I'm like, OK, fine. And I was watching like Marvel movies I was watching anime stuff again, and I just started noticing more food and more food and how they could have been pause and just look at the food. I was like, Oh, my God is so bad. And I literally was just laying on the couch like that Thursday I'm usually pretty productive. I'm usually editing video do blocks, coming up with ideas that it it it uh, no, I was just on the couch. Yeah, just laying on the couch that didn't talk to my staff members. Like I maybe do one email out of the usual like several animals today. I'll be talking of my staff, but no, I was laying on the couch watching TV the whole day the whole day, and I never do that. And then my energy was solo. My energy was sold. Every time I got up, I got lightheaded. It was it was, like, bad. And I still was getting the ships. It was like bad guys. And then I was doing a lot of water. And then I weighed myself cause I felt like, Oh, man, I must begin to like to 25. I actually bounced up to to 30 and I think it was going to the point where my body was like, Dude, you're losing too much like salts and liquids that we're going to start retaining shit I think that's what it would got to the point cause I literally just had my energy levels were sacked on day three and this is told the opposite of what I've been seeing because people are on day three of fast Oh, my God, I'm so like, energized and focused and ready todo and I'm clairvoyance and clarity. And I'm like, Nah, not me, bro. I was like, sluggish upto Look, the wazoo, bro's done. So I was just laying on that fat couches watching. I was watching endgame like twice like I was like Fast forward and rewind ing on certain points and then go back to Infinity War. And they got to the point where I literally downloaded one of these bubble games on my phone because it was like the last hour before eight, and my wife was cooking and the smell was getting to me and I had to just focus or else I would just be watching the time. So I just played this game on my phone for the last hour before my feast. And then when I weighed in, I was at 2 29 to 30. So I bounced back up a little bit again, cause I told I think what my body was like just retaining water. So then I ate. It was the best broth ever, because you just you're just eating and your taste buds are like on steroids because it hasn't eaten any Tater tasted anything for the other than, like, maybe a saltwater for, like, the last three days. So it was crazy and and so that that's what happened with that. It was so it was delicious. It was great. Um, And then I use the restroom and then the next day, you know, excite I ate a good amount, ate like 2000 calories in 30 minutes, and I kept it there. So I still ate my regular 2000 calories, cause I'm still trying to, like, cut, right. They don't over you. But I also did get full pretty fast because your stomach shrinks. So So that happened. And then the next morning, I was very curious. I woke up fine. Um what's asleep? Fine. Woke up fine. And I was like, Oh, I'm so curious. Maybe I, like, rebound back up to to 33. I jumped on the scale and actually went back down to 2 29 So to 29 £229. So I lost weight compared to yesterday, so kind of confirm. My hypo thesis is that might want my My body was just retaining water because there throughout that night, I was pissing a lot like my body was like, like excreting a lot of areas like dude. And then and then I didn't I didn't get the shits anymore, is actually my body was, like, kind of like, kind of like just get acting normal in a way bigger was it It wasn't having the troubles that was having before. Ah, but then a week and 1/2 out. So we're a week in and half out of out of your legs is the beginning of May Now, so maybe almost two weeks and I am at an average of I think I dropped even lower to 27. So So before I even started this, I was at this like I was at this, like, weird point. I was like, around 2 32 to 33 I couldn't get past that point. And then ever since I did this fast, the seven to our fast I broke through to 30 which was always hard for me to do last year. And I broke through to 30 and my staff was even saying, Dude, you look leaner because, well, I wasn't eating for three days, obviously, but I was expecting that I was gonna fuckin, like, rebound back. But I stuck to that slick to my regular intimate fasting. 2000 calories, 2100 calories. Ah, six hour eating window, Still working out all that stuff. And I actually should two more pounds this week s I'm not to 27 right now to 28 hovering between 2 37 to 28. And and I was like, Oh, that's nice. I think I want when I was a to 26.8, Um, but it was like, Oh, this is this is good. And then investors wait, Ladies and gents, that's not even including, like, the body composition. So don't mistake wait for losing fat, but when I checked when I checked, um, when I was looking at my physique like Uche, I can definitely tell my body fat was going lower because my body was starting to look like how it started to look like when I was in high school playing football in a way like I'm like, Oh, okay, so I was like, Oh, my body re compositions getting there like, closer fitting, better all that fun stuff. So I think all in all with the kind of overview I think the 72 hour fast, that kind of help me reset and kind of boost momentum in a good way as far, just like dialing in my eating and just getting and just kind of resetting everything and not making sure I'm not eating as much carbs as I used to and all that kind of resets your your your mentality of how you look at food and all that. Um, I'm kind of pushes that momentum, but I would I do it again? I wouldn't I would probably do for me. I would do a 48 hour fast, not a 72 hour. I'll probably due another 48 hour fast. Uh, probably do it in June. Probably like a month, because you only want to do this once or once every other month or something. You don't. Or maybe once a month. Um, because right now that the current challenge I'm doing right now is running a mile a day for the next three days. I'm on Day four. Started in, Started May 1st. May the fourth be with you guys. Today is may 4th at the time of this recording. I hope to upload it tonight. Um, if you're listening to it on revenge of the fifth, then there you go. Uh, but yes. Oh, so, yeah, I would not go a 72 hour. I would probably for me personally, I would go 48. And if you're thinking about fascinating, go see your medical professional first. Before you do anything crazy. I'm not a medical professional. I'm not a registered dietitian. I am a strength conditioning coach. Um, nutritional guidance coach. At best, I don't have a registered dietitian license. So, you know, this is all based on my experience and from my from my own for my own personal own experience, Experimentation on my own body and from personal experience, so I can be better vest. I could be better. I could be more aware of what could happen to someone's body when my members and clients asked me about it. So, um and and that's with any type of diet, I would always ask. I would always refer to your doctor first because, you know, if you can make sure because you don't what? What if you have diabetes? You know it. What if you have a little blood sugar or what? If you have, like, high cholesterol, don't we know it? And then you're like, I'm gonna poquito It's like, Did you have high cholesterol? Plus, like, that's not good, but yeah, check your blood levels in all that. Luckily for me, when I did my physical, all this stuff, it was it was good. It was I checked out school, you know, healthy. I could do it. I could do stuff. So it was fine. Um, but yeah, just just for just I'm just saying there's a disc disclaimer. Um, yeah, I went for me. I would probably do it most. 48 hours. Um, because when you are, you know, when you when you do stuff like this when you're altering your eating when you're watching what you eat when you're fixing your diet or intra Trish In the best types of diets, the best types of nutritional guidance is something you could do consistently. It's not. There's no one die. That's the best. Overall, please, if you're gonna take anything out of this podcast this episode, there's no perfect diet. OK, there isn't. There is not. I'm sorry. Like for those of you who pushed supplement shakes or detoxify IRS, or even the nomad diet and the key to or in the vegan, there's no, I mean, there's no one size fits all. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. And if you do, you don't like that you don't like. I say this. This channel is not for you. But if you want genuine, legit advice that has helped clients that I've coached lose over £100 build muscle look shredded as fuck, um, it's it's consistency. And I always say, consistency beats intensity. Hands down, all right, doesn't it? Doesn't matter how hard you go on a diet If you're just gonna go hard on a diet for 90 days But then, for the rest of the you're not doing it, you're gonna rebound. But if you're consistently you're consistently fixing small things and you're consistently stinking toe healthier habits, and you do it for a full year straight. You're going to see lasting change. Rial results, lasting results telling you don't you don't need to change too much. Okay, so So that was my experience with 72. Our fast Ah, what I ever who would I recommend it to? Ah, granted, they're cleared from their doctor. I would recommend it to a severely overweight person Who, um, you know, as long as they're they're clear with the doctor, I would recommend maybe a 24 to 48 hour fast for a severely overweight like, high body fat body fat composition person, because if they're addicted to sugars, if they're they're just like, addicted to something, I would have him try to do a 24 to 48 hour fast I wouldn't push into seven to unless they're one of my friends that on testing test their mettle. But, um, if there's a really over a person and their doctor cleared him and they're good to go like for this type of this type of thing. Like they're OK. Too fast. Like if the doctors like okay, you could they could try it there. Good. Their blood levels are good. Blood sugar levels are good questions. Goods. Fine or whatever. Um, I would try it. I would just try it. I would, because it's like you're you're someone who's used to eating a high amount of sugar Hyman assault, high amount of calories. And you put him on a 25 fast. You're going to see them physically. React emotionally. React because they're gonna be like, what the fuck that, uh And you gotta And if they really want to see change, they have to see for themselves how much they cravings, how much how crazy it is. Um and then I i For me personally, I actually feel that would help. Kind of nudge him in the right direction. It's all right. Um, but that big, that's my personal opinion. That's how I would I would suggest that wouldn't force anyone to do anything. So but 24 40 our fast with definitely benefit for someone who's like severely overweight, over fat, not overweight, over fat has high high body fat content, and they want they want toe kind of get a jumpstart and making sure, you know, they get something going and it mentally to. And so I suppose someone who's like, obese, they start fasting for, like, two days. They're going to see it a lot of fat loss because because if they treat it as long as they're drinking a lot of water and and all that, but then they're they're just cause and they just don't eat any additional sugars. And all that fun stuff are fattier and additional calories. Um, then, yeah, you're going to They're going to see a significant amount of change in two days because they're not eating their just their bodies. Gonna live off the fat stores. That's just how it is. Um, but yeah, yeah. What? I recommended to athletes. No, I wouldn't. I wouldn't recommend it to athletes or people who already lean unless they want to try it out to, um but for athletes, they need, you know, carbs and proteins and fats. They need energy. Um, especially carbs. You need that shit when you're here when you need performance. I wouldn't put any type of high performing athlete into a key toe diet unless they're really dialed in with how their body works and they know they could handle it. Other than that, I wouldn't because one of the weather worst case scenarios, um, you can run into And I've seen this where, like, someone puts their a coach puts their athlete into a key toe diet cause like, yeah, there. So you know the way they want to run faster and they want to get leaner. So I decided, you know, we're just gonna lower their carb intake up there healthy fats and increase their protein intake to But then six weeks, eight weeks later they're gaining weight, and they're they're sucking mawr, their their their performance is going down in their gaining weight. That's like the two things you do not want to have into your athletes. And you're like, What the fuck happened then it and then you realize like, Dude, you just took out the carbs, which is immediate energy that's needed to fuel the cells to fuel metabolism, to perform at a high level. And you increase the fat content, which isn't always readily available, especially performing at a high level. But now the calorie, the caloric density of fat is so much that in total the athlete is overeating, and it's not even using, like, the carbs that he needs or she needs. And then so you get your eating more calories and you're not using the proper amount of fuel. That's why macro is a really important your training athletes or when you are an athlete. You gotta pay attention to that. Um, but yes, so that's that's kind of a scenario of Of like, Why I I wouldn't I wouldn't suggest a fast fasting being to an athlete unless around the off season, and they want to try something out or whatever. But in season, all that stuff or they were really trying to compete and improve the time I wouldn't do it. I I would do a different type of, ah way of eating. But that is that is my These are my findings for fasting for 72 hours. I hope this kind of sheds light into those of you who are thinking about fasting. If you guys just want experiment. Yeah, go for it, you know, But again, check with her doctor. not me. I'm just giving you my point of view. My experience. Um, but what? I do it again? I wouldn't do something two hours again. I do. 48. Um, and the things I would do differently is that I would actually drink more electrolytes. I think I would drink more. I would drink the day before I would start the fast I would drink like the liquid. I ve I just pound a pint of water with liquid. I ve in it. Um, and I would reduce my carbon take for me personally because I would just have a lot of hunger pangs because of the carbs. Yeah, that's what I would do differently. And and Ah, yeah, that's what I would do if I were if I were gonna do another seven to our fast, But I would not. I would probably do a 48 hour fast. All right, guys, I hope this helps all of this kind of sheds light into the fasting Krys. Um, but again, please review. Please subscribe to this nerd out of work out podcast again. Support us on YouTube. Are you teaching is gonna be on the show notes if you guys want to do a virtual five K or 10 K might go to 10 K going into the summer of 2020 and you're still sheltered and cooked up. Um, science. Sign up. It would help us a lot. It's falling 35 bucks. You get a medal in a shirt and you'll sign up through our app and you'll be added to our app. And that's how you're gonna just keep track of your miles. And then we're gonna have a week where you can complete and just record your miles and put it on the leader board and we could see it. And once you hit like the five year or 10 K mark, you will get your metal and shirt. But yeah, I'm trying to get 1000 people. Let's see, Let's see if I can even get 1000 people. But, um, the way this podcast is going the way we're growing, um, I'm confident we'd get something. Ah, but yeah, everything. I truly appreciate everyone. If you're listening, you're just listening. I just appreciate you. Thank you so much for just being here and supporting us as an organization, especially during this whole covert thing. And I hope you guys air well, hoping other safe. And I hope this channel brings value to to your guys lifestyle. And I hope you I hope you guys are laughing and cracking a smile, too, because that's the point. Kind of elevating, leveling up her life 11 episode at time. Alright, guys, is Coach Austin with hyper straightening conditioning with your nerd out and work out podcasts and I'll see you guys that are key by key.