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"It's Time to Talk" - Podcasts to Elevate Consciousness

Carmel Cathie

Here we engage in conversations to elevate consciousness and generate true health individually and collectively (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially) through genuine, sustainable and authentic living. The underlying theme within the podcast episodes found here are the questions:“How is Humanity BEING?” and“What is Humanity BECOMING?”The intention is simple and my two year old son said it perfectly when I asked him what he was building with Daddy’s tape measure:“I WANT TO BUILD A MORE HAPPY AND PEACEFUL WORLD.”May these conversations empower your own wild, often messy and unpredictably wonderful self with the intelligence and freedom to happily and peacefully live life being YOURSELF while in relationship to the world and everyone in it.May they offer insight and clarity to your life purpose. May you embody the freedom to choose, and the courage to live, a life that inspires others to live their own goodness, truth and beauty. May you empower and activate your most abundance-producing offerings for yourself, your community and our planet. May we normalize authentic living where all beings are considered equal and celebrate goodness so that actions of humankind in the world are not only intelligent, collaborative, constructive and sustainable for us all, but that they also contribute to joy, play and love in our individual hearts and collective humanity. It’s time to talk about our deeper calling for being alive at this time. I am your host, Carmel Cathie. You’ll find more information at https://www.itstimetotalk.life and coming soon https://www.beingandbecoming.life. Thank you for joining me.

Recent Episodes

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