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Abby Bolt

Abby is dedicated to inspiring community, moral courage and a new generation of great leaders by leading with FIRE. In her quest for workplace justice, she spent countless hours searching for resources and found none. With that realization, she set out to create the resources that were lacking. Abby now draws from her experience in leadership, as well as the wisdom she learned as a firefighter to coach others how to lead with FIRE in their lives, in the workplace and beyond. The little girls and boys who dream to be just like them depend on us sharing our experiences in hope of improvement. Since January of 2018 when my passion would no longer let me be silent for others, I had an overwhelming need to create a place of transparency and advocacy. Let's celebrate going UP in flames instead of down." -AbbyGo to AbbyBolt.com for more information on this and many other controversial subjects surrounding moral courage in the workplace and what it means to Lead with F.I.R.E.Email [email protected] if you have an experience you would like to share or are in need of a resource. If I can't help, I will point you in the direction of someone who can. Do you believe in the mission of Up In Flames? My goal is to continue this podcast organically and have it sponsored by those it serves instead of corporate sponsors. Not to mention you will get early access to episodes and behind the scenes info, no one else is seeing. Be a part of something great, become a Patron and support the podcast at patreon.com/upinflamespodcastVisit AbbyBolt.com for the full story and background of UIF.#NotMe

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