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After Animals Podcast

Ulara Nakagawa & Sharanya Krishna Prasad

After Animals uncovers trends and stories at the cutting edge of the global post-animal movement. What does a future look like, in which food, fashion and entertainment no longer have to exploit animals to be successful? In each episode, we share a remarkable and inspiring story about someone who is forging a more compassionate future for us all. After Animals seeks to activate a kinder, more compassionate world through innovation.
The Fascinating World of Lab-Grown Oysters, Collagen and Gelatin - Pearlita Foods CEO Nikita and Jellatech CEO Stephanie MichelsenSeptember 24, 2022 Episode artwork Can Investing in the Stock Market be Cruelty-Free? - Beyond Investing's Claire SmithMarch 04, 2022 Episode artwork Roundup: This Year's Top 10 Food Tech Moments December 12, 2021 Episode artwork The Breakthrough Technology We Can Use Instead of Animal Experiments - NETRI's Thibault HoneggerOctober 23, 2021 Episode artwork This Company Makes Mini Replicas of the Human Body to Test on... Instead of Animals - TissUse's Dr. Reyk HorlandSeptember 17, 2021 Episode artwork Lab-Made Human Hearts to End Animal Testing? This Tiny Technology Has Huge Potential - TARA Biosystems' Misti UshioJuly 17, 2021 Episode artwork Replay: This Lab-Grown Shrimp Startup is Blowing Up. Here’s Why - Shiok Meats’ Sandhya SriramMay 23, 2021 Episode artwork This Startup is Making the World's First Bee-Less Honey... and Saving the Bees - MeliBio's Darko MandichApril 10, 2021 Episode artwork Can Robot Dolphins + VR Elephants Help End Zoos and Aquariums? - Edge Innovations' Roger Holzberg and Wild Immersion's Adrien MoissonFebruary 20, 2021 Episode artwork Animal Testing Will End in our Lifetimes. Here's How - Center for Contemporary Sciences' Dr. Aysha AkhtarJanuary 03, 2021 Episode artwork Baby Formula 2.0: Is Lab-Grown Breastmilk the Next Parenting Trend? - TurtleTree Labs' Fengru Lin & Max RyeNovember 28, 2020 Episode artwork Bye '80s Pleather. This "Animal-Free" Trend is About to Go Mainstream - Material Innovation Initiative's Nicole RawlingOctober 24, 2020 Episode artwork How Fungi-Based "Super Bacon" Could Revolutionize Plant-Based Eating - Prime Roots' Kimberlie LeAugust 31, 2020 Episode artwork This Sci-Fi Inspired Japanese Startup is Taking Lab-Grown Meat Mainstream. Here’s how - Integriculture and Shojin Meat Project’s Yuki HanyuAugust 03, 2020 Episode artwork This Company is Reconstructing Mozzarella from the Molecular Level - New Culture's Dr. Inja RadmanJune 29, 2020 Episode artwork This Biotech Startup is Making Fake 3-D Rhino Horn in the Lab. But can it be sold... in time to save the rhinos? - Pembient's Matthew MarkusMay 25, 2020 Episode artwork Delicious, Affordable 3-D Printed Meat Could Go Mainstream Sooner Than You Think. Here’s Why - NovaMeat’s Dr. Giuseppe SciontiMarch 04, 2020 Episode artwork Why This Ex-Facebook Engineer Quit Coding... to Make Cow-Free Cheese - Spero Foods’ Phaedra RandolphJanuary 22, 2020 Episode artwork Cat food made from... mice cells?! Why this pet food company is creating it. Because Animals’ Dr. Shannon FalconerNovember 12, 2019 Episode artwork This Lab-Grown Shrimp Startup is Blowing Up. Here's Why - Shiok Meats' Dr. Sandhya SriramOctober 10, 2019 Episode artwork How do you harness the power of Earth's most formidable biotech engineer to create plant-based meat? - Sustainable Bioproducts' Thomas JonasSeptember 05, 2019 Episode artwork Why This Ex-Aerospace Engineer Is Now "Building" the Perfect (Vegan) Chicken Nugget - Rebellyous Foods' Christie LagallyJune 30, 2019 Episode artwork Why Cats go Crazy for This Vegan "Tuna" - Good Catch Foods' Chad SarnoJune 23, 2019 Episode artwork How Does a Futurist Food Lab Set Trends for 2040? - The Future Market's Mike LeeJune 23, 2019 Episode artwork The Secret to Making Delicious Plant-Based "Tuna" and "Eel" - Ocean Hugger Foods' David BenzaquenJune 23, 2019 Episode artwork