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Whistleblower Revolution Podcast © (with NoStop Heidi Weber)

"NoStop" Heidi Weber

Download & join US each week, as national HigherEd whistleblower, “the unstoppable” Heidi Weber, shares a rare view into the world of whistleblowers. Listen as real whistleblowers, whistleblower attorneys, (and other anti-corruption partners) share and discuss current news, views and trends, as well as their own unique, shocking, and inspiring stories & cases. Outlining the legal process, the retaliation whistleblowers ultimately face, the life long scars it leaves and what it takes to keep going, against all odds. "NoStop" Heidi and her guests, piece together what our founding fathers thought of whistleblowers and the truth versus myth associated with this often misused, misunderstood title. Join! Because THIS Revolution affects everyone, and is definitely #NoTeaParty