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The Sober Mompreneur

Michelle Ould

The Sober MompreneurI’m former Professional MMA fighter turned face fixing (aesthetician-who would have seen that transition) Mompreneur in Recovery. I’m here to show, & tell, (whoever wants to listen), that your past does not have to define your current situation/present, nor your future. If anything it can literally blow it wide open.This podcast will discuss everything from staying sober while being an entrepreneur to tips on skincare, nutrition, fitness, and all around wellness. Laced with some sarcastic observational humor. A mom, wife, & entrepreneur/business owner/esthetician now recovering from all the things. Proving Sobriety, or at least a sober state of mind, can literally spin your life into a complete 180*.After a tumultuous adolescence filled w/abuse, clinical depression, eating disorders, homelessness, I then became a professional athlete in a combat sport in an attempt to turn my life around right before the murder of my brother. After some short lived successes my MMA past, combined w/ injuries & surgeries this led to a spiral into prescription addiction that should have ended my life a few times.Living on borrowed time & no longer feeling the pressure of what society or others would define as being “successful” I feel compelled to share my experience, strength, & hope on a variety of subjects in order to help myself, & others, release feelings of shame & stigma in order to move forward (mostly) unapologetically.Recognizing & owning our truth, strength, resilience, resourcefulness, & the fact we are not alone are all a part of the path that leads to realizing that if you want it, it’s meant for you. If I can ~ you definitely can. Trust me. I’ve been told I can be pretty funny too so there’s that.