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Lean With Plants

Chelsea Mae Cullen

Calling all overweight plant based women! This is a podcast for FRUSTRATED vegan gal's who can’t shift the fat, all while eating a healthy vegan diet! (Yes we exist.) Weight loss doesn’t have to be a mystery, but with all the pseudo science and outright quackery online it’s hard to understand the true WHY and HOW. I’m Chelsea Cullen and I’ve lost 18kg (nearly 40 pounds) as a vegan ONCE I understood the science of weight loss, which has nothing to do with counting calories or celery juice by the way.I’m here to simplify the TRUTH about fat burning, what foods to eat for the most effective weight loss, the mindset tools to get you to your goal, and how to make it stick FOR LIFE. To connect with me check out my Instagram: Chelseamaecullen or find me at www.chelseamae.com
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