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The Comeback Quotient, by Matt Fitzgerald

December 01, 2020
Running Book Reviews with Alan and Liz
The Comeback Quotient, by Matt Fitzgerald
Show Notes

Matt Fitzgerald's second book release in 2020?... You better believe it!

In this episode we have Matt Fitzgerald back to talk about his newest book, The Comeback Quotient,  that will start shipping in December. This book is part self-help book, part personal experience, and part compilation of inspiring stories about defying the odds.

There are 9 chapters, with a portion of Matt’s training journey leading up to the Santa Rosa Ironman Triathlon, at the end of each chapter. Matt wanted to make a comeback of his own, and he tried to apply some of the things he learned to make the best of his situation. In the first chapter, Matt explains what an “ultrarealist” is, and the other chapters detail how ultrarealists deal with setbacks and the steps we can take to be more like an ultrarealist. There are many stories about famous athletes who have accomplished spectacular things in the face of adversity: Lionel Sanders, Molly Seidel, Petra Majdic, and Bob Krar, just to name a few. The last two chapters are about coming back from self-sabotage, and what happens when comebacks fail.

Thank you to Velopress for providing us a review copy, and also putting us in contact with the author for an interview. If you want to find out more about Matt Fitzgerald, his personal website has a list of books he has written and co-authored. You can also pre-order the book through Matt's website.

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