Running Book Reviews with Alan and Liz

Running Home, by Katie Arnold

December 15, 2020
Running Book Reviews with Alan and Liz
Running Home, by Katie Arnold
Show Notes

In this episode we speak with ultra-runner, mother of two girls, and author, Katie Arnold, about her book Running Home. This book is a memoire about Katie’s life. She is a child of divorced parents who grew up in the 70's, and felt like she always needed to be a “good girl” and seek approval from her father. She later became a wife and mother herself, and struggled with mental health. 

Katie's father introduced her to running as a child when he asked her if she would like to participate in a local 6 mile race, and she continued running throughout her life. Katie deals with a lot of anxiety and grief after the death of her father, and she uses ultra-trail running to help deal with both. She ends up discovering that she is good at it and wins several ultra races including the 2018 Leadville Trail 100, and is now sponsored by GU Energy Labs, and Balega Socks.

Although us runners would like to call this a running book, the story is about more than just running, and many people can relate to the thoughts and feelings that Katie describes.

Thank you to Katie Arnold for getting in touch with us, and taking time to come on the podcast. If you want to find out more about Katie, you may read about her on her website You can also order the book through Katie's website, or get it from your local book store.

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