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My Noisy Cancer Comeback, by Fitz Koehler

February 15, 2021
Running Book Reviews with Alan and Liz
My Noisy Cancer Comeback, by Fitz Koehler
Show Notes

Can you imagine being healthy and fit your whole life... you eat healthy, exercise, and even your career is all about fitness... and then you get a cancer diagnosis?! This is what happened to one of USA's most sought-after running event announcers, Fitz Koehler.

My Noisy Cancer Comeback takes you through Fitz experience with breast cancer starting with a clear mammogram about 3 months prior to finding a lump in her breast. In the first chapter she describes her life as being a dream come true. Her work is a passion, she is in a healthy relationship, and has two healthy thriving children. By contrast, the second chapter is titled “I’m Definitely Dying”. Fitz takes us through he journey, in chronological order, from the moment she finds a lump and calls her doctor, to chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, more chemotherapy, and then trying to recover her fitness and getting rid of “chemo butt” in the remaining 16 chapters. Although Fitz is a very positive person, she describes in great detail the emotional roller coaster that she tried to keep somewhat private while it was happening.

Big thank you to Fitz for responding to our request, and for spending time with us to record this episode. If you are interested in getting a copy of the book, Fitz will personally sign any hard or soft cover copies purchased directly from her website: 

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