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The Ending Your Binge Eating Podcast


Reshanda Yates discusses how to stop binge eating so you can lose weight, have energy, focus, and be present for your family and children. Learn why you binge and how to stop bingeing on sweets and carbs. Move from information to implementation and past the frustration of knowing what to do but never being able to do it. Be able to trust yourself alone with all the sweet treats and not dig into the kitchen when no one else is around. In this podcast, Reshanda shares her own stories of struggling with binge eating for 10 years. She knows first-hand what it’s like to promise again and again that this will be the last time, only to wake up the next morning and repeat the same cycle. She understands the guilt and shame that can go hand in hand with binge eating having done every insane thing in the book with food, including eating out of the trash can after throwing food away. She believes if she can come back from that, anyone can.

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