Cosmetic Dentistry: Getting Your Dream Smile  Podcast Artwork Image

Cosmetic Dentistry: Getting Your Dream Smile

Dr. David S. Eshom

Are you thinking about improving your smile? Maybe it's just your one front tooth or your full smile makeover. It is a scary proposition to touch such a sacred part of your body. This video podcast is dedicated to answer patient's questions as to how to get the best smile while preserving your teeth and gums. We will answer "Are porcelain veneers the best thing for my smile?" and "how much tooth structure is destroyed when getting porcelain veneers?". We will also discuss the best methods to get a great smile without grinding on your teeth. We will answer the question "Do you need to see a cosmetic dentist to get a smile makeover?" and "How can I save money when getting a new smile and white teeth?". We will answer questions submitted by our audience so you will get the most up to date and pressing issues addressed about the latest cosmetic dentistry techniques and procedures. Dr. Eshom, your host, has over 25 years of experience with treating thousands of patients so they get their best smiles. Dr. Eshom practices minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry in San Diego.