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Everything Vaguely Paranormal

Shelly Pruitt, Ryan Roberts, and Blake Smith

Are you a fan of the unknown? Do you revel in the mysterious, the unexplained, and the eeriness of the paranormal world? Indulge in our chilling collection of paranormal podcasts, where you’ll immerse yourself in creepy stories and ghost adventures like never before. From supernatural shows exploring UFOs, witchcraft, and mysteries that defy explanation, to folklore and legends that echo through the ages, Everything Vaguely Paranormal Podcast encapsulates the essence of what makes the paranormal genre so captivating! Unveil the secrets of haunted places and uncharted territories, guided by experts in shadow people, spirits, true crimes, demons, devils, and cryptids, as we delve fearlessly into the depths of the unknown. 
Embark on mind-bending journeys through the enigmatic realm of conspiracies, questioning the very fabric of reality. Come have a laugh and hear a spine-chilling adventure along the way. Unlock the gateway to the other side and embrace the mysteries that lie beyond our comprehension, as new episodes drop weekly on Wednesdays.