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Spread the light with Dr Devika B

Devika Bhushan, MD

Welcome! We feature first-person accounts of living with mental illness that aim to dispel stigma and stereotypes and instead, spread hope and light. Because stigma festers in the dark and scatters in the light. ||| I'm your host, Dr Devika Bhushan, a pediatrician, public health leader, and equity and health changemaker. In 2022, I served as the Acting Surgeon General for California. I also have lived experience as a woman of color, a parent, a person with bipolar disorder, and an Indian-American immigrant to the US by way of the Philippines. ||| Join our transformative well-being newsletter community — with written versions of interviews like this, along with deep dives into evidence-based trends in health, innovation, and culture: www.askdrdevikab.substack.com/about and watch video versions of our conversations here: www.youtube.com/@drdevikab